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  1. I can snap up one of this players from an unmanaged team, which is the best SM wise?
  2. Riferimento: Ibrahimovic or Aguero? Thank you all for your feedbacks, in the end I opted for Aguero because I will manage this team for a long time.
  3. I have Ibra and can exchange him for El Kun, should I go for it?
  4. Riferimento: reus = badstuber + giovinco? Definitely keep Reus, silly offer.
  5. Riferimento: Two tricky deals Keep the two.
  6. Riferimento: Aguero -- Gotze --- Fabregas I would keep Aguero.
  7. Riferimento: CARVAJAL, Daniel vs AZPILICUETA, César Carvajal for me.
  8. Riferimento: Toni Kroos for Thiago Alcantara Thank you guys!
  9. I've made an offer for Thiago and received a counter offer for a swap with my Kroos, what would you do knowing that Kroos is not a starter in my first 11?
  10. Both 91 rated but who to buy?
  11. Riferimento: cavani = javier hernandez(chicharito) Fair deal, i prefer Hernandez over Cavani so i'll do it.
  12. Riferimento: suares or benzema Benzema, higher rated.
  13. I use 3-5-2 and always lost against 4-3-3 wingers, what can i use?
  14. Riferimento: Pato for Busquets? This is my first team: NEUER, Manuel Gk 25 92 £18.2M - Int COENTRAO, Fábio LB/LM 23 91 £14.9M - - RAMOS, Sergio RB/CB 25 94 £29.6M 5 Aug Int VAN DER WIEL, Gregory RB 23 90 £11.6M - Inj HUMMELS, Mats CB/DM 22 91 £18.0M - Int SUBOTIC, Neven CB 22 91 £18.0M - Int SAKHO, Mamadou CB 21 90 £12.3M - TBd M'VILA, Yann DM/CM 21 90 £12.3M - Int VIDAL, Arturo CM/Def 24 91 £14.4M 9 Sep Int SILVA, David AM/Wing 25 93 £26.4M - Int MULLER, Thomas AM/Wing 21 92 £26.4M 24 Jul Int HAMSIK, Marek AM/CM 23 91 £14.9M 2 Aug Unh HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 20 91 £24.3M - Int ALVAREZ, Ricardo Wing/AM 23 85 £3.3M 14 Sep TBd BENZEMA, Karim Fwd/Wing 23 93 £27.4M - Int PATO, Alexandre Fwd 21 92 £25.9M - Int SANCHEZ, Alexis Fwd/Wing 22 91 £15.9M - I have Lukaku in the youth team and the possibility to get soon Suarez or Higuain
  15. What do you think? I have Pato.
  16. Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Can Neuer