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  1. hi myself and a group of friends are about to create our own game world, we know that we can set transfer windows, budgets etc but can someone answers these please? - 1 - how do you determine which players already play for the 20 teams in that division? 2-can you enter managers name into a 'hat' so that SM decides who gets what team? many thanks
  2. Apologies if this should be posted elsewhere but the search facility doesnt appear to be working for me today! A player in my squad has had his postion changed from AM/Fwd to AM/Wing, therefore i cant play him as a forward as he'll be then classed as out of position. i cant find anywhere on the site where it says who makes these changes, however ive been told a gold member can easily change the position of any player (even not in his team) in the 'player profile' section. firstly, could someone else have corrupted my player in this way? and secondly if it was SM that made the change how can i have it amended back to its correct state? Kind regards:)
  3. sorry, one more question..... is there no way you can stay logged in on this site/game?
  4. can you guys help me please? who decides if and when you can get a cash injection and how does it work? is it a pre-season thing? kind regards:)
  5. Re: Hi everyone- ive two questions No i was talking about the transfer window on here, how do i find out the rules of my gameworld?? thanks for the answer to the loan question.
  6. Hi im new on here. two questions- first- when does the transfer window close? second- ive signed a player on loan but another team wants to sign him, can they do this whilst he is on loan to me? kind regards gippa
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