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  1. Nice to see a few others are intetested. If those who originally expressed an interest still want in then this could be a starter
  2. Thought I would bump this to see if any interest can be generated.
  3. Season Three - Turn Twenty Two. 1st Benfica: Huddo 67 points. 2nd Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 34 points. 3rd P.S.G LauraAFCA 30 points. =4th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 29 points. =4th Boca Juniors: Closer 29 points. 6th Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red 19 points. 7th Napoli: Noisy 15 points. 8th Atletico Mineiro: unmanaged 11 points. 9th Celtic: Altai Barron 10 points. 10th Evergrande: Pedro 6 points. 11th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 -12 points. 12th Cologne: Nathan Prince -16 points. Here are your totals for the final turn of the GW and Huddo ca
  4. Season Three - Turn Twenty One. 1st Napoli: Noisy 71 points. 2nd Celtic: Altai Barron 38 points. 3rd Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 34 points. =4th P.S.G LauraAFCA 19 points. =4th Boca Juniors: Closer 19 points. 6th Evergrande: Pedro 16 points. 7th Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red 5 points. 8th Benfica: Huddo 5 points. 9th Cologne: Nathan Prince 4 points. 10th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 1 point. 11th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash -1 point. 12th Atletico Mineiro: unmanaged -28 points. Here are your totals for turn twenty one, and looks Like Noisy's Nap
  5. Season Three - Turn Twenty. 1st P.S.G LauraAFCA 54 points. 2nd Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 41 points. 3rd Celtic: Altai Barron 22 points. 4th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 20 points. 5th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 16 points. 6th Evergrande: Pedro 13 points. 7th Benfica: Huddo 11 points. =8th Cologne: Nathan Prince 7 points. =8th Atletico Mineiro: unmanaged 7 points. 10th Boca Juniors: Closer 4 points. 11th Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red -7 points. 12th Napoli: Noisy -8 points. Here are your totals for turn twenty, and Laura seems to have found so
  6. Season Three - Turn Nineteen. 1st Boca Juniors: Closer 53 points. 2nd Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red 43 points. 3rd Napoli: Noisy 30 points. =4th Celtic: Altai Barron 21 points. =4th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 21 points. =4th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 21 points. 7th P.S.G LauraAFCA 13 points. 8th Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 4 points. 9th Benfica: Huddo 1 point. 10th Evergrande: Pedro 0 points. 11th Cologne: Nathan Prince -2 points. 12th Atletico Mineiro: unmanaged -8 points. Here are your totals for turn nineteen, and on the basis of the 2nd
  7. Sorry guys looks like this one is a non starter at the moment.
  8. Season Three - Turn Eighteen. 1st Celtic: Altai Barron 66 points. 2nd Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red 50 points. 3rd Cologne: Nathan Prince 46 points. 4th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 43 points. 5th Boca Juniors: Closer 22 points. 6th Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 11 points. 7th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 9 points. 8th P.S.G LauraAFCA 0 points. 9th Evergrande: Pedro -5 points. 10th Benfica: Huddo -8 points. 11th Napoli: Noisy -8 points. 12th Atletico Mineiro: unmanaged -18 points. Here are your totals for turn eighteen, and it is safe to say that w
  9. I would like to think this wouldn't happen however if it were to happen then yes he would need to be sold at the first opportunity. He could still be played if his transfer ban was not up, I mean this is hardly the managers fault and out of his/her control.
  10. Yes that's exactly it. Yaya Toure for example would be a rest of the world player.
  11. Hi everyone and welcome to my latest idea: Europe Versus Rest Of the World. CONCEPT • 5 clubs from Europe 5 clubs from the rest of the world. The clubs are yet to be chosen but everyone will start with empty squads and a similar real life attendance since this is reflected in game and will give nobody an unfair financial advantage in terms of gate receipts and a budget of £300 million. • The European clubs can only buy players who originate from Europe and the clubs from around the world can only buy players who originate from anywhere other than Europe, if you have any doubts abo
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