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  1. Re: worst deal....ever....for Steven Gerrard
  2. i wasnt sure where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong place sorry, and could someone say the correct posting place. i made a enquiry for gerrard and the roma manager made a ridiculous demand which i find very ammusing so i thought i would see what you guys think. "If u want gerrard then give me 4 players don want money {Gomez mario, Sneijder, Quaresma and Mandanda steve. And u give me two players first. and then the other 2 with gerrard deal. ok. So u still want gerrard or not." he is obviously gonna rip me off as he wants me to give him two players on the cheap. worst possible deal i have ever seen.
  3. Re: should i sell??? Van bommel has become the bayern captain with the retirement of kahn. wow lol thats come as news to me as i had thought van bommel had gone back to a dutch club for the final years of his career. cheers for that pal
  4. ive heard that sebastian frey has retired from the national french team does this mean his rating is way more likely to decrease than increase? also does anyone know how andres d'allesandro and van bommel are doing as i searched van bommel on wikipedia and it only has details till 2006 or so. thanks.
  5. Re: hargeaves and robbie keane? sell or keep?
  6. Re: hargeaves and robbie keane? sell or keep?
  7. ive got plenty of good midfield cover for hargeaves in my bayern munich team and he hardly ever plays for me. do you think his rating will drop any time soon as he is injured a fair bit for man utd ? also how much would u sell a player such as harveages for? 91 rated 27yr ish age... thanks also robbie keane is at a unavailable to manage club and i was just wondering is he worth buying? i have 6 other 91+ strikers already so not in desperate need as such
  8. hey all i need to know is which if any of these two players are likely to rise anytime soon as im offerint them both for other good players. 1- Tanco CESAR AZPILICUETA (20 years 87 rated swapping plus 6million for marcelo of madrid. 2 - Jonathan URRETAVIZCAYA ( 20 years 84 rated swapping for vidrio who is tipped as next marquez even though hes still in mexico. would also appreciate if anyone knows about how vidrio or marcelo are doing. thanks
  9. hi. basicaly the transfer window in my league is opening again on thursday and i have made a bid for marcelo (madrid left back 89 rated 21 age i think) of £6million plus Tanco CESAR AZPILICUETA (20 age i think 87 rating). all i would like to know is this a good deal as i have read on these forums that marcelo is likely to rise....can someone confirmt this and if so increase by how much? also what about the cesar azpilicueta ? how is he doing? also i am buying giovinco for 7 million is he really as good as they say he is? i would also be very grateful and rep (if someone explains how) if anyone would provide information on....how are they doing? future rating rise or drop? 1 - Jonathan URRETAVIZCAYA (at benefica 20 years old 84 rating ) 2 - tomas uljfansi-selling for 17 million -hes gone ath. madrid this summer 3 - Tabaré VIUDEZ, (gone to milan this summer- age 19-rating 83) 4 - Néstor Vicente VIDRIO - 18 years old and 85 rating, read on forum hes the next marquez? is he that good? i know i have asked a lot and maybe something stupid/vague by accident so please dont critisize. any help much aprreciated. thanks.
  10. Re: how to complain about racist comments? cheers guys jus gna report him after ive written this. il let u no what happens. how long does it normaly take for a outcome
  11. Re: how to complain about racist comments? yer i know about the ticket thing but will they be able to see the message histroy between me and that guy? next to the ticket thing it says ' if u make false claims of racism you will be punished' or something similar and i wna makde sure they can see the history as i enjoy my current teams i have built and dont wish to lose them
  12. some igornant idiot previously messaged me racist comments a while back and i deleted the original message and he has sent a normal transfer related message now....i just have rememberd the racist comments by looking at the previous messages that he has sent and as its not the original message in my inbox with a message i.d i cant report it to soccermanager.... is there a way i can report racism via email or any other way? cos the message is a old 1 which i delted and has no message i.d hope i make sense guys if i dont just ask n il explaing again
  13. Re: Quality Cheap players that won't be gone. rosina caceres fazio zarate veron hector moreno dominuguez
  14. Re: Division 3 Help Needed only one who springs to mind is daniel parejo of madrid on loan at q.p.r this season. ive heard hes meant to go up. only costs around 10 or 25,000.
  15. Re: What should i do ? dont do any of those deals mate. your losing two top class players in each deal for one player who may or may not perform for you. torres rating can only go up and perhaps mascherano also and gerrard will keep his rating for some time.
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