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  1. Re: Bayern sign marcell jansen Yes, i have also read that bayern have signed ribery and i have also read that they have signed klose today for 9mill but no official comments
  2. Re: Bayern sign marcell jansen they are also interessted in Robbin van Persie,Luca Toni, Miroslav Klose, Franck Ribéry, Zé Roberto, Wesley Sneijder and Deco they want to buy players with 100m €
  3. How do you think is the best player this year in germany small informations Timo Hildebrand (VfB Stuttgart) Has played the most minutes in the his team and keept his goal clean in 14 games Theofanis Gekas (VfL Bochum) scoard the most goals in this season (20, second place Frei and Makaay with 16) Diego (SV Werder Bremen) he gets the best marks from the magazines this year and he has also made 13 goals and 15 assists Rafael van der Vaart (Hamburger SV) had a hard season with hamburg but without him hamburg would be play in the second division next year Torsten Frings (SV Werder Bremen
  4. Re: German Changes Kevin Kuranyi had a hard season in Schalke because he was the only forward who scored often and so he had no other forward partner who could help him. thats why i think he played a good season and he has scored the most goals with his head. Increase or not must be a decision from the sm team i can only say my opionion. P.S. i´m sry for my bad english in all of my posts i hope u can all understand what i want to say
  5. Re: German Goalkeeper i think Hildebrand is the best german goalkeeper Lehmann and Kahn are to old the nationalsquad should give the young players a chance an i see weidenfeller and wiese not in the form to be number one in germany maybe if the new goalkeepers from Leverkusen (Rene Adler) and Schalke (Manuel Neuer) keep their performance so good how in their first games they could become two of the best goalkeepers in the world
  6. Re: German Changes thx i´m so extrem happy that they have won the championship so i must make extreme changes ^^
  7. Re: German Changes Mario Gomez (VfB Stuttgart) he is a young talented player and he has scored the most goals for the vfb and he would have scored the most goals in the whole bundesliga without his injury so i think he should have an increase to 91 also Jeronimo Cacau (VfB Stuttgart) should have an increase to min. 90 he and Gomez build the beste forwardteam in the Bundesliga with 27 Goals so they have made approximately 50% of the goals from Stuttgart I´m not a big fan of VfL Bochum but Theofanis Gekas has made the most goals in german league so he should increase to 90 Giovanni Federi
  8. Re: Mario Gomez If you have seen the last games after his injury you could see that he is an important player for stuttgart and has made an important goal against Bochum and if i see Huntelaar and di natale rated with 91 so i think gomez is same strong as they are maybe better if there were no injury he had score more goals than anyone else in the Bundesliga
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