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  1. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) can i have boca juniors?
  2. Re: International and Olympic Setup sent a frend request, SM name is AzRule REVAMPTION
  3. Re: International and Olympic Setup Turkey/Fenerbahce please!
  4. Re: SM Allstars/ Sign Up Thread! ugh... me and my eyes.. Juventus please.
  5. Re: SM Allstars/ Sign Up Thread! I'll have Liverpool.
  6. Re: Patriot League awww.. come on people buy me players. I need tha money.
  7. Re: Patriot League Mark Van Bommel has a bid of 7,940,800 Million- To any managed Holland clubs, Do you want him? if not i'd sell. Ferreira Lucio has a bid of 13,816,000 from Villareal- To Fluminese/Sao Paulo. I'll hold on to him if you want.
  8. Re: Patriot League FOr those who doesn't need these players from me can please tell me wether or not i should keep them so that when you have enough funds i could sell them to you OR i could use them for player-exchange deals. SAGNOL, Willy ODDO, Massimo LUCIO, Ferreira DEMICHELIS, Martin VAN BUYTEN, Daniel BRENO, Vinicius ALTINTOP, Hamit EKICI, Mehmet VAN BOMMEL, Mark SOSA, José RIBERY, Franck TONI, Luca YILMAZ, Deniz Oh and please tell me wether you have German players.
  9. Re: Patriot League to milan manager, i wont accept your bid for luca toni because my club doesnt need flamini. Lyon / Marseille does.
  10. Re: Anyone fancy a WC challenge? Befica =] And uhh Gibbs Bayern Leverkusen?
  11. Re: Anyone fancy a WC challenge? ok euro so which number ? 899?
  12. Re: Anyone fancy a WC challenge? Oh ok. DOn't mine taking another club. Have to use another account though, main is full.
  13. Re: UEFA Champions Clash I might say replace one of them with Arsenal as they have been in the finals of the Champions League.
  14. Re: UEFA Cup Winners Cup League i dont know it's your choice. And you haven't update your first post Right my name beside werder bremen when you have the time.
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