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  1. Ok. Thanks a lot for your response.


    Its really gutting to see a game that a i loved such much growing up make such a downward spiral. The one change that really gets me is the loss of a ratings change schedule. I remember keep on checking the schedule when i was younger, and getting excited when it was coming round to the big leagues like BPL and LBBVA. One change that really got me and gets me is the change to joining a new setup, and the amount of new set-ups that where created. No longer can i easily find a setup that has just started and join it. Look sot me that the only real way of doing it is to pay for a club.


    I still may try and get back into it, as i say, it took up so much time when i was younger, and i have so many great memories of the game. I'm guessing their misson of "Creating the best online football manager game and let everyone play it for free" is no longer the case, and that may be detrimental to the game itself. 

  2. Hi Everyone,


    I started playing SM in 2006 when it was just released and played it for years. I stopped p[laying a few years ago when it got a bit repetitive and stagnant, and i wasn't a fan of some of the changes.


    I am looking to get back onto it again. I was just wondering if people could inform me of some of the major changes that have taken place for Soccer manager 'worlds' since i played last, about 1-2 years ago



  3. Re: New Game World - NFL Style

    Yeah thanks. Thats the one big problem with this kind of idea, you really need managers that will stick and around and play to the rules. I think maybe i had too many rules for this setup that put people off, i may look to refine the rules and post another thread, so keep your eyes open! :)

  4. Hi. I was just wondering if their is an 'unoffical' rating cap on players in the MLS. I know ages ago when the player ratings where more organised (no disrespect, couldn't think on a different term to use), that leagues had certain caps that players wouldn't go above while playing in that league.

    I only ask because i have been looking at a lot of the players in the league, and even the best performing teams from last year dont have many highly rated players (most players average about 80, with about 84 seeming the max).

    With the only players being rated higher are the superstars that have arrived from other teams, like Clint Dempsy, Robbie Keane etc.

    I understand more parameters can effect the ratings, such as international appearances, but im wondering if maybe its just the fact the MLS hasn't had a player rating update recently, or are the majority of players in the MLS going to cap at at 84 rating?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Re: New Game World - NFL Style

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the response. Im thinking about taking out the foreign players rule, and allow teams to have players of any nationality on their team, as with the salary cap rule managers will already enough to think about creating a squad.

    Hopefully we can get a bit more interest so we can get this setup going.

  6. NFL Style Game World

    Hi. I am looking to create a new game world. It will be based off of american sports, taking on rules from the MLS and NFL. I am looking for people interested in a fresh challenge. Here is the idea of the game world.


    • No buying players from External (apart from 2 special scenarios, see below)
    • No cash only deals between teams, must include at least a player or draft pick)
      • No selling players for cash

      [*]Only allowed 8 foreign players in your squad

      [*]Salery Cap

      [*]Playoff and Superbowl game at the end of the season

      [*]Draft at the end of the season.

    If this seems like something you would be interested please continue reading for a for in-depth explanation of the rules.

    External Transfers:

    Manager cannot buy players from external clubs like they could in other game worlds. There are two ways in which you can gain players from external clubs in this setup.

    Firstly, at the start of every season each manage is allowed to sign 2 players from external clubs (3 players for the first season). These transfers must be cash only deals, and the players must be 24 years old or older. The transfers can not include players leaving the club.

    The second reason is signing players through the end of season draft, which will be explained later on.

    No cash deals between human managers

    You cannot make cash only transfers between other managers in this setup. If you want a player you must exchange another player in return, or exchange a draft pick (explained later). Cash can only be sued to reach chairman's evaluations.

    No selling players for cash

    Team cannot sell players for cash only, ie.e to external teams. If you want/ need to get rid of a player he must be traded away or released.

    Only 8 foreign players

    Each manager will pick a club to manage before i create the game world, for example Barcelona

    That team can then have no more than 8 foreign players in their squad come the start of the season. Therefore, if i managed Barcelona i could not have more than 8 non-spanish players. Teams will be deducted points if they have eligible players.

    Salary Cap

    A salary cap will be established which every player must adhere to come the start of every season. Teams that exceed the cap will be deducted points. All player salaries in the squad will be included in the cap, however, there are three players that can be exempt.

    Each manage can choose an international player (foreign player), home-grown player and rookie player (23 years old or under) to be exempt from the salary cap. 0% of their wages will go towards the cap. These players can only be changed at the start of the season.

    Playoffs and Superbowl

    At the end of the season the top four teams will reach the play-offs. 1st plays 4th and 2nd plays 3rd. Winners of those games will reach the superbowl, and will play for the glory of winning that season.


    At the end of every season a draft will occur. This is an opportunity for teams to sign rookies (23 years old or younger) from external teams. Managers take it in turn to pick a player. They then have the right to sign that player. A draft will consist of 4 rounds.

    The team that finished bottom of the league receives the 1st overall pick each round, with the superbowl winner receiving the last pick each round.

    Throughout the season manages can trade away their picks in the draft for players currently in teams squads.

    Each season a draft 'class' will be selected. This decides which players are eligible to be drafted. For example, season 1 will be all players currently at English external teams.

    So there you go. Those are the ideas for the game world. Please provide comments with feedback on the idea, and please let me know if you are interested in playing. If you have any questions regarding teh rulesd, or need somthing explaining more let me know. I am looking for trustworthy people who will follow the rules and are up for a bit of fun that is different from normal soccer manager! :)

  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

    Regular Benzema is just as good as UP Benzema btw. Or better lol

    I made a French Euro 2012 squad :)


    TOTY Debuchy


    IF Koscielny


    IF2 Cabaye







    IF Giroud

    IF Diarra

    Ben Arfa






    I don't think he is in the squad, but you can get TOTY Mavuba for about 45k and i think he is really good.

