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  1. Sunderland sign Hammer who in turn signs Lingard and more as there coach plans to push away relagation talks Defoe told his first team spot is safe
  2. So I now sit 4th in league one (div 3) have the 3rd best goal scorer Crouch nine in eight won now nine back to back I'm coming
  3. Blackpool welcoming French power house Gignac to be our star player a mixed squad here but aiming high
  4. After beating bury in a match I can only say nick cracking game lad I now sit eighth joint on points with sixth teams taking on good form all guns shooting as I push promotion
  5. James Collins joining from Lyon coming for league one
  6. Shorpe won 3-1 tonight to push us now to my second win in tree games endo with his 3rd in two games waiting on eight more players to join as I now aim to push for promotion will see if things go to plan
  7. Santa Cruz + lescott + antonsson next tree players who will join with another undergoing negotiations
  8. So had Gillingham and my Shorpe won 2-0 thanks to Endo getting two goals on his debut crouch is also now in the team with a reported four more players in talks thing will look good hear next up seventeenth place Southend
  9. Big changes to come but well done all the same in my first game
  10. Barcelona have signed Tevez and Portugal 21 year old Brenardo Silva with news out of Spain Wayne Rooney will be the first supper star joining there new coach in Spain.
  11. This is a thread for all the managers of this setup to post about there teams. I wish all managers the best of luck
  12. seven teams left then the league will be open need to know the dortmund manager did just get my inv, and that the psg and liverpool managers are the two that applyed as for the four teams still free need to know whats happening with them or will go on the hunt for new managers
  13. right so the Inter - Zenit - Everton - Napoli manager need to still app, as for the Dortmund, AC Milan, PSG, Tottenham and Liverpool managers need to put up here when its you so i dont let the wrong managers in
  14. hi all can i just find out the managers who are ment to be at teams but there squads have been app for many thanks
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