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  1. Hi guys, I thought I would come back just to let a lot of you know my dad Alan crazy Bones Neller past away at the beginning of the month. I'm only posting this as most of you guys knew him (especially the longer serving forumer's) and a lot of people not long ago were asking how he was etc, well he was fine and everything seemed fine but he passed away unexpectedly. The medical people said he would not have been in any pain and would not have known anything about it, it was like a cardiac arrest and apparently is just like somebody turning you 'off' Most seemed to get on well with him on
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Depends what you judge them on I guess. Any area of the pitch other than AMC and Gerrard wins hands down really, Lamps has only really been at his best in 1 position. If we are judging them on AMC alone ..... which actually says quite a bit that it only comes close if you use Lampards favored role, it is still VERY close because Gerrard has scored loads himself playing in a much lesser team with way more to do than just focus on scoring goals. Using what they have won to compare them is silly due to the teams they have been playing in, its like saying c
  3. Re: Official England Thread So you are English and would not want say Baines and Jagelka to win a world cup just because gerrard would win one Rivalry is one thing but thats just borderline mad
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Lampard (and as much as I hate the Guy - Terry) are both right up there in terms of loyalty for the club, just as much as anybody imo
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You would like to think so ' date=' but thats what I was reffering to in my original post, I think most do actually believe it each time, they must otherwise they wouldnt give such a big reaction. Agree 100%, but I just can't stand to see people being so negative and moaning about every little thing, what a season we have just had, we have the CL to look forward to and we are a joy to watch. So yes we might end up over paying for the odd player or we might not end up getting players people agree with, but I'm sure Rodgers more than us knows who he wants.
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread thats exactly what he just said wasnt it
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not really what I said though was it Commenting is fine and transfer speculation is what people love, but the over reaction on here every time a name & price is linked to us is just crazy. All I'm saying is it's like people believe what the papers print, then find out they was totally wrong, but then in the next day believe whats in the paper again, then going mad saying we are paying too much etc etc and just going around in circles. So before going mad over prices (and I mean really moaning) , surely makes more sense to get confirmation.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread See thats what I meant yesterday , all that winging and moaning about paying 8mil like it was out of your lottery winnings or something and it wasn't even the right price. excellent signing for 4mil, people can keep saying Remy and Benzima and others but none of those are going to be happy playing backup to Saurez and Sturridge. People never seem to learn about not believing the papers, just wait till the signing is (or isnt) done and then moan about it
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread After watching Rodgers totally transform the club, guide us to a 2nd place finish when everybody would have been delighted with 4th, while playing some of the best and most exciting football I have ever seen us play in my time. I'm going to just trust Rodgers in his role regarding transfers and just look forward to next season I don't think its worth all the moaning and debate over deals that have not even happened yet As fans, especially as we are all also fans of these fantasy manager games, I think we all get a little to carried away sometimes
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