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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... U have already asked this before. There are both really good prospects so for 13 million it's not really a good deal. But do it if u hav 2.
  2. Re: ££££ Mascherano ££££ Tevez £££ or loyal? What do yuo Guys think about the possibility of Tevez joining Masch at Liverpool? Do u think Tevez would do that? I know he is unhappy at Man U, and if Masch stayed Tevez might join. Everyone knows Liverpool need another striker.
  3. Re: Pick A 'Pear' Gary Lineker (BBC 1/2) :D
  4. Re: Pick A 'Pear' Elano - Man City
  5. Re: Kuyt to 93!? Yes, personally i believe he is now one of Liverpool's most important players. Did u know he has played the most games for Liverpool this season, along with Reina? So that shows how much faith Rafa has in him.
  6. Re: Pick A 'Pear' Diego (Breman)
  7. Re: Kuyt to 93!? ut SM rating arn't down to how many goals he will score if he play every week. There are down to current form, and i believe atm he is playing well enough to be a 93, and his stats back him up. If he continues this for the remaining games and also continues next season i can see no reason that he can't reach 93.
  8. Re: Kuyt to 93!? I would like to throw this into the mix: Torres games to goals this season: 35-16 Kuyt: 48-14 Yes, there is 13 games more he has played, but still, good stats for a player 4 rating worse. And no one can say Torres is over rated (and plz don't argue that point because that is not what the thread is about.)
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... no, he is just a door NOB
  10. Re: How to put players in different shirts - Tutorial You can, but i prefer to do it on GIMP
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hi. i have a difficult deal. I have Bastian Schweinstiger. And Arsenal hav put in 10 million, Sergio Busquets and Rafial. Now, both of these r certain 90+ in the future, but Schweinstiger is my second best player, and i only have Johnathan De Guzman to cover him, unless i play Kuyt. What do u think i should do?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can i just ask, who does assuncao play 4? thx
  13. Re: Italian rating predictions What do you think about Marco Motta? rise?
  14. Re: Get rid of P/E http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35834 http://blog.soccermanager.com/ideas-suggested-improvements/ideas-suggested-improvements-player-exchange.html
  15. Re: Snowy's Finds. Alberto Lora Ramos Alberto Lora Ramos is a Spanish footballer, who currently plays for Sporting de Gijón, as a midfielder. He is 22 years old and played midfield. A former Real Madrid trainee, Lora served as co-captain for the Juvenil side in 2005-06, and played in 33 games. The following season he moved to Sporting de Gijón where he has now had 10 appearances for the first team.
  16. Re: Spanish Ratings and there u go' date=' lol. That is always the argument from an u fans, that '[i']they haven't won anything[/i].' That was my point! :D So thx for proving my theory.
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