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  1. Re: the name draw setup Roma eh. Could be better, but not bad at all. can't complain.
  2. Re: the name draw setup Leonardo Mustopo Liverpool Leeds?
  3. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Man Utd's manager leokeren has all but given up on any title this year. An unsuccessful attempt in turning rio ferdinand into a DM cost him a lot of points. He has restored ferdinand into his rightful position, a CB, and so far it works well/
  4. Re: My New Setup you vote what type of setup it is! can I join? my name is leonardo so I guess it is Liverpool?
  5. Re: GLOBAL INTERCLUBS starts 1st week of january! Count me in! order of preference: 1. barcelona 2. man utd 3. inter 4. madrid 5. arsenal 6. chelsea 7. munchen 8. liverpool see I'm not picky
  6. Re: Millionaries Row ££££$$$$(coming soon) so I assume it is to late to join now? anyway, please inform me if any club become unmanaged.
  7. Re: European Elite Match Reports/Transfers...ECT AS Roma has tried a new approach of appointing their manager. They pulled a name out of a hat. The lucky guy is leokeren, a rookie manager. Leokeren has stated that a striker is his top priority, with both players able to play in that position is needed elsewhere in his team. He is a big fan of Messi, so if barca manager Havoc is willing to do a deal, please let me know
  8. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- man utd manager leokeren has stated that his goal with his new team is to win the league. Man utd was 10 points behind madrid when he took over, but he intend to close the gap little by little. on a related note, welcome to the league, arsenal123, you should have taken over villa instead of juventus though:rolleyes:
  9. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup I'm still interested in a team, just in case you need more people:rolleyes:
  10. Re: Help me!! how long have you manage the team? (maybe the setup owner intended to have barca but you took it when he was away) Did you buy any player from unmanaged team recently? I suggest you PM the setup owner asking the reason for your removal before filling a support ticket It is unfair for the setup owner if he kicked you for a legit reason, but he get reported.
  11. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup well good luck with your league then
  12. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- today was surely a complicated day for leokeren. after he quitted villa by mistake, he found out that man utd are unmanaged! He wanted to stay loyal to villa, but hey, this might be a sign from God, so.....
  13. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- I need someone to PM me the password for this setup ASAP accidentally quited my team. thanks
  14. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- after disappointing results from the last 4 games, villa's manager leokeren has almost given up on their title hope. A draw to liverpool, and 3 loses to barcelona, totenham, and arsenal means villa only able to snatch 1 point from the possible 12.
  15. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup you don't know me but there's still time to get acquainted well in the unlikely scenario that you accepted my application, the list of the teams that I want : 1. Man Utd 2. Chelsea 3. Real Madrid 4. Inter 5. Milan
  16. Re: A New Prosposed Setup - 128 Days From Today Pre-Planned @ poster above me no but you could have zenit count me in
  17. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway can I be the new manager of barca w520? I guarantee a title within 100 years or they can sack me.
  18. Re: presurred into selling? I counter offered 7M + one of his unused defender + toni actually which actually a deal I can see happening in real life. micah is undervalued in the game at the moment. anyway, glad that the misunderstanding has been cleared mod please lock this thread:)
  19. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports city's manager leokeren won't sell micah richard for any price! So, sorry for all managers who has bidded acceptable amounts,but I have to reject those offers. And to one certain manager who is trying to harass leokeren into selling micah, leokeren has stated that he won't deal with him in any setup either.
  20. help needed please a renowned manager in the forum(which I won't mention the name) has send me this kind of private message This is after I kept rejecting his bids for my micah richard in a gold championship. I know every player have his valuation, but my valuation of him (and that's before tonight performance against israel) is too high, every deal that I think is acceptable will be instantly blocked. So, can anyone tell me what I should do to kept a gem away from other managers without offending any people? thanks before
  21. Re: Gold Championship 8 congrats to all managers for getting good teams and for manchester united manager, my deepest condolences. you might took the team by mistake. what you really wanted was manchester city right? If so, I am more than welcome to trade team with you;)
  22. Re: Gold Championship 8 **** after seeing your teams, maybe I should aim higher took manchester city cus I am not confident with my internet connection
  23. Re: Gold Championship 8 this remind me of GC7 all over again kept refreshing for hours, and when I gave up, the setup was made.....
  24. Re: The Elite League of Forumers - Teams 70 points yay!!
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