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  1. Re: Cannot load tactic page and unable to bid a player using Internet Exploer (IE) As from around 6pm SM say the issue is now Fix and it seems to be...
  2. Re: Cannot load tactic page and unable to bid a player using Internet Exploer (IE) I know a manager reported it as a bug a few days ago and SM replyed asking for more info and screen shots which he sent back to them and is waiting on the outcome
  3. Re: help SM used to be strong with cheating and ban accounts and now it seems they turn a blind eye to dirty cheats for the smell of cash and they are free to carry on without fear
  4. Re: Cannot load tactic page I know another manager with the same prob who is using internet Explorer He cant even place a bid for a player.. It started with the update on fri and has not worked since.. He has contacted SM with screen shots and is waiting for a reply He found a way around it for now by down loading Google Crome
  5. Re: Small Stadium, High Wages No need to panic mate.. I have many small ground teams with huge wage bills and over a season with cup games it always works its self out.. I have Hull and there ground holds 25 thou and i have a wage bill of 1.7m and have a healthy balance and the worlds best players such as Messi,ribery,SCHWEINSTEIGER,LAHM,SILVA,PIQUÉ,BALE,SUÁREZ,BENZEMA, and GÖTZE to name a few won the Lge 3 years running so a small ground does not mean you have to sell to stay in the black
  6. Re: Player sold without my knowledge. Did the player have concerns? if he reached Level 5 he WILL be sold after he hands in a transfer request and there is NOTHING you can do about it.
  7. I reported two accounts as Multi accounts and SMFA say action as been take but all dodgy deals are still in place and both accounts are free to carry on??? Now all tickets have been closed i can no longer report them :mad:
  8. Re: Why do cheats always win on sm? Cesc Fab Rated 95 value to his team man utd is 30m Just sold for a 90..89 and 15m value to man utd team 34m SMs own rule say selling a teams best players for min offers is dodgy but i report the deal and get the stock reply Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) has not picked up any cheating in relation to the reported managers and transfers. The ATMS is highly tuned to look into several factors to see if the managers in question are cheating. SORRY BUT NOT THAT HIGHLY TUNED
  9. Re: Just been accused of cheating Whats was the deal? who did u sign and for how much?
  10. Re: Random SM bid... FROM SM ON KNOWN BUGS: 23rd Jun 2013 Some managed clubs have made offers for players at unmanaged / external clubs. This bug has now been fixed. However, if a transfer has been completed, please let us know and we'll reverse the deal.
  11. Re: Random SM bid... I have the same thing.. Blackburn team squad rating 93 and have 17 1st team players and 15 youth .. Log in every day without fail but i log in this morn and i have bid for 2 **** poor players rated 83 and 86 age 24/26.. My youth players are better.. This is either a bug or a very very poor game update.. the game is soccer manager not soccer have your team managed for you..
  13. Re: Multi Direction Tactics My old post but still feel this should be in the game!!
  14. Im one of a few managers that do use the newspaper to sell players aswell as report's on games but many newspaper post go unread when you write a report it shows up within the news feed as a link but the link is blue like all other links in the news feed can the links be changed so all have there own colour and would then stand out more within the news feed how about on newspaper links maybe a flashing braking news sign? To grab attention ?
  15. Re: Too many GC's have ruined this game 100% agree.. Im a GM and no longer play in a gold setups there only used to be a handfull of gold setups and all were 90% full then kicked in the GOLD rush and it seemed every few days a new gold would open and 50% of manager who never got a top class team in the last Gold setup quit to join the next one then so on and so on over and over Its the same RE: cheats.. SM used to come down hard on a manager for cheating then its seems it was like we cant keep banning GM so we will just take away the Norm managers voice and chance to report a cheat and just turned there heads and left set ups to die a cheats death..
  16. Re: Unhappy Players Reply Im happy with the player concerns but feel its not 100% right i have many squads of around 16-20 players yes i have my 1st 11 then the rest are back up my 1st team players will player around 25-35 Lge games per season (no cup games) then my back up players will play ALL cup games plus around 10 Lge games per season and will play around 27 games per season it seems playing 27 lge games keeps them happy.. but playing a mix of 27 cup and lge games and they get concerns why do cup games not count to a players happyness?? i have 2 players both on 24 games this season one is a lge player and has no concerns but the cup player with the same number of games in level 3 concern?
  17. When writing a newspaper report offer players for sale or loan it would be alot better if when placing a players name within the report it creates a link in blue to that player within your squad.. @ the mo a players name has no link so a manager has to then go into your squad to find the player a simple pop up profile from a link like what is already within the site in many places would be so simple..
  18. Every season i send out 5-15 players onloan rated 70-91 in good faith what gets to me is when a team loans a player and as soon as he gets inj and is out for 4 or 5 weeks he gets send back and they place a offer for another of my players so i get stuck with a inj player and have 2 pay his wages how about if a player gets inj why onloan the loaning club cant return the player untill hes fully fit..
  19. I like most managers have a squad of 18-30 players if i wish to sell a player i can offer him to any team thats interested but what if i dont want to sell but wish to loan him? So my idear is being able to offer a player to interested clubs for loan.. @ the mo @ the start of a season i use the newspaper to list any players for sale and loan that i have but not many manager read the newspaper..
  20. @ the mo you can short list players who are transfer banned @ ai teams or unmanaged teams and each player has a diff date when he will be available to transfer.. My idear is.. Being able to flag a target so say i have a player short listed and hes @ a a1 team and cant be transfered for say another 8 weeks.. You can click flag player and when his ban is up u get a flag message in your inbox saying player x is now available for transfer.. Coz @ the mo unless u remember the dates or keep checking who just dont remember.. Maybe a limit of 5 flags @ a time to stop managers flagging 85 players @ once..
  21. Re: Substitutes or not???? i always make subs if drawing or losing in the 75min and just a few days ago i was 2-1 down in the 75th min made 3 changes for 1 winger 1 CF and 1 AM CF scored the AM scored and the Winger set up one goal and i won the game 4-2 in the end.. So they do work
  22. Why is it cheats seem free to carry on without punishment now many set ups im in many dodgy deals go ahead with out sm picking up or acting sm used to so strong against cheats and handed out strong punishments but now the games is a cheats paradise. One setup im in the newcastle manager only has 4 players he can sell or swap and has no cash and has struggled to get high offers so a friend off his friends list joins 3 days ago and with in mins bids 20m for a 9m player i have no probs with this apart from it looks strange going str8 to ya mate once that deal completes again the mate bids 15m for a 5m player so i reported the deal only for the message to say this deal has already been reported? How i reported it within 30 secs of it being agreed then today day 3 of the mate taking over again the mate bids 18m for a 8m player and again i click report and i get the same message again ? How i again report it within seconds so within 3 days newcastle have made 53m for 23m worth of players from the same team run by his mate who hasnt bid for any other player on the sm data base i reported for multi accounts and still it says they have already been looked into?
  23. Re: Cheating!! Sm used to take a very strong stance against cheats but now they have removed many roads for a manager to report them cheats seem free to do dodgy deals over and over without any action u used to be able to report a deal as well as along with other managers so more than one could report them but now if one manager dosent explain it properly sm just let it go on and on multi account reporting aswell once its been reported thats it end off story ( the cps again and again fails to spot these cheats and aslong as sm have our gold ££ they seem to close there eyes to everything else..
  24. Re: Players unhappiness I have been on SM since 2007 and as som1 said B4 the game forces managers to have 2 squads.. 1st team and cup team who are back up for inj players.. i have a 1st team that play most Lge games and the rest play all cup games and some Lge games my 1st team has played 31 games and and starters are 100 happy my 2nd team i have players who have also played 31 in total in cup and lge but are Level 2/3 unhappy.. and getting unhappier has the season goes on it seems only Lge games count to a player state of mine and this needs to change either they remove the morale or make all games count to a players morale... plus a players wants 1st team football and u send him onloan and he plays 35 games a season and grows unhappy about being loaned out? cant seem to make there mind up....
  25. Re: Threatening behaviour and abuse. New fake account has now been removed and i can only Thank SM i feel i have been a pain in the backside over this but feel strongly over bullying and Vile abuse aswell as cheaters Again i thank every1 for there help RE: this and hope its all over
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