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  1. Shall I accept Bayern's offer? Help me
  2. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread You guys are terrible at high balls. 4-1 so far (both games), 3 goals from our CB's (Luisão and Garay)
  3. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread I really thought Benfica would meet a much stronger opposition at WHL, despite Spurs' bad result v Chelsea. Naughton is just terrible playing LB, and Vertonghen is so overrated... Anyway, Benfica only suffered 2 goals in the last 17 games (Eriksen's freekick included), so I don't really believe Tottenham will manage to score 3 goals in Lisbon. About the conflict between Jorge Jesus and Tim Sherwood, Jesus wasn't very classy with that gesture and everyone knows it, but Sherwood doesn't have any morale to talk about class... (''ultimatum'' to his players before the game). Hoping for a great game in Portugal
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Guys, I have two questions about bidding... For example, if I can pay a value between 5M and 9M for a player, how much should I give to get the bid accepted? I always give 1.1M + the minimum value... (in this case, I would pay 6.1M) If I get in a bidding war for a player, does it matter who gives more money in the end, or do you just need to offer the minimum value and then the player decides which team to choose?
  5. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread New Sunderland coach!
  6. I desesperately need to buy a good young left back (at least 87+) that has a lot of probability of rising his rating in the future. Could you please give me some names?
  7. In a WC (1st season), I offered 8M + Petr Cech + Demba Ba for Falcao. Is it a good deal? I believe Petr Cech will only drop from now on, and Demba Ba barely plays at Chelsea now... I also have Courtois (Atl. Madrid returned him to me), so losing Cech isn't a major problem. Falcao will stay injured for at least 5 months irl, but he is, in my opinion, one of the best strikers in the world, and if he manages to go the World Cup I believe he won't drop. I don't know if I'm thinking correctly about this, so please help me!
  8. Illuminati

    I'm back!

    Probably some of the oldschool players still remember me (2011 mostly). Just to tell you all I'm back to Soccer Manager (game and forum) Cheers
  9. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Hey guys, I need help with 2 players. Andreu Fontàs - I know he is been playing almost every games in La Liga for Celta, but is he doing good enough to get a rise? Mateo Musacchio - Dropped from 89 to 88 just because he was playing in 2nd division, and still managed to keep a decent rating for a full season in Adelante... Is he now playing good enough to rise?
  10. Re: Official Manchester City Thread What a game ! CONGRATULATIONS, CITY !
  11. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  12. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Awesome, thanks !
  13. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Is there any chance I can get a signature with Benfica players celebrating a goal or 2010 Portuguese Championship ? With some cool effects like the ones in my avatar I already asked in other topics but no one is answering... I would really appreciate, and thanks
  14. Hi everyone What do you think about my Benfica ? I just recently took it (in a new gameworld, WC 17445, the season didn't even started yet) and I think I did some good buys. Keeping Matic, Rodrigo Moreno and Nolito because they will all rise (not sure about Nolito) when the Portuguese League reviews come. Link to the print with my squad: http://gyazo.com/098d66e221e9b5daa2523d6710221b94 EDIT: Just swapped Daniel Wass for Serge Aurier, what a deal
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