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  1. Re: Account permantly suspended he is therefore that not paid for this game to turn customer gold, therefore the faces are not capable to decide this problem.
  2. Re: Account permantly suspended I did not understand, I am of the brazil, then please it uses words with translation.
  3. Re: Account permantly suspended you seeing that the only solution goes to be to create a new account, the problem is to obtain the good teamses everything of new. The worse one that I tava with a punctuation of 89 (very high)
  4. Re: Account permantly suspended yes then it wants to say that you it sent email for they and they had not ordered reply to you? Much sacanagem, I wait that they return me, therefore had very good teams.
  5. Re: Account permantly suspended but you it obtained to reactivate its account? I arrive to send some email for support@soccermanager.com?
  6. Re: Account permantly suspended then, it was with 3 teamses, it had finished of handle the chelsea, and was making new transferences, I was lunchhes and when I came back it gave this message
  7. Re: Account permantly suspended this is the problem, was to enter in my account and gave the message of suspended. Which information necessary to pass to arrange this problem?
  8. Re: Account permantly suspended friend, I am translating google, but the translation is not ceta? I am needing an aid with regard to my account and not with the translation. I would agrade├žeria if helps myself.
  9. Re: Account permantly suspended somebody knows as to reactivate an account that was suspended?
  10. Re: Account permantly suspended it was badly, it is that I am Brazilian and I do not say well portug├╗es very. Then, my account was permantly suspended, which was not only the reason. Necessary of an aid to reactivate my account.
  11. As I can make to try to reactivate my account, therefore it was suspended more does not know the cause. to some way to reactivate. E inside of how much time it is reactivated.
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