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  1. Reina to Napoli is an odd one. Absolutely awful his first time through, got dropped twice by Benitez and was fortunate to get his spot back due to Rafael suffering an awful injury, and with Sarri having his first choice at Empoli in Sepe, no real need for Reina at all. Gotta think this is solely a De Laurentiis signing.
  2. Sousa is officially Fiorentina's new coach, replacing the sacked Montella.
  3. Big fan of Sinisa and how Sampdoria played. I'm a fan of Sarri and happy with him. Emery is also an incredible manager. Martinez is going to cost around 35m for Atletico. Can't believe Milan are waiting for a medical before signing him, he's agreed terms and everything. Valdifiori for 5m is a great deal. Not a fan of a 15m move for Saponara but he's quality and young so could come good. Also want Soriano and Hysaj as well as Darmian.
  4. Mandzukic has signed for Juventus for 18m. Miranda has agreed a move for 15m to Inter. Napoli demanding whole 100m buyout clause for Higuain (confirmed by De Laurentiis) and agreed a 4m deal for Valdifiori, just need to agree terms.. A strong day for Serie A.
  5. Napoli confirm Sarri on a one year deal. Fiorentina have signed Sousa from Basel as their replacement to Montella. Milan set to sign Jackson Martinez, agent confirms he's in Milan and an announcement could be done tomorrow or Saturday.
  6. Ancelotti's rejected Milan. His surgery and health is too important to him. Milan are in talks with Raiola, be interesting to see Ibra back. Mihajlovic is going to be their new coach (unfortunate we aren't getting him).
  7. Napoli have rejected €40 million bid for Higuain. €20 million below their current valuation. Napoli are never going to sell for less than they paid. Sarri has left Empoli, has held talks with Roma and Milan. Milan have sacked Inzaghi. Inter have had an €11m million bid rejected for Mexer. Nothing done with Mihajlovic to Milan. Napoli are looking at Emery still, as well as Prandelli and Spalletti. Inter are holding out for €25 million from Liverpool for Kovacic and claim he's in their current project. Icardi extended till 2019.
  8. Season's over and Benitez massively bottled it. Thankfully he's gone. At least Lazio should do well in the CL and Napoli with a season of Europa League under Mihajlovic shouldn't be that bad.
  9. Inter have rejected a joke 10m bid for Kovacic from Liverpool. Worth at least twice that. Roma set to beat Chelsea to Sergio Diaz for 4m. Probably knows he might get a chance then. Udinese have signed 21 year old Iraq International Ali Adnan. United are linked with Higuain as they're in the hunt for a striker. Seems Higuain's had a bust up with Benitez and isn't liked by the Napoli fans anymore. A lot can change against Lazio but I can see him going. Napoli's reported price tag is 60m, although if they don't feel like selling, it's at 100m. Cuadrado is looking likely to make a return to Serie A with Napoli, Roma and Inter linked. Salah is set for a 2nd loan spell at Fiorentina as that was also an option for them to take up instead of directly paying the 20m buyout clause. Save money, get him next summer. Sounds smart. Montella is also set for contract extension talks. Khedira has passed a medical at Juventus. Roma are set to offer 6m for Banega. They're also looking to Bacca. Eder has rejected a move to Crystal Palace, also likely to reject a move to West Ham and Newcastle as he wants to stay in Italy. Sunderland, Southampton and Stoke are linked with a move for Okaka. Mihajlovic links heat up as he claims he's paid all his debts to Sampdoria, possibly ahead of a move to Napoli.
