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    Football, music, girls
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    Ajax, Barça
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    EC 7046, EC 7777, EC 7345, Anno Domini and loads more
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    Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez
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    More than you think
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  1. Re: European Championship 2250 I'm back, took Porto
  2. Jor

    Rap Music

    Re: Rap Music y0nb4QgP0tM & Anyone want Take Care album download?
  3. Re: European Championship 2250 Yeah' date=' you've got a point, let's stop with that then, we don't want Napoli to quit right? Thanks mate, just your bad luck, Charity Shield missed in my trophy cabinet.
  4. Jor

    No changes

    Re: No changes Well Froz3n, my friend. When is this going to open? And ehh, you better give me a good team, ghehe
  5. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread A 2-4 loss to AFC Bournemouth. Benayoun and Aduriz scored our 2 goals.
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Well, I won my first match as Walsall manager with 0-3, goals from Arouca and Santa Cruz (2x)
  7. Re: The Rubber Duck Championship Can I get a invite? You all can bid for players but I'm still not in this?
  8. Re: My New Custom Gameworld Well, when is this going to open?
  9. Re: B Sides!.. The Exclusive Reserve Team Setup.. No Buying Over 80 Rating Cap!.. Me, lucky? Nahh, I'm just a winner
  10. Re: B Sides!.. The Exclusive Reserve Team Setup.. No Buying Over 80 Rating Cap!.. Yeahbuddy.
  11. Re: European Championship 2250 Just bought Mata
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