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  1. Riferimento: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 Damian Lizio will have some improvement?
  2. Glasgow Rangers failed, how it works now? Change the name? Will also disappear from the worlds already exist? Players will be placed all free agents?
  3. In case the domestic cup winners have already qualified to the SMFA Shield SMFA CUP O who's going to take the cup? The 11 ° and 12 ° or the finalists? If the SMFA Shield is won by a team qualified to pass the SMFA CUP 11 ° (and thus the 12 ° and 13 ° above)? and if the 11 ° and 12 ° are equal to the team finalist of the two domestic cups, goes to the SMFA CUP 14 ° and 15 °? thanks
  4. It is not a talent but I was wondering why there were two of Hector Morales, who have all the same except the date of birth! Real Team: ESTUDIANTES On Loan: Ferencvarosi TC Errors or bugs Site? many thanks
  5. Riferimento: Russian Ratings 2011/2012 but increase only players above 80? those from 70 to 77-78 there are none? thank you
  6. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: If a player releases but they may release only 70 players less than that assessed?
  7. Riferimento: If a player releases and if one frees several players and then resigns, the release remains unchanged or clear at the time of the resignation of the coach?
  8. I wanted to ask a question! If I release a player, to be effective must always pass all transfers as 24 hours or becomes effective immediately? Thanks for the reply and for your attention
  9. Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions There is a list of all the assessments that will likely SoccerManager for Brazil? ThankYou I can not find this list ... if it is already existing, or give me that page is the link I posted
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