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  1. Re: argentinean league thread i cant find Di Santo on the game
  2. Re: Italian Ratings he went up to 90 and also di natale went up
  3. Re: Gerardo Bruna is he on the game
  4. Re: argentinean league thread im looking to buy a good argentina striker in my team can you tell me who to get i got aguiro higuain zarate and LAVEZZI, Ezequiel. who else should i get
  5. Re: Italian Ratings zlatan ibrahimovic why is he not going up. he has been scoring for inter 6 goals so far. i cant understand this
  6. Re: Inter Milan Ratings thats not good enough he should go down is not playing just like shevchenko went down for 95 to 93.
  7. Re: Spain rating barca have been playing badly suprising ronaldinho did not go down
  8. Re: Spain rating the player just went up to 91 justice has been done
  9. Seeing as the Spain ratings are only a few weeks away, I thought I would kick off a ratings thread Sergio aguero deserve and increase hes is currently 90 i think he need to to be 91 or 92. he scored 2 goals a ready is la liga against real Madrid. he won the : Golden Ball: FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2007 Golden Boot: FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2007 he is wonderfully player the next maradona
  10. Re: Real Madrid Ratings Ruud van Nistelrooy deserve to go up at least 96 or 97 he was the top scorer last season in spain and has got 2 goals already this season
  11. Re: Italian Ratings will totti go up he playing well and scoring goals
  12. Re: Italian Ratings leite Adriano should go down to 91 he has not been playing for inter and hes left out of the champions league
  13. Re: Robinho yer agree he should go up to 93 for now
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