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  1. Re: Which players would you sell? thanks for your opinion
  2. I wanna clear out my squad, in order to get some talented younger players in. Who would you sell from this list? Johnny Evans (88) John O' Shea(89) Michael Carrick (92) Paul Scholes (92)
  3. Need a goalkeeper, usual talents already taken... Options are: Muslera Sirigu Viviano Ochoa Eduardo Carvalho Leandro Victor Benaglio
  4. I am looking for a young striker, options are: Gervinho, Gameiro , Honda , Erding Which is the best long term option?
  5. Hi, I am looking to buy a GK, 88/89, who also would have the potential to rise... Which one should I go for? Options are: Sirigu, Weidenfeller, Muslera or Curci, Cheers!
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