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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He doesn't need a magic wand. Both players have shown in the past that they can score goals and were obviously good enough to be top players, that's why the cost so much. he has just got to help them reach that potential.
  2. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Thx! FIFA is always gunna screw you over in some matches :D
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread OK, Cheers, he is about 21 k atm, so i should be able to get him, hopefully in the near future. Now my task is to try and link the chemistry with the front players. Ill let you know how good he is if i manage to get him :)
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Hi Guys. Just decided i want to make a new team, a good(expensive) one . My previous team was good, but had cheap gold players, ramerez, Tiote etc. But it also had inform 86 Kagawa. I decided to sell him, and try and make money buying and selling. Im not doing to bad, and have made about 20 K. I was just looking for a bit of advice to what players i could go for, here is the team as it is right now. In a 4-2-3-1 formation. --Blank (Looking for an Inform keeper)-- --Blank--Blank--Blank--Blank-- --De Jong (Could be replaced)--Xabi Alonso-- --Gerrard--TOTY Michu--Kaka-- --Torres--
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yeah, Gerrard is not getting any younger, and although i agree Gerrard is best in the free role, he is great anywhere in Midfield. Cole can play out wide, and Suarez needs to be as close to goal as possible, he is a class finisher and is one of the best inside the box, but he isn't the quickest or the strongest and although he has good link up play i believe he is the one player we need in the box as much as possible.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think so, around attacking mid, or just behind the striker. I just found out: "Clarke leaves Liverpool Scottish coach follows Dalglish through the exits at Anfield Rodgers has yet to name a number two but Liverpool and the 39-year-old's former club Swansea have agreed a compensation package which sees three of his trusted staff move to Anfield, including his Liberty Stadium assistant Colin Pascoe. Performance analyst Chris Davies and head of sports science and medicine Glen Driscoll have also linked up with the Reds."
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think he would be a good signing, he showed a glimpse of his potential last season for Swansea and scored some great goals. I can't believe he is only 22, seems like he has been around a long time.
  8. Re: Max Rating 75 League? Ok, cool. Thx for letting me know.
  9. Hi. I was just wondering if there is a list anywhere of the rules/ game setup that you can choose form your custom league before you start. For example, i heard that you can start a setup where the teams squad is empty? Thx.
  10. Re: Max Rating 75 League? So can you know create a custom game world when your team starts with no players?
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Since when have be bought sensibly
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Its not the wages that's the problem, its the transfer fee. i heard 20 - 30 million has been given for us to spend. Not alot for the players we need.
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