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  1. Re: Sm hates mario gomez

    The guy could not do more to earn a rise in previous seasons but what is the evidence he deserves a loss of rating.

    First of all I guess he was pretty close to get 94 for his 2011/2012 season but last season he had to sit on the bench as Mandzukic were preferred by the coach.

    He didn't play as a starter in many games last season. At first due to injury but then because of Mandzukic.

    He would have had a chance to hang on to his 93 if he'd stayed in Bayern but I guess the move to Fiorentina was the decisive factor for his drop.

    It's often the other way around for players that move to a bigger club and gets a rating increase without even playing a single minute for their new club. I'm not saying it's right but this is the way it works in SM.

  2. Re: Finances

    What are SM doing??? I left Eastbourne in EC 7526 and Exeter in EC 6456 today. I've had these clubs over a long time and has build up a big and strong squad with solid finances. (over 200 mill in cash and 94-95 average in line-up for both clubs)

    Just for fun I searched to see if any of these clubs had been snapped yet.

    No one had snapped them but the balance for Eastbourne is now 5,1 mill and 6,3 mill for Exeter. This means SM stole over 200 mill from these clubs. No wonder people are getting fed up with this game...

  3. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    And do you think Song will drop in the next review or stay?

    Hard to say... To be honest I haven't seen him play more than once or twice since he moved to Spain.

    Stats-wise I guess he's in the danger zone of a drop but if he still got the same qualities he showed when he played for Arsenal he's definitely worthy of his 91.

  4. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Ill do my barca too tbf (and i ak unbiased for anyone who wipl say otherwise for some reason)

    Valdes 93' date=' just because f titles won, he will move and drop.

    Pique 95

    Alves 94 (good t see sm drop a high rated barca/rm player for once they are chciken most times)

    Alba 92

    Biscuits 95 (even thiugh i.hate his crying)

    Xavi 96. Yep. Amazing player and 96 still puts him top 5 in the world, but he has declined somewhat.and cannot be on par with iniesta in my view)

    Iniesta 97

    Messi 99

    Pedro 92 (doesnt do.enough for me migjt be a little harsh thiw one.. edit: 92/93)

    Sanchez. I dont know.what he is rated but he needs to drop of its 92 or higher, i think he is 92/93)

    Fabregas 94/95. What a guy but getting no chances.reqlly compared.to how good he is.and.players like busquets, alonso and likely schwieny being 95 i dont know he gets the kinutes and stats/performances to keep a 95 for ajother season if things dont change, that sm logic, in rl i rate him super highly.

    [b']Song recently dropped so fine.[/b]

    Song hasn't dropped, he's still 91-rated.

  5. Re: Riferimento: Transfer Tracker for Soccerwiki - Can you help?

    Hi all' date=' I'm trying to change some Ashley Westwood's attributes, just weight and height. His tab indicates not a football player now but a bulldozer:

    [center']170cm X 80kg (!!!!)


    Real data should be 175cm X 68kg

    Help me to change it, please. This is Soccer Manager not Rugby Manager :o

    ;2658122']where is your source for 68kg? thats a bit lightweight at 10st 9lbs.

    80kg sounds about right...(12.6st)

    rubgy players weigh 15~20stones (up to 127kgs) :eek:

    I made a quick search and got several different results including both of your data.

    But is the height and weight really of any importance? As far as I know it doesn't affect the game in any way whatsoever...

    I say those data should be removed, it just takes up a lot of time on SW that could be used for far more important things.

  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    I read your post and you actually said "He was due a rise to 88 before his transfer to Liverpool".A normal question would be..Why?He wasn't on top form in last few months at Celta and 87 was a good rating for him.88 sounds fine because of his move.

    Ok, so we're just of different opinion. I think he had done enough for a rise to 88 even if he hadn't moved to Liverpool.

  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Why should he rise to 89 pal?From what I know he hasn't been amazing in last few months at Celta.88 sounds fine because of his move but 89 is way' date='way too much.[/quote']

    Read my post please...

    He was due a rise to 88 before his transfer to Liverpool. Now that the transfer is done I also give him a small chance to get 89 straight away.

    SM tend to reward players for moving to a bigger club even though I don't think it's right.

    But he will at least rise to 88 in his next review.

    EDIT: Or perhaps you think he should have stayed 87 if he hadn't transfered to Liverpool??

  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    New Liverpool forward Aspas' date=' rise/stay/drop etc?[/quote']

    He was due a rise to 88 before his transfer to Liverpool. Now that the transfer is done I also give him a small chance to get 89 straight away.

    SM tend to reward players for moving to a bigger club even though I don't think it's right.

    But he will at least rise to 88 in his next review.

  9. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    No it's not a glitch' date=' they are probably working on the next ratings and then will release in batches/[/quote']

    What makes you think that? Have you read some kind of announcement about this?

