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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) What is the problem with this concern thing? Many of my players now have concerns and even if i play them they seem to have concerns still then??? How can remove theri concerns?? Please help.
  2. Re: Pay per game loans Pay per game loan is a wonderful idea. I think it should be implemented.
  3. Re: Some Basic Suggestions regarding finances Maybe u are right. But sometimes complex tactics and controlling tactics will make a manager feel more real and nobody can say these are very bad idea indeed. Thank You all.
  4. Re: Late Results! SM cannot make some simple changes in the game to make it interesting, how can it speed up it's engine???
  5. Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager My team was only after 1 season. And i was the winner. And now, i am also in top position. By the way, u all must see my post in the developments and suggestions section "Some basic suggestions regarding finances." Thank You all.
  6. I guess I have made the best team in soccermanager. My team is Internazionale in world championship 8711. Goalkeeper:- Julio Caeser (95) Defenders:- Nemanja Vidic (96), Philip Lahm (94), Per Mertesacker (93), Douglas Maicon (96), Bruno Alves (92), Sarijo Drna (91), Gregory Van der Wiel (90), Jeremy Toulalan (93) Midfielders:- Pablo Hernandez (90), Arturo Vidal (90), Esteban Cambiasso (95), Cesc Fabregas (95), Oscar Lucho Gonzalez (93), Wesley Sneijder (95), Arjen Robben (94), Strikers:- Samuel Eto (96), Carlos Tevez (94), Alexandre Pato (92), Lukas Podolski (90), Mario Gomez (93) How'z t
  7. Re: Some Basic Suggestions regarding finances Thank You all for supporting me. I hope the SM management seees this and makes the game more interesting. Implementing any few of these suggestions will keep members hooked to the game.
  8. Hello, everyone I have been an ardent follower of this game and will remain as it's member. But sometimes SoccerManager turns out to be a bit boring as there is nothing to do except transfers and saving match tactics. According to me, SM management should allow managers more control over their club's finances. If SM is not made interesting enough, then it might lose many members due to boredom. Anyways, my suggestions are: 1) Managers should have access to signing sponsers and other Tv revenues.Sponsors may be fictitious companies or real ones, doesn't matter. Those will be accordingly
  9. Re: Pay per game loans This is a good idea. It will encourage clubs to loan out players and also increase excitement of the game.
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    Hello, I am Ankur Saha. I have been an ardent follower of soccer manager. And ave been playing it ever since 4 yrs. I like making friends!! Thank You.
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