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  1. Re: Robin Van Persie vs Fernando Torres fernando torres will be like djibril cisse he cant even score 16 goals in la liga with crap defenders how will he do in the premiership? second van persie is world class he was i njured last season but he was our top scorer and he will only get better. van persie without a doubt is better than torres he got more skill.
  2. hi imanage chelsea on my setup and i put lasana diara £10.0M min transfer threshold. and there is a team who made a lower offer of my my transfer threshold what is this happening Deportes Tolima have made an offer to Chelsea for Lassana DIARRA of £4,710,000 Respond
  3. Re: Best bargain ever? is not bargain is cheat
  4. im sorry but i think is not fair because when i report cheaters to support@soccermanager.com. they never do anything for me whever i send them a messege nothing happen i think this Bios. what the point of that
  5. Re: Cheaters - Point deduction/relegation what kind of cheating are you talking about
  6. i want to sign a player but when i make the bid this comes up You can only make 3 transfer deals between two clubs per season. You have made more than 3 transfers with this club and will have to wait until next season to initiate any more transfer deals with this club. Loans deals can still be made with this club. and the thing is i never done any transfer with the club this season is just started the new season about 12 match now i think. i cant make the bid can someone tell me what wrong
  7. Re: Whos the best Am ? kaka he is the est player
  8. Re: Should Cheats ( managers with rep -40 ) be allowed in Gold Championships ? i think you should look at the poll result and 18 people voted for no against 6 says yes. that is a big difference and i think they should be allowed because you may denies people opportunity to manage their favorite team
  9. Re: Should Cheats ( managers with rep -40 ) be allowed in Gold Championships ? they need a second chance
  10. Re: suspended your hardcore cheater
  11. Re: Should Cheats ( managers with rep -40 ) be allowed in Gold Championships ? i don't think that is a good idea at all is absolutely discrase to new manager for this to happen
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