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  1. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 OFFICIAL: Valencia sign Josue Josue joins Valencia from Manchester United for 8 milions OFFICIAL: Jordan Ayew returns in Valencia from Real Madrid 22 years old Ghaneian will join his older brother Andre in Spanish side. He is signed from Real Madrid in exchange for RB Giulio Donati and 3.5 milions. Andre and Jordan, from now on in Valencia CF shirt
  2. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Schalke 04 - VALENCIA CF 0 - 2 Possession 46 - 54 Total shots 13 - 14 Shots on target 8 - 10
  3. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 VALENCIA - Napoli 2 - 2 I'm not happy with this result, but we set new club record, Valencia is now undefeated for 8 straight matches.
  4. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 VALENCIA - Ajax 0-0 That is my 4th 0-0 result in a row.
  5. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 We (Spain) won group H after 3-1 victory against True Blue's talented Belgium side. Next opponent - Uruguay. In friendly match Valencia beat Napoli 1-0, Ayew scored in 87th minute.
  6. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Preppens, I think you should consider 10 or 14 days. Everyone who can't log once in that period is inactive manager, manager who is clearly uninterested in that GW. Meanwhile, there are so many managers who would love to be a part of this kind of gameworld.
  7. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 New Chelsea manager must be someone who'll be very active, not someone who will just check results twice in a week.
  8. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 First match after extreme makeover is played... SCHALKE 04 - VALENCIA CF 1 - 1 Y. Cabaye, 72'; G. Sertić, 65'
  9. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Papiss Cisse is transfer listed. He can go for 13,5 milions.
  10. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 I'm ready to exchange Steve Mandanda for under 25, 88 or if you want 89 rated GK. Same thing with Papiss Cisse, I want U-25, 88 rtd striker. I must say that I finally signed Marques Maicon after very long and hard negotiations!
  11. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Qualification Thread I'm so happy that my Croatia will open World Cup against Brazil!!!
  12. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 You can get Maicon very cheap, 7,5m or on a P/E for a 87+ player. I just want to get rid of older players.
  13. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Season is over and more Valencia players are ready for transfers. Papiss Cisse and K.P. Boateng can leave the club but only for good P/E offer.
  14. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Congratulations to Dortmund and Roma!
  15. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Valencia and Lyon reached an agreement about Andre Ayew!!! Andre will join Valencia and in other way goes Sigurdsson and Ashley Young.
  16. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Rebuilding the team goes on... Jose Rodriguez is for sale, he can go for 5.5 milions. Jose is already offered to Schalke 04 but offer is not accepted yet so first one who offer this amount will get this talented youngster. I must remind you that Dempsey and Defoe are also available for transfer.
  17. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 If you want Defoe you can get him for just 10 milions.
  18. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Dempsey, Essien and Cambiasso are transfer listed. Dempsey can go for 8M, Essien 8M, Cambiasso 9M. If someone is interested send an offer and I'll accept it. Also I must add that Gregory Sertić is new player of Valencia, one of the best players in Bordeaux and in Ligue 1, so I expect that he'll get +2/+3 in the next rating change.
  19. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Marko Pjaca, Karlo Lulić, Ivan Močinić, Marko Bencun and Petar Mišić are new signings of Valencia!!! Valencia manager said: ''I'm happy because of this transfers, everybody knows that Croatian players are very talented and this boys are really ''creme de la creme''. I am especially excited about Petar Mišić. He started as a left back, then he's moved to lmf position and now he is right wing, so I can say he is Croatian Gareth Bale. That boy heve perfect left foot and if he continues to improve himself, he will be world class without a doubt...extraordinary player.''
  20. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 A draw for a start... Valencia - Sporting 2 - 2 But we were better team and there are some reasons for optimism.
  21. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Vedran Ćorluka is new member of Valencia! I'm also waiting for answer about Junior Paulinho...
  22. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Can I join now? P.S. Applied for Valencia. I was their manager for 40 matches, and it would be great to come back.
  23. Re: C'mon, match engine has a problem I'm managing 3 clubs in connect GW's and I'm on 1st place in every GW. So, guys try to change your formations, your game styles, you need to have possession and you''ll have possession if you use short pass, slow pace etc. etc, your midfield must do the job. Find perfect formula. P.S. 4231 is rubbish formation.
  24. Re: Svjetsko prventstvo Can I get Portugal? What budgets do we have? EDIT: I can't find you for some reason, so could you add me? Matej Matijevic mmatijevic1
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