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  1. Ok. Thanks a lot for your response. Its really gutting to see a game that a i loved such much growing up make such a downward spiral. The one change that really gets me is the loss of a ratings change schedule. I remember keep on checking the schedule when i was younger, and getting excited when it was coming round to the big leagues like BPL and LBBVA. One change that really got me and gets me is the change to joining a new setup, and the amount of new set-ups that where created. No longer can i easily find a setup that has just started and join it. Look sot me that the only real way of d
  2. Have the changes been for the better or worse?
  3. Hi Everyone, I started playing SM in 2006 when it was just released and played it for years. I stopped p[laying a few years ago when it got a bit repetitive and stagnant, and i wasn't a fan of some of the changes. I am looking to get back onto it again. I was just wondering if people could inform me of some of the major changes that have taken place for Soccer manager 'worlds' since i played last, about 1-2 years ago Thanks!
  4. Re: New Game World - NFL Style Yeah thanks. Thats the one big problem with this kind of idea, you really need managers that will stick and around and play to the rules. I think maybe i had too many rules for this setup that put people off, i may look to refine the rules and post another thread, so keep your eyes open!
  5. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom! Sounds cool , I'd like shewsbury plz but I haven't seen the squad or their finances yet, I'm on my phone atm.
  6. Re: New Game World - NFL Style I Could do, but that seems a bit generic and a bit limiting. I was thinking about some sort of empty club start-up, but wondering what i can do to make it different and interesting but also fun.
  7. Re: New Game World - NFL Style HI Guys. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like we r going to get enough interest to get this started Ill have to come up with another idea for my setup.
  8. Hi. I was just wondering if their is an 'unoffical' rating cap on players in the MLS. I know ages ago when the player ratings where more organised (no disrespect, couldn't think on a different term to use), that leagues had certain caps that players wouldn't go above while playing in that league. I only ask because i have been looking at a lot of the players in the league, and even the best performing teams from last year dont have many highly rated players (most players average about 80, with about 84 seeming the max). With the only players being rated higher are the superstars that have
  9. Re: New Gameworld I have applied
  10. Re: New Game World - NFL Style Hi Guys Thanks for the response. Im thinking about taking out the foreign players rule, and allow teams to have players of any nationality on their team, as with the salary cap rule managers will already enough to think about creating a squad. Hopefully we can get a bit more interest so we can get this setup going.
  11. NFL Style Game World Hi. I am looking to create a new game world. It will be based off of american sports, taking on rules from the MLS and NFL. I am looking for people interested in a fresh challenge. Here is the idea of the game world. Rules: No buying players from External (apart from 2 special scenarios, see below) No cash only deals between teams, must include at least a player or draft pick) No selling players for cash [*]Only allowed 8 foreign players in your squad [*]Salery Cap [*]Playoff and Superbowl game at the end of the season [*]Draft at the end of the season.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Id change you typeline under your name :(
  13. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread I don't think he is in the squad, but you can get TOTY Mavuba for about 45k and i think he is really good.
  14. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread I scrapped my other team. Struggled against teams with pacey players, decided instead to make a douche team. Here it is: What do people think? How do people think i can improve the team as i get more coin?
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