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  1. Re: Youth Team: Who to sell? Can anyone help?
  2. Hi, Here is my Youth team but who should I sell? I'm planning on using some players in part exchanges to make the deals cheaper. Thanks!
  3. Re: Help with Real Madrid Ratings Predictions!! How will David Mateos do? Or should I just sell him?
  4. Hi, I have Pedro Leon in my team but he's not really up to form so might go down - and I have the option of swapping him for Renato Augusto at an external club who is younger with the same rating. Leon is my only player at RM, so should I swap him or not for Augusto? Or are there any other similar players around 87/88 that might go up to 89? Thanks a lot!
  5. Should I sell swap Gerrard for Gourcuff? I'm guessing Gerrard is getting quite old and won't improve? My first team is: Thanks
  6. Re: Eliaquim MANGALA for Marcel SCHMELZER? I have Glen Johnson and C├ęsar Azpilicueta but I think I probably should sell Azpilicueta, as he only recently had a pretty serious knee injury?
  7. I'm thinking about this trade but not too sure - is Mangala suppose to be a hot prospect but Schmelzer is playing well... I only have Arbeloa as a LB so if he's injured... Any help would be good!...
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