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  1. This message is to the SM crew as I could not reply to them. And for all viewers who have an opinion in this topic, please do reply. Please tell me why you people dropped my reputation? I did not make any "false accusations" to the replier. 7836928 - "lick my balls whatever you said" was his reply to me I found this reply offensive, rude and inappropiate since I only stated (in my previous message) "21M." And for some reason, you guys decided that this was "appropiate" and dropped my reputation from 104 to 38. Is this quote not rude to you in anyway? Does the words "lick my balls" not offend you people at all? Maybe you guys use this quote all the time and so will not be offended, but to me, it is a sign of rude and immature behaviour from the replier. And to me, this implies absoulutely no disciplinary from you guys. (I'm sorry if I offended you guys) So, I demand you to give me back all my 104 rep and do something about HIS reputation. Please reply.
  2. Who do you think is better in the SM world..Iniesta of Barcelona or Diego of Werder Bremen? Both of them are aged 23 and have the same rating, 94. I'm stuck on who to buy..can anyone help?
  3. A player named MACCA GOLD LEGEND has just taken my Barcelona team of UEFA legends for no reason at all by banning me from the league. Is it fair if i've been playing that team for 4 months and then just got kicked out? I tried reasoning with him and he answered rudely: MACCA GOLD LEGEND said... Sent: Mon 18th Feb 2008 3:45pm Subject: Barcelona Warning in UEFA legends!Re: Re: Re: Re: my league my rules so....**** OFF! Could you please look into this case.
  4. Re: Luis Nani of Manchester United But his playing so well in the Premiership. I still can't believe that 89 is the rate that the SM staff has given him.
  5. Don't you think Nani is rated a bit too low?HE'S ONLY 89!! I mean, his in the Portuagal national team, and he should deserve at least a 90 or 91 because 80~89 are considered as only Premiership players, whereas 90+ are valued as international players and thats where Nani should fall into.
  6. Re: Winning the Cups and Shields Really? No offense, but it's REALLY little. I mean in reality.
  7. I think the runner up prize money is just too low for the cups and shields. I mean, 2,500,000M FOR A RUNNER UP?!! You can probably get that much in one home match. So my suggestion is to increase the runner up and prize money because they are just too low. Like 10,000,000 for runner up and 30,000,000 for the winner. I don't think thats how much a club gets if they won the tournment. Manger of Barcelona.
  8. Re: Best club in Europe? WHY ARE YOU GUYS VOTING FOR AC MILAN?!! MAnchester United is a lot better. LOOK AT THEM!! They wont the premiership.
  9. I think SM should have the following things: -Assistant managers >These assitants can help us improve our squad dramatically by giving us advice on which areas to improve. -Player opinions >This will allow us to find out why their morale is low or high and how to improve it. -Number of Fans >This will show us how many fans we have. Each win will up a fan/s and each lost will lose fan/s. >The number of fans could also affect your income. >This way it would motivate people to do their best in managing their teams. -Stadium >Make amends to make our current stadium better than before such as adding more seats and VIP or more restaurants I hope this helps SM a lot.
  10. To all members in World Champion ###, staff of Soccer Manager and everybody else. I think I have found a hacker in World Champion ### setup. The club is called D.C United and it's manager is ###. Currently, he only has 49 manager stat points and the club's stadium population is only 56,000. This club is in Division 4. BUT he bought all his players for above 30M and ALL of them are 90+ average rate. He has approx. 37 players in his squad. How is this possible for a club in Division 4? Could the staff of Soccer Manager please check this players team whether he/she is cheating or not. Thanks
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