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  1. Re: English Championship risers Anyone who knows why Greg Cunningham, Leicester (on loan from Manchester C) didn't rise? Will he get his well deserved rise when the Premiership is up for review?
  2. Re: Swiss Super League "Super Risers" Luzern, Basel, Zurich and Young Boys not yet rated but so far it seems like the SM people keeps the strict line they've been showing lately. Thanks for your effort GoonerFan!!
  3. Re: Risers from Poland, Czech, Austria and Belgium I don't know if Renato Neto (Cercle Brugge, Belgium) will be reviewed now considering he's on loan from Sporting CP. But if he is my guess is he's in for a nice rise. Probably something like 75-->80/81/82. He's 19 years old, plays CM, appeared in 24 of 25 games, 23 as a starter and scored 4 goals.
  4. Re: Risers from Poland, Czech, Austria and Belgium I really can,t see why Makhnovskiy should rise above 80. He has only played 6 games and their current best keeper is ranked 82. 73 -->78 is more likely IMO. Let me add a 10k-riser from Belgium: Jorique Antheunis, 19 yrs, plays LM in Sint-Truidense VV. He has played 15 of 24 games, 8 of them as a starter. Totally 729 mins but made no goals. I'll say he will rise at least +6 with a good chance of +8.
  5. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 What about Ibrahimovic, will he stay or drop?
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