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I really like the look of this Ivan Rakitic fella. Always been curious to his talent' date=' but never really looked at him closely. Looks a good player though. Mandzukic doesn't look to bad either.[/quote']

    Mandzukic 'peed' me off with all his diving and rollling around on the floor. But i guess you'll get that from most players now a days :mad::mad::(:(

  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

    Growing fed up with inconsistent forwards on this game.

    Sold all my squads and after wasting money on packs a few weeks ago' date=' I now have 400k.

    Looking to build a team with that, but I'm open to suggestions from any of ye lads.

    Staying away from the Prem as their strikers infuriate me.[/quote']

    If i was you i would look for a certain player and base your team around him. I have just got TOTY Michu and he is pretty good. Got a great shot on him, he is only worth around 16K.

  10. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

    Ok, so here is my new team. I have played a couple of games with it. I am liking Michu. He is not that speedy, but you can score some good long shots with him. I did have torres but i didn't like playing with him. He didn't seem that quick and he just kept being pushed off the ball and falling over. I have just bought Roux up front, unfortunately in the wrong formation, but he was only like 12k. I haven't tried him yet, but he has 87 sprint speed and really good finishing and shot power.

    Also, i ended up getting Ruffier in goal. In some games he has been really godd, stopping close range shots.

    One other player im not too sure about is kaka, he has a decent finesse shot, but the problem with the team is that it lacks pace, especially in wide areas. Not too sure whether i should lose kaka for a speedier winger.

    My next purchase is going to be a CB though. David Luiz is just there for now while i try and generate funds for an inform Ligue 1 player.

  11. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

    I dont know what it is with me but I seem to only be able to win in style with a Bundesliga side on UT. I can get wins with other league sides ive built but it's messy although the Brazilian squads don't count because it's just to easy.

    Fifa 13 I know i'll get it i'll do what I have done since Fifa 10 buy it hate it trade it buy it again and like it. Anyone play street is it worth buying?

    Street is decent. The negatives i had is that you can't play with mates very easily. Like you can't do the two v two game online, after it was advertised so much as a unique game style (stupid EA). The other stupid thing about it is that you can only have 1 'carrier' mode team. That basically stopped me playing, cause i made a custom team with my mates, but as you move on you can get real life players. I wanted to have twop, my custom team, then another one where i made an 'ultimate team' of real players. ut you can't. I hate EA somtimes...

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I am well behaved thankyou cheekygirl.

    Suarez would get in the Manchester United starting eleven.

    I dont know if I can make that any simpler for you to understand.

    Maybe if you watched more than 5 minute highlights on MOTD you would understand. Run along.

    Well said :D:D

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Its gonna be really interesting to see how your new manager uses Gerrard next season. Weather its as a true attacker or as a more patient player maker in a more controlled system. And how he deals with the two strikers that don't really complement and help each other to score.

    I think it really depends on if if Sigurdson comes to Liverpool. If he does i would imagine it means Gerrard would sit further back. Althoguh, what do people think about playing Suarez in the 'Gerrard' role, just behind Carrol.

  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I wonder what constitutes a world class player. I feel that there can be no more than about 20 or 25 players that can be called truly world class. There may be 100 to 200 international class players about. If the Earth had to send a squad to a Milky Way cup then there would only be so many world class players who could go. :D There are not tonnes of world class players about at one time.

    That's a good way to look at it. Saying that makes me wonder how many 'world class' players are actually in the prem!

  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Actually I'm pretty sure Suarez would get into man U's team. Who else is there, Rooney... and that's it. And they are totally different players. You need to learn what potential is. Both Suarez and Carrol were brought in not to make an incredible impact stright away, although it was hoped for, but more importantly to develop and 'become' world class players, that what i'm saying. I don't know if Carrol will become world class, but i believe he can be, if he is played and put to good use.

    As for Suarez, i am in no way going to try and convince a Man U fan of his ability, I am not a GOD :)

  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Thats rubbish. Carroll cost £20m more than he was worth due to the money you received from Chelsea from Torres.

    Suarez was a 'decent' fee if a little over the top.

    As for scoring goals:

    Carroll had a purple patch for 5 months of ONE PL season. The amount of players who have good ENTIRE seasons and then have gone 'dry' is an endless list (Ricketts' date=' Stewart etc etc etc) - Carroll has not yet managed a consistent goalscoring record over one season so far.

    Suarez is a tricky player but his goalscoring exploits have a lot to be desired. Scoring a load of goals in a league where Kezman, Alves, Samaras did is not that impressive if you are a bit out of your depth when you play in a top league (in terms of goalscoring).[/quote']

    Your saying saying you can't base carrols good performance on ONE season, yet you still base your evaluations on them after ONE bad season, not really making a reliable argument.

    Carrols price was obviously over priced, alot do do with him being English. My point about the high prices is that Liverpool would not have paid that much if they didn't think they were good enough, im not suggesting that the players are worth their price, that is a totally different argument that i am not even going to try and get into.

    You can bend the stats however you like to back up what you are going to say, at the end of the day people are always going to under or over evaluate a player, depending on what they have seen of the player, what they haven't seen, or personal opinion on the player. However, i would bet there are alot more people that agree Suarez is one of the best forwards in the league.

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