    It hasn't been done this way before and it would surprise me if it were released "batches" of rating reviews during the summer holidays.

  10. Re: Help me sort the good from the bad!

    I am in the best EC on SW EC7046 and I have build up a decent youth team ' date=' but need to move a few on , who would you keep /sell? one per person would suffice.

    cookies will be given to all.

    ABOUBAKAR, Vincent [b']Keep for now, has made an interesting move to Lorient[/b]

    VERETOUT, Jordan Definitely keep!

    SAPONARA, Riccardo Keep, never seen but heard good things

    MIYAICHI, Ryo Sell, hasn't lived up to the hype

    ZUCULINI, Bruno Keep, linked to Benfica and Napoli

    MUGNI, Lucas Keep, lots of rumours from european clubs

    BENEDETTI, Simone Keep for now and see if he gets a chance at Inter

    JAIRO, Samperio Definitely keep!

    SCHLUPP, Jeffrey Sell

    MACHEDA, Federico Sell

    HRGOTA, Branimir Keep for now and see if he can claim a starter spot at Gladbach

    VICO, Fede Keep, will probably play a lot for Anderlecht

    ABU, Mohammed Keep for now, sell if he struggles to get game time

    MARTINS, Luís Sell, won't get much higher rating at Gil Vicente

    BIRAGHI, Cristiano Sell

    FREY, Michael Keep, huge talent

    NAJAR, Andy Sell

    ROJAS, Marco Keep and see how he does at Stuttgart

    TAGLIAFICO, Nicolás Is waiting for a rise, sell after that

    RAMÍREZ, Cándido Sell

    DODÔ, Ribeiro Sell

    GONZÁLEZ, Derlis F(RLC) 19 80

    PLUMAIN, Freddy Ange F(RLC) 18 80

    MAGALLÁN, Lisandro D(RC) 19 80

    SILVA, Wellington AM©,F(RLC) 20 80

    QUIÑONES, Héctor D,DM,M(L) 21 80

    LICHNOVSKY, Igor D© 19 80

    MANQUILLO, Javi D,DM,M® 19 80

    ÁLVARO, Bustos AM(RL),F(RLC) 18 78

    LASCELLES, Jamaal D(RC) 19 78

    SOBOL, Eduard D,DM,M(L) 18 78

    YOUNES, Amin AM(RLC) 19 78

    GABRIEL, Vasconcelos GK 20 78

    NONO, Delgado M,AM(RC) 20 78

    JÚNIOR, Francisco DM,M© 21 77

    CORREA, Joaquín M©,AM(RLC) 18 77

    BUENO, Marco F© 19 77

    LELEU, Souza AM(RLC) 20 77

    LUÍS, Victor D(L) 20 76

    BARDAJI, Ander GK 18 75

    SILVA, Sancidino AM,F(RL) 19 75

    SASSÁ, Alves AM©,F(RLC) 19 75

    PÉREZ, Marcos DM,M© 20 75

    AZOUNI, Larry DM© 19 75

    CUEVAS, Cristián M,AM(L) 18 75

    PETRUCCI, Davide M,AM© 21 75

    MAMUTE, Yuri F© 18 75

    SILVA, Bruno D(RC) 19 75

    As I said any help would be appreciated as I have dropped off the ball a bit due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Opinions in bold. Didn't find the time to go through all of them, I'll see if I get around to it later.

  11. Re: Player Rating Poll (July 13)

    From my point of view I would still like to have a "league by league" review.

    But I imagine it would be fair to dedicate 80% of the reviews to the league and the other 20% to random risers from the smaller leagues that were neglected at the time we had the rating schedule.

    This could make most managers happy because you know your stars will be reviewed and you could still go for buying talents from lesser leagues with a decent chance of getting them reviewed within 8-10 months.

  12. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    Seems to be a recent change to the SM engine for exchanging players with external clubs. Used to be that the exchange values of players were much more than their actual values' date=' and the cash cost was lower than the exchange cost of an external player. Now, I'm finding that exchange value for my players has gone down, below what they are worth (even if the player rose), and the exchange cost of an external player is the same as cash cost.

    Anyone else seen this? I suppose it is to prevent player hoarding, but it screws some of my teams where I had I "invested" unneeded cash into risers rather than let it sit. Now, I often can't get what I paid for them, except if their real club offers to buy them back. And I can't buy players I want with exchange, because my chairman still values them way more than the external clubs do, and exchange offers exceed my chairman's limits.[/quote']

    This is pretty old news by now.

    Here's a thread where you can read much more about this and some other changes that been made.


  13. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........

    I don't think they are doing any rating changes at all now.

    Does anyone know if it's because of vacation or if it's because of the transfer window is taking all of the staffs time?

    EDIT: I think they could use the notification system for such matters.

    Since they let us know every time a new gold championship is created I guess they could let us know what is happening review-wise too...

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