  10. Re: Official Serie A Thread Khedira looks set to sign for Juventus, likely replacement for Pirlo who's being linked with a move to the MLS with NYCFC. Benitez is set to have talks with Madrid on Monday, after the last game against Lazio which is do or die for Napoli's CL hopes. Britos has been given a 3 game ban for his headbutt on Morata. Rolando Maran has extended his contract for 3 more years at Chievo. Rami, who lets be honest is awful, has come out and said he won't stay if Inzaghi is coach still. Even if Inzaghi was sacked I'd look to sell Rami. Galliani has opened talks with Atletico for Mandzukic. Milan are also set to ask for Mario Suarez. Juventus are open to extending Tevez's contract past next summer, but claim it's up to him to open talks. Darmian has claimed Milan links are nice, but Barcelona are a dream, as the Italian is linked to being Alves's replacement. Ancelotti is set to give Milan his answer on Friday if he's set to take over as coach. Inter and Juventus are looking at Udinese midfielder, Allan. With Handanovic linked away and yet to extend, Inter are looking at the possibility of signing Perin. Be harsh on Bardi. Milan are hoping to keep Van Ginkel on loan for another season. He's been meh when he's played, but injuries are probably the reason. A fit season should see if he's actually any good. Udinese have slammed reports Andrea Stramaccioni has been sacked, claiming they'll talk after the last game. They should look to get rid of though. Serie A and Serie B clubs are set to make a move for recently relegated forward, Abel Hernandez.
  11. Re: Official Serie A Thread Ancelotti is set to take a year sabbatical as he needs spinal surgery. Inter set to go head to head with West Ham for Sampdoria striker, Eder. Porto are linked with Genoa goal keeper, Perin. Yaya Toure is interested in staying at Manchester City to see out his contract. Inter must not be offering the big money. Inter have signed 16 year old Slovenian striker Luka Kerin who will be joining their academy side. Inter are in contract talks with Handonovic, who is thought to be a target of Manchester United. Lazio are asking north of 70m for Felipe Anderson if they get CL football. Juventus, looking to replace Llorente, are favorites to sign Falcao, but also linked to with Van Persie. Van Persie is also linked with a move to the Middle East. Napoli are thought to be beating Bayern to Torino's Maksimovic. Juventus would have to pay 15m for Berardi this summer or 20m next summer. So instead are looking to sell their half of Berardi to Sassuolo, much like they did with Zaza, but agree a fee so if they want to sign him over the next 2 years, they have first option at an already agreed fee.
  12. Re: Official Serie A Thread So it seems Benitez is leaving and Higuain's unhappy, yelling at players and gets jeered by fans with poor performances. Although not much he can do with the garbage behind him. Seems he wants a return to Spain and is likely to replace Mandzukic at Atletico. Mihajlovic is thought to be his replacement, and his first wish is Jovetic. Who I'd love to see back in Serie A. Also linked to Vertonghen and Miranda, who are huge step ups to Koulibaly and Albiol. Glik and Bruno Peres have confirmed today they aren't interested in leaving Torino today. Milan are thought to have agreed a pre-contract with Emery, however Galliani confirms he's going to Madrid, though it's thought not to be for Ancelotti. Possibly looking at Manduzkic. Also thought to be interested in Jackson Martinez. Milan and Fiorentina are looking at signing Southampton striker, Pelle.
  13. Re: Official Serie A Thread Britos is stupid... Benitez is a failure, I so hope he leaves. Bigon's set to leave too which is good news.
  14. Re: Official Serie A Thread Higuain's father confirms his son will be staying at Napoli over the summer. Benitez's agent says for the time being, Madrid rumour is just a rumour and he's more focused on the upcoming games. But then his agent said a month ago he was extending within a week and that was a lie so I don't think he even knows what's going on. It's claimed Sky Germany believes Reina is close to signing for Napoli, although unknown if its contingent on Benitez being here. Khedira is set to make a move to Juventus. Vidal linked with Liverpool and Arsenal now, after confirming he'll stay at Juventus for the rest of his career. Pool have no chance, Arsenal slim but Vidal will stay. Marotta confirms Dyabala deal, also claims Cavani's an unrealistic target. Roma are looking at Atalanta goal keeper Sportiello and Marseille for Mandanda. Inter are thought to be close to signing Parma goal keeper Mirante to replace Handanovic.
  15. Re: Official Serie A Thread 1-1 already. Pirlo with a great free kick and Chiellini gets on it to make tie it up.
  16. Re: Official Serie A Thread Rumours of the day: Vidal set to reject a move to the Prem, interest of United, as he looks to stay at Juventus, possibly for the rest of his career. Benitez has rejected a move to West Ham and has received interest from Real Madrid to replace Ancelotti. Good luck to Madrid. Juventus have made contact with Torino for Darmian. They're also reportedly close to signing Cavani. Bournemouth's Eddie Howe has been in Italy today, studying Sarri's methods of training in hopes to better Bournemouth in staying up. No better manager currently better to study than Sarri. Glik's in no hurry to leave Torino and confirms no offers yet. Manchester United are thought to be interested (which I have doubts). Milan are set to sign Mauri from Parma. Ferraro, the crazy guy he is, claims Mihajlovic will stay at Sampdoria because he's in love with Ferraro. Also confirms he's called Balotelli about a move back to Italy.
  17. Re: Official Serie A Thread Sassuolo claim he might be staying there, as Juventus prefer Zaza, especially after signing Dyabala.
  18. Re: Official Serie A Thread I'd think so. Too good not to move on to a regular Serie A side. He confirmed today after the game he was staying in Serie A. He also confirmed Palermo's interest, but as usual claims he's only looking forward to finishing out the season strong.
  19. Re: Official Serie A Thread Higuain's recent unimpressive run has him dropped for Gabbiadini up front. Last gasp chance for any hopes of CL football next season. Koulibaly and Albiol are two of the worst CB's I've seen. Defrel makes it 1-0. Callejon with a shot, deflected through, Mertens gets on the end and makes it 1-1. Gabbiadini makes it 2-1 after Mertens destroys the Cesena defense and low cross that Gabbiadini slots home. Defrel is class, but this defense is pathetic. Absolutely awful. 2-2.
  20. Re: Official Serie A Thread Parma's never say die attitude is fun to watch. Been the better side so far but Rodriguez scores for Fiorentina. 1-0 Gilardino with the header off a corner makes it 2-0 to Fiorentina. First goal definitely killed the momentum. Salah makes it 3-0. Fiorentina's attackers given far too much space. Parma have been awful bar a good 10 minutes in the first half at the start.
  21. Re: Official Serie A Thread Sassuolo beat Milan 3-2, Berardi hat-trick. Berardi put Sassuolo up 2-0 then Bonaventura and Alex brought it back to 2-2. Bonaventura got sent off for a 2nd yellow and Berardi scored to make it 3-2. Suso saw red late in the game as well. Talks of Benitez leaving, also talks of Bigon getting an offer from Hellas Verona and Napoli are willing to let him go. Emery and Monchi are now thought to be Napoli's top replacements to fill in at Manager and Director.
  22. Re: Official Serie A Thread Frosinone joins Carpi in being promoted for the very first time in their club history to Serie A. Over 10000 fans (out of a region of just 46000 people) were their to witness the historic achievement. Frosinone only got their first ever promotion to Serie B 9 years ago, so it's a brilliant achievement. It's thought that Bigon, De Laurentiis and Benitez had lunch together today, and that Benitez will not be staying is the rumour (great news). Sinisa Mihajlovic is largely expected to take over.
  23. Re: Official Serie A Thread Another season in Europe like Serie A sides had, and Premier League doing the same in Europe they just had, Serie A gets their 4th place CL spot back, which would be huge for Italian football. Serie A will continue to sell the big players, but if they can keep scouting and finding players like they have been the last couple years, selling won't kill the teams. Unfortunately we're still in a state where only Juventus can keep their talents.
  24. Re: Official Serie A Thread Well done Juventus, hard fought. Definitely is odd but would say they have the best chance of beating Barcelona, don't think they will, but would say they have a better shot than Madrid at it.
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