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    Obviously Neymar has long been touted as a future star. Let's leave that one alone - clearly has the talent, but unless he moves to Europe soon he won't move on to the next level. He shows in most International matches against top quality European sides that he is quite easily subdued by tighter marking. It was positive to see him have more of an impact against Italy, but my point is valid for all matches prior to that. He is afforded much more room in Brazil (and South America in general) to run at defences than he would be in Europe, allowing him to showcase his undoubted talents.
    Carrick, as a totally separate issue, has been the Premier League's best midfielder this season - every week he is highlighted as United's best player. For a team dominating the league, for you to denigrate Carrick the way you have done shows you don't follow this league closely and are living off previous assertions about Carrick's lack of ability.
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    To put things in context Montpellier's best players rose for a much more meager achievement last year than Chelsea's. I know you are a prime SM apologist but you should be able to admit on this occasion that they simply got this one wrong. He is 92 quality and deserved a rise based upon his ability and achievements since his last rating change.
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