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  1. Re: PODOLSKI did u c KLOSE? and anyways he had an awesome season 4 bayern easily one of the best players! klose has bn off form
  2. LUKAS PODOLSKI is just as good as miroslav klose! easily! younger 2, both should be same rating
  3. i did say that i hav based mi judgments on how they r playin atm
  4. sheva down hilario up bridge up boularouz up drogba up essien up geremi down ballack down ferraira down kalou down otha go up podolski 4 94 he is jus as gd as klose !!!!!!!!! i hav based mi suggestoin 2 how they r playin
  5. both shud b at ratins 98 cos both players r 2 close
  6. i didnt notice mi com is slow so i did that deal 4 united then went on wiv mi otha clubs. so i misread this hurry up wiv this deal
  7. dude im sorry yeh and i accept the punishments wen sum 1 calls u mindless kinda takes the piss if u no wot i mean
  8. fe get alan 2 make a bid and he can keep mi players im not bothered i wont even bother buyin ne 1 in the future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after the gatuso deal is out the way. and spell mi IN name rite BRAD VAUGHAN
  9. woooooo hang on 1 mo the milan manager wasnt netin 2 do wiv it he didnt do nethin i bought gattuso from milan unmanaged i no sorry i did read the first page but i guess i didnt understand it fully y cant u kick me out i disobeyed ur rules u hav every rite 2 ??? ALAN NELLER DIDNT DO NETHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sh*t soz guys he can hav rooney 2 make up 4 it that okay thats plus 1 more i didnt no all the details lol soz
  11. terry or puyol ???????????????? terry defo england captin deserves it and will keet and will lead us 2gether
  12. cech dudes gotta b cech can pull of sum amazin saves and buffon isnt as gd as he was
  13. so long updatin season wot is goin on ????????
  14. o yeh mi details lol brad vaughan and mi ratin 74 lol
  15. dan m8 i read the first page and if i had a choose sum clubs mi choices wud b chelsea barcelona valencia if i havent dun it rite plz tell me lol
  16. CustomerID: 9358 Email: bradvaughan@hotmail.co.uk mi details hav they come thru 4 a gold membership yet ?
  17. well i sent off 4 the membership last thurs in a 12£ cheque and it still hasnt said im a member which is most annoyin does this mean it hasnt worked ? or got lost or sumthink??
  18. is ne1 a goldmember yet cos if u r can u reply 2 this thread can u do all the options includin make ur own setup atm if not do we no how long it will take 2 finalise ????
  19. maybe but another i left out wud be stewart downing.
  20. tim cahill kevin nolan morton gamst pederson aaron lennon dean ashton scott parker charles n zobia darren bent chimbonda wayne bridge if cole doesnt come nicklas anelka proven before wiv man city all these player has done brillient for there clubs they have shone by assistin teammates and scorin sum gr8 goals!!!!!
  21. Brad Vaughan


    how do we email admin ????
  22. rite well the thing is i hav ova 400 messages that needs 2 b deleted and i rely cant b stuffed y dont u creat a delete box where it selects all messages that doesnt need respondin 2 so we dont miss important deals !!!!!!!!
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