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  1. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread so can i join plz?
  2. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Well striker, but i will go anywhere in Mid either.
  3. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Or do u want to use mine because u don't have 1 yet?
  4. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread ok, can i join plz?
  5. Re: Fifa 10 Soccermanager Club! JOIN! ok thx, i looked but i couldn't find one for fifa 10. Could i have the thread plz?
  6. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Hi all. I am looking to create an onlione club on Fifa 10 for soccermanager forumers. It is using your Virtual pro. For more infomation plz visit this thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=765505#post765505 Thx
  7. Hi all Fifa players. I am looking to make a soccermanager team for the online Championship. It is where you use your virtual pro. Im not sure how many players you can have, or even 100% sure how it works, but i am going to create as soon as I have some responses. If you are interested please reply and also suggest a team with a good kit, as i need to choose one for us. We could also do with different positions so if you would like to put your preferred position then that would be good, as well as your Gamertag. THIS IS FOR XBOX 360 ( NOT PS3) I will post things such as wins, goalscorer etc if i can. So if anyone is interested then join
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hi, i am in Gold setup and i have this deal: Anderson for Ilsinho and Pogrebnyak. I would be getting Anderson. Pogrebnyak is my best striker, my best other two are 88 and 87. Ilsinho is a back up for both RB, and RB. Im not to worried about loosing Ilsinho if it means getting anderson because he is a great talent. But i am not sure wther it is worth loosing my best striker for, expecially considering i have Xavi and Xabi Alonso in Midfield atm. What do u think i should do? Thx for any help.
  9. Re: Merging accounts You can buy 5 clubs slots for £5...
  10. Re: Merging accounts No, i don' think this should be implemented, atleast not for free. Gold Members pay so they can manage more clubs. So it would be ridiculous if free members could just merge accounts for free. And obviously SM wpon't do this, other wise why don't they just let free members manage more clubs in the first place! A big No. You want the chance to manage more clubs on the same account, Pay for it like everyone else does!!
  11. Re: Player Aspirations and wants. Yeah, they would have to change. They could change by Rating, like u said, or by age. or both
  12. Re: Player Aspirations and wants. I understand. But maybe under 'available' it could include having better than 60% fitness. Personally i don't think fitness should go down quite as quick, because you can not play a player in a cup and then a league game straight away, while last season Kuyt played the same amount of games as Reina. I think it was over 40. Anyway, thats a different discussion, thx for the feedback.
  13. Re: Player Aspirations and wants. Yeah, that would be a good addition 2. So the players with higher loyalty would be less likley to add a transfer request in. So Gerrard would be les likley than Lescott to ask for a transfer request
  14. My idea is mainly to improve GC, but may also impact on other Game worlds. It is similar to Player concerns. Basically i think you could add another tab onto a player profile that includes a players current wants, and future expectations. I will give you an example: Steven Gerrard, wants: Play over 90% of the games he is available for. Play in the top division of a country Play in the SMFA Cup Aspirations: Win the domestic league Win the SMFA Cup Now this is how it would help. If Gerrard wasn't fulfilling is 'Want's, at the end of a season he would put in in a concern if he only just missed the wants, e.g Liverpool finished 5 and qualified for SMFA Shield. But, if Liverpool finished 16th, he would then ask for a transfer request because is way off his wants. Also, If he has played for a few seasons for the same team, and he is still way off his aspirations, then he also may put in a transfer request. Basically, Wants are immediate things he wants to have, while Aspirations for things he wants sometime in his carrier. If the player thinks he is loosing the chance to reach them, he would put up a transfer request. Obviously a player wouldn't do it for one bad season, unless the team got relegated, but if it happened more then once, he would defiantly want to leave. This could also work with transfers. For example, if Liverpool finished 4th, and Chelsea finished 1st and won the SMFA Cup, and then the expressed interest in Gerrard, by either adding him to the shortlist or putting a bid in for him, then he may then say in your club messages. "Word has leaked through to Gerrard that Chelsea are interested in him. Because of his current aspirations Gerrard has expressed interest in joining Chelsea. " or, Liverpool finished 16th: "Word has leaked through to Gerrard that Chelsea are interested in him. Because of his current wants Gerrard has but up a transfer request to join chelsea. " Another way it would work with transfers is when a bid has been accepted, say for a team that finished worse off than you. For example, if Liverpool finished st, and Chelsea finished 16, but a bid was accepted, Gerrard may say. "Gerrard has rejected the offer to join Chelsea because it does not fulfill his current wants" I hope people understand this idea. I think it is good because it will make managing you team more interesting, it will be more realistic and it will improve transfers, especially cash deals.
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I would buy Khune. I bought him in a GC and i think he will become a great keeper.
  16. Re: 3D-Match I have fifa manager 09 and theymust spend millions on making their 3d match engine, and yes, it look really good. But the have so many little anoying things the players do that make you say "they really wouldn't do that in real life" And then after a while, and im sure alot of other people do, just go for the text mode instead. I agree it would be amazing if you could have a 3d engine where all the players looked like themselves and played like themselves, but that really isn't possible. Also, if you havent played Fifa manager 09, this is what it looks like:
  17. Re: inicikirock-gozgoz8 Asian Scouting
  18. Re: inicikirock-gozgoz8 Asian Scouting Hi. I just wondered if i could post a player i found on here, but as it i your thread i will deelete it if you want: Leandro Love Rodrigues Leandro Love is a 24 year old Brazilian currently playing for Japanese team Gamba Osaka. Now he may be a little old for a great prospect but is a definate buy for quick money. Love transfered to Gamba after his contract ran out at his last club Vissel Kobe. Since going to Gamba he has been in great form, playing 15 matches and scoring 16 goals. He hasn't just scored in the league either. He got 8 of his goals in 5 games playing in the continental competition in Asia, similar to the Champains league. Now he is currently rated 80 after going down 4 when he was a free agent but now he has got his scoring back he is certain to go up, hopefully around the 84 mark.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Luis Valencia? If he goes to somwhere like Real Madrid he could go up lots. Also, Daniel Pranjic 90 LM who has just transfered to Bayern Munich, from Herenveen. One other player is Jonathan Pitropipa of Hamburger. He is only 86 but i really liked the look of him last season and so if he continues to play play a can see a good rise for him.
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