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  1. Re: youth teams

    OK. And thank you leokeren.

    Oh, and i don't think you should start with a youth squad as it would just be too many players for SM to find, and most youth players don't make it to big time. I mean is there a point in giving Notts county a youth sqaud?

    It just gives bigger clubs more players to trade with. I think that you could include some of the youth players into the main sqaud though.

    If you look at a new Liverpool team, they have about 10 'youth players' anyway, so you don't need more than that do you?.

  2. Re: Reserve Squad

    I think you should be able to save to team selections and formations so if you are playing in a cup game against an easy team you could just say you wanted to use team 2 instaed of team 1, this would stop you needing to change the whole team round, and then changing it again.

    All you would need to do is use a drop down menu on you schedual to say which team you wanted to use, if you didn't choose a team, it would automaticaly use you 1st team.

  3. Re: club records

    I also think they should add personal records to each player, eg. Rooney gets top scorer in season 1, it would say under his achievments, top goal scorer season 1. This would show others how players have played throughout their carrier.

    They should also have past clubs( i know it has this already) and the price that they left that club.

    I do think your idea of club records is good :)

  4. Re: End of Season Friendlies.

    I think there should be more time after a season ends for people to upgrade their squads before the next season, it's expecialy hard for people in WC when you get promoted and it takes someone a week to come back for a simple transfer. Then you could also have time for freindlies if you had gold membership

    Just an idea, but mayby you could get a free friendly after every season finishes?

  5. I think you could include training, where you could train fitness, counter attacks, offside trap, tight marking, men behind ball, or team chemistry. You could also create team chemistry so the more your team plays and trains together, the better it comes, this would give the smaller clubs with a smaller balance a better chance of beating bigger clubs that buy players for fun. :rolleyes:

  6. Re: Team Of The Week

    Great idea, and then at the end of the season a team of the season could be posted to show how well a player did, they should also put the names of their team under the player so you could see which team had the most in. Like total club manager 04. ( i know it's an old game) :)

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