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  1. Re: Jose Baxter bidding war Thanks for your help George, that is very useful info!! :-)
  2. Re: Jose Baxter bidding war I don't know that as it is hidden. I guess basically what I am asking is what the max bid would be that I could put in without the chairman/SMFA stopping the deal?
  3. Hi guys, I am in a bidding war for Jose Baxter. I don't want to bid too much as it won't go through. Can anyone suggest what would be a good bid to put in?? Cheers for the help :-)
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am currently manager of Real Madrid and have been offered Toulalan (93 DM/CM) for Diarra (94 DM/CM). I was just wondering what people think of this deal and if they would take it? I know Diarra has not being playing much for Madrid of late. Cheers for your help.
  5. I am currently manager of Real Madrid and have been offered Toulalan (93 DM/CM) for Diarra (94 DM/CM). I was just wondering what people think of this deal and if they would take it? I know Diarra has not being playing much for Madrid of late. Cheers for your help.
  6. In my setup the only way I can get Huntelaar is if I offer a swap with Van Nistelrooy. Is it worth it?? I think Huntelaar will go up to 93 and Rudd needs an ankle op?? Cheers for your help.
  7. How come his rating has stayed at 89??? He is being monitored by all of the top clubs and is on fire in the Italian league for Palermo (15 goals in 34 games). He will be a a big club next season without doubt. Anyone agree??
  8. Is there anything in the pipline where we can view schedules from past seasons?? Currently we can only view results from current season but I think it would be good to be able to view all of your past results. Anyone agree?
  9. Re: Mario Gomes...Why has his rating not changed?? I just wanted it to be visible. Just can't understand why the German player of the year is rated so low. Obviously the people in Germany who watch him week in week out must know what they are talking about. On top of winning player of the year in Germany he is also a regular for Germany and has almost a 1 in 2 goal ratio, yet people like Gilardinho and Fred are rated higher than him!
  10. He is only rated 91 yet he won German player of the year, is a regular starter for Germany and scores on a regular basis. Thought his rating was certain to go up!! Considering Diego (who I think deserves his 94 rating) only came 2nd in player of the year is rated 94 Gomez is extremely underrated.
  11. Re: German Changes Why has MArio Gomez not gone up??? His scoring record is superb and he won German Player of the year so why is he only rated 91????
  12. With Kaka about to clean up and take this award I wondered what you thought about the ratings of the top 10 for the 2007 award?? Kaka - 98 - I think this is about right Van Nistlerooy - 96 - I think up to 97, goalscoring record amazing! Messi - 95 - I think up to a 97 Ronaldo - 96 - Up to a 97 Drogba - 96 - Fine at 96 Fabregas - 94 - up to a 95/96 Ibrahimovic - 95 - Up to 96 Pirlo - 96 - Fine at 96 Robinho 93 - Great Copa America and great form - Up to 95 Totti - 96 - Fine at 96. Problem is there are a lot of over rated players that need to be downrated such as Gerrard, Lampard, Henry, Ronaldinho, Alonso....
  13. Check out the poll http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/2007/10/vote_who_is_the_4.html Surely this should be represented in the ratings. It is plain to see that Ruud Van Nistlerooy is the best striker in the world. He is the best goal poacher and I believe his rating should show this. I think Ruud should be a 97. What you all think??
  14. Re: Wingers in midfield Arsenal 123 - I don't think that is the case. Wingers ideal position is between the midfield and forwards wide. There are players like Schweinstiger who's position is LM/RM so your theory of wingers just being Wide midfielders who can play either side is wrong. They are basically attacking midfielders who play wide either side. Sorry!!
  15. He had a great season last year and ended up becoming an Italian international. Surely he deserves an increase to at least 90?!!
  16. Mario Gomez?? What!! Can't believe his rating hasn't changed despite him winning German player of the year and being a full international...Surely it must of just been overlooked?? With Diego going up to 93 and being 2nd in German player of the year I thought he should at least be on a similar rating! Views??
  17. Is it better to play with wingers or LM/RM's as number 7 & 8 positions? Does anyone have an opinion on this??
  18. I have just had a bid for Fabio Cannavaro (96) from Utd of Vidic (92) and £5million. I have accepted it intially as Cannavaro is nearly 34 but I am having doubts. What would you guys do in my situation? I can see Vidic going up from a 92.
  19. What rating do you think he will change to come ratings change??
  20. After a great season with Madrid what rating you think Sergio Ramos should be?
  21. After his goals for Italian national team and possible move to Man Utd what u reckon his rating should be??
  22. Re: argentinean league thread Hi Teje, I have recently purchased Mauro Zarate and I am sure u get loads of questions about him but could you tell me what the chances are of him getting snapped up by a big European club??
  23. Re: 6 points dropped all season How do you attack? Mixed, down the flanks or through the middle?
  24. Re: Help with my Madrid team I have done that mate, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I always seem to have more possession and shots but often I get beat tho still. Usual team is:- GK - Casillas RCB - Ramos LCB - Chivu CB - Cannavaro RM - Quaresma LM - Ribery CM - De Rossi CM - Diarra AM - Robinho CF - Fernando Torres CF Van Nistlerooy That team looks class on paper!
  25. Hi, I am currently the manager of Real Madrid and my squad is below. I usually play 3-4-1-2 as I got Chivu (LCB), Cannavaro (CB) and Ramos (RCB) but my results are really inconsistent. Just wondering if anyone had any idea's on formations or playing styles etc to help out my team?? CASILLAS, Iker G 26 96 JAMES, David G 36 91 CHIVU, Cristian LB/CB 26 92 MARCELO, LB 19 87 CICINHO, RB/RM 26 90 CANNAVARO, Fabio CB 33 96 SERGIO RAMOS, Garcia CB/RB 21 92 MERTESACKER, Per CB 22 92 TORRES, Miguel D 21 87 DE ROSSI, Daniele CM/DM 23 93 DIARRA, Mahamadou CM/DM 26 93 COCU, Phillip CM/LM 36 91 KOVAC, Niko CM/RM 35 90 GAGO, Fernando CM/DM 21 89 ROBINHO, AM/F 23 92 DIEGO, Ribas AM/CM 22 92 QUARESMA, Ricardo W 23 93 RIBERY, Franck W/AM 24 92 REYES, Jose W/F 23 91 ZARATE, Mauro F 20 88 VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud CF 30 95 FERNANDO TORRES, Jose CF 23 93 PAULETA, CF 34 91
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