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  1. Hi guys, I thought I would come back just to let a lot of you know my dad Alan crazy Bones Neller past away at the beginning of the month. I'm only posting this as most of you guys knew him (especially the longer serving forumer's) and a lot of people not long ago were asking how he was etc, well he was fine and everything seemed fine but he passed away unexpectedly. The medical people said he would not have been in any pain and would not have known anything about it, it was like a cardiac arrest and apparently is just like somebody turning you 'off' Most seemed to get on well with him on here and he made some friends and people he really liked, I know he clashed with a couple of people on occasions but he still pretty much liked everybody. In real life he really was an amazing guy and dad, he has always been a family driven person and gave everything for his family. Anyways I won't go on forever, I just wanted to let everybody know especially the people who have always asked how he's doing etc. Here is one of the last pics off him, the whole family went to Anfield for the hillsborough charity match this year.
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Depends what you judge them on I guess. Any area of the pitch other than AMC and Gerrard wins hands down really, Lamps has only really been at his best in 1 position. If we are judging them on AMC alone ..... which actually says quite a bit that it only comes close if you use Lampards favored role, it is still VERY close because Gerrard has scored loads himself playing in a much lesser team with way more to do than just focus on scoring goals. Using what they have won to compare them is silly due to the teams they have been playing in, its like saying certain strikers are better than Alan Shearer because he only won 1 trophy because he decided to join his boyhood club instead of going to Man Utd. Put lampard in the Liverpool team over the last decade and he would not have won hardly anything, wouldnt have meant he was a worse player. Both are great players and because its just based on peoples opinions one which will just go on for about 30 pages
  3. Re: Official England Thread So you are English and would not want say Baines and Jagelka to win a world cup just because gerrard would win one Rivalry is one thing but thats just borderline mad
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Lampard (and as much as I hate the Guy - Terry) are both right up there in terms of loyalty for the club, just as much as anybody imo
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You would like to think so ' date=' but thats what I was reffering to in my original post, I think most do actually believe it each time, they must otherwise they wouldnt give such a big reaction. Agree 100%, but I just can't stand to see people being so negative and moaning about every little thing, what a season we have just had, we have the CL to look forward to and we are a joy to watch. So yes we might end up over paying for the odd player or we might not end up getting players people agree with, but I'm sure Rodgers more than us knows who he wants. But I just think of all the times just to enjoy whats going on at Liverpool and not to be so negative about stuff is now! I'm sure we have all had more than enough of a moan over the past 3/4 years... I know I have
  6. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread thats exactly what he just said wasnt it
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not really what I said though was it Commenting is fine and transfer speculation is what people love, but the over reaction on here every time a name & price is linked to us is just crazy. All I'm saying is it's like people believe what the papers print, then find out they was totally wrong, but then in the next day believe whats in the paper again, then going mad saying we are paying too much etc etc and just going around in circles. So before going mad over prices (and I mean really moaning) , surely makes more sense to get confirmation.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread See thats what I meant yesterday , all that winging and moaning about paying 8mil like it was out of your lottery winnings or something and it wasn't even the right price. excellent signing for 4mil, people can keep saying Remy and Benzima and others but none of those are going to be happy playing backup to Saurez and Sturridge. People never seem to learn about not believing the papers, just wait till the signing is (or isnt) done and then moan about it
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread After watching Rodgers totally transform the club, guide us to a 2nd place finish when everybody would have been delighted with 4th, while playing some of the best and most exciting football I have ever seen us play in my time. I'm going to just trust Rodgers in his role regarding transfers and just look forward to next season I don't think its worth all the moaning and debate over deals that have not even happened yet As fans, especially as we are all also fans of these fantasy manager games, I think we all get a little to carried away sometimes
  10. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread The scream came before lol , it happened twice in a row (I got Benzima through and he just would not shoot, just because you had a defender BEHIND him flapping his arm about lol, the second time I just couldnt be assed lol How can UT not be a level playing field, you can buy who you like , its just the fact on UT I can block out through balls, I can't do much against people keeping possession and I don't really try and stop it either, I just run my defenders back towards my own goal and block the through balls, you will find you can keep the ball with normal passes against me for quite some time. I think in UT I only have 2 players in the team at any one time with more than 90 pace anyway, 1 striker and 1 winger. what slow possession! , all I was doing was defending through balls constantly , that first game we played I was Liverpool, you was Bayern, I had Skirtel and Agger chasing through ball after through ball to Ribery & Robben, they had no chance thats why in the end I just kept bringing my goalkeeper out to nearly the half way line. Anyways, I said before we even started playing I HATE normal mode, weather I win or lose I just don't like it, last time I didn't mind it was on Fifa09 because that played decent. Our games on UT was way more even then that friendlys anyway, none were that one sided and we both won our fair share, the games were more better and we BOTH scored different types of goals.
  11. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread It was actually quite a calm quit to be honest, was 2am and I quit after my play not after any of yours I said before we started I don't do online friendly's , anyways I managed a few before leaving at 2am! I can't stand normal mode, I don't enjoy playing it at all even when winning... I find everybody just spams through balls (find myself end up going that route as well) , all I'm ever doing is chasing them down with slow a... defenders. on UT I can limit that problem a bit which is just plain broken in this version of fifa
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread But there not terrible remarks' date=' they are remarks that a massive % of your average football fan share on him, it's not like the views posted are limited to this forum. Because he doesn't attempt to tone any of it down, if he was bothered he would do. I'm not saying he should, I think some of you are just taking the comments to heart and wayyyyyyyy to serious. What people have posted about him are true, its clear to see its true. But it makes no difference, hes the best in the world and hes a joy to watch for the main part so just because people don't like that side of him really shouldnt matter, especially on a forum.
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread what hate? and when did I say I didn't like him? I just gave him all that praise yet the only part you try and pick up on is MY opinion on his bad side. he DOES show off to show off and everything with him does need to be about him, so what? It's got him to where he is today, like I said earlier he knows all this himself and hes not bothered so why should you be? Do you need everybody to say hes the best in the world, love his personality and not find anything at all wrong with anything he does? were all have our flaws I'm affraid including him
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I don't see why people are getting so defensive over Ronaldo, everybody knows he is a very selfish player and it IS all about him and he does show off and showboat and try and rub the oppositions face in it. Hes currently the best player in the world, but why does that mean you need to excuse the other side of him? or get so annoyed people don't like that side of him? I doubt he cares himself, it's got him to where he is today and he deserves to win stuff and be classed as the best because he does work his ..... off to get where he is. But It's like somebody saying Ryan Giggs is an amazing family man because he was a legend at football.
  15. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread none yet mate Anybody fancy a quick game? -> LFCNeller
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Totally agree with you on Vela and at the end of the day if he wants to come back it would be stupid not to buy him if you do have a buy back clause of £3million. Because even if he never had a great season this year and ended up just being a good squad player you would make a big profit on him next season from one of the Spanish clubs especially. But if he did do well then you have got a very good player for cheap, leaving you more funds for elsewhere. Not to mention regardless who you sign (even if it was for 15mil more) they will come with the same risk as Vela, they might not adapt to the EPL.
  17. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Yeah who wouldn't , Watching Chelsea has the same affect on me don't worry about it
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