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  1. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final Lets end it here lads it was a great tourny no need to spam thread with arguements lets do what Jkerrs said and take it to pm
  2. Re: Old Firm I dont read the daily star And ino Ferguson went to Sean Fallons Funeral but Wanyama would do a job at Man u easy. Look were gunna have to agree to disagree we aint gunna change each others minds on this but I would put a large sum of cash on Celtic winning the championship easley but that day will hopfully never come as I dont wanna join England. peace Oh and Adam Matthews did play for Cardiff he would walk into ur team but dont take my word for it... http://www.ccmb.co.uk/fudforum/index.php?t=msg&goto=3489378&rid=0#msg_3489378 http://bluebirdsbanter.co.uk/2011/12/adam-matthews---the-one-that-g.html
  3. Re: Old Firm Im dysleksike... No need to be a grammer nazi Yes i agree 100% celtic should defeat every team with ease but we aint gunna because of psycological reasons... One week your playing barca 3 days later ur playing st mirren... Even though it shouldnt players dont get up for it and end up being beaten... Yes Bate beat bayern and Lille but Lille aint no Barca are they... That is no shock Bate are good at home and transferd that form away but I agree with Basel however lets be fair did Man u put there strongest side out every game? No, Man u went into those games thinking they would smash Basel they didnt they got knocked out psycological again. Sorry can you read btw? I showed you there that Hooper outscored everybody bar one in the championship when he was in a relegated club so lets put this into perspective he outscored Andy Carrol A 35million pound striker and Carrol was at the team that won the league and Hooper was at the team that finished 2nd bottom. Hmmmm lets add that one up now hooper has proven record in euroupe as well get your Bias tinted glasses off hooper would bang goals in anywere. Stylian Petrov? Barry Ferguson when he went to blackburn first time around Yes Wanyama would get into Man u Ferguson sent his scouts to see him then watched him himself he would fit in as the combative midfielder he scores hes strong great heading great tackling and hes consitant he is a class act to good for the SPL but you wont admit it or you aint seen enough of him its the same with hooper and forster and im surprised Ledley and Mulgrew dont get shouts. And yes Celtic would drain the championship with our current side
  4. Re: Old Firm Ill have some of what youv been smoking mate... An average championship sqaud... ok because your going to see the likes of Hull beating Barcelona and spartak moscow while drawing with Benfica... Bar wilfred Zaha you always see average championship players been talked up such as Hooper, Wanyama Forster kayal Ledley. Fact is alot of Celtics team would do the job in majority of Englands prem clubs but England look down at Celtic because we play in Scotland when some of our players would do awesome at most clubs. As for joining England id rarther join a europiern league than England and put our B side out in Spl...
  5. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen To listen to 3 hours worth of black people been called N..... Im sure theres a few people out there who wouldn't be to keen on listening to that.
  6. Re: Werewolf World - Where The Hunt Begins Sephan complete the double with 2-0 win agaisnt la paz or summert like that. Hahhahahahha wearwolfs your getting none of my players :D :D :D CHAMPIONIES
  7. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Django is amazing cant recomend it again such a good film amazing acting and comedy with some vilonce and sadness! Dont go if u hate racism
  8. Re: Poor mans Pride M/R Transfer News and Banter Thread Tom Rogic +4 yes my first riser I shall win this setup
  9. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final
  10. Re: Poor mans Pride M/R Transfer News and Banter Thread Which is good because now theres no punishment so it all went well in the end
  11. Re: Poor mans Pride M/R Transfer News and Banter Thread Yeah I have two teams mate while i try and get them a manager i posted it further down a few pages back edit- oh i see now
  12. Re: Werewolf World - Where The Hunt Begins All but gaunteed the first division and completing the cup and league double with an away win at pahktor! I have to lose my remainding 3 games and 2nd place has to win them all and overcome a 25+ GD... CHAMPIONIES
  13. Re: Campionato Italiano 12848 | Discussions,Transfers and Match Reports good 5-0 away win agaisnt bottom placed novara and next up top of table Empoli!
  14. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge Just seen my teams league posistion Hmmm might have to wait till next season now
  15. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge New Nuremburg manager here looking forward to this challenge and winning the league
  16. Re: Battle Of The Tribes M/R Transfer News & Banter Thread Indeed you did hugley disapointed with my recent form not on really will have to try and improve it and sharpish!
  17. Re: Double D There is no way around this unless u tell everyone to resign and do it all over again... Look its unfortunate on my laptop it was 19;59 when teams were going but lets be fair to jkerrs I dont think he would do this intentiantly especilley when he has already got his side whats in it for him to start it a min early? Lets just get our heads down and get on with the setup
  18. Re: Poor mans Pride M/R Transfer News and Banter Thread 3-0 Away win agains't Hyina gives me the perfect start!!! Will do a report later but very pleased with the win! My other account lost 1-2 to Joise Nowinhos side but looking to give them away not the worst start
  19. Re: Double D Yesssssss got barcelona!!!!
  20. Re: Double D Stoke City shall do!
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