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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Will Rio Ferdinand drop to 92 or 91? He's getting caught with his pants down time after time this season...
  2. Re: Sm hates mario gomez First of all I guess he was pretty close to get 94 for his 2011/2012 season but last season he had to sit on the bench as Mandzukic were preferred by the coach. He didn't play as a starter in many games last season. At first due to injury but then because of Mandzukic. He would have had a chance to hang on to his 93 if he'd stayed in Bayern but I guess the move to Fiorentina was the decisive factor for his drop. It's often the other way around for players that move to a bigger club and gets a rating increase without even playing a single minute for their new club. I'm not saying it's right but this is the way it works in SM.
  3. Re: Finances What are SM doing??? I left Eastbourne in EC 7526 and Exeter in EC 6456 today. I've had these clubs over a long time and has build up a big and strong squad with solid finances. (over 200 mill in cash and 94-95 average in line-up for both clubs) Just for fun I searched to see if any of these clubs had been snapped yet. No one had snapped them but the balance for Eastbourne is now 5,1 mill and 6,3 mill for Exeter. This means SM stole over 200 mill from these clubs. No wonder people are getting fed up with this game...
  4. Re: French League 1 risers Yes he will probably rise to 87.
  5. Re: Respuesta: French League 1 risers Probably not, just an outside chance of a rise in my opinion.
  6. Re: ferdinand,ibrahimovic,alves,de rossi,lahm etc. My thoughts.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Well... But the recent discussion here isn't really about ratings for Bundesliga players, is it...??
  8. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) He may be a good riser but you're at the wrong thread. This thread is about risers rated 60-74.
  9. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Hard to say... To be honest I haven't seen him play more than once or twice since he moved to Spain. Stats-wise I guess he's in the danger zone of a drop but if he still got the same qualities he showed when he played for Arsenal he's definitely worthy of his 91.
  10. Re: Transfer Tracker for Soccerwiki - Can you help? Filippo De Col -Virtus Entella >Hellas Verona (Approved) Mario Regueiro -Lanus >Racing Club (Submitted)
  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Song hasn't dropped, he's still 91-rated.
  12. Re: Riferimento: Transfer Tracker for Soccerwiki - Can you help? I made a quick search and got several different results including both of your data. But is the height and weight really of any importance? As far as I know it doesn't affect the game in any way whatsoever... I say those data should be removed, it just takes up a lot of time on SW that could be used for far more important things.
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Ok, so we're just of different opinion. I think he had done enough for a rise to 88 even if he hadn't moved to Liverpool.
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions EDIT: Or perhaps you think he should have stayed 87 if he hadn't transfered to Liverpool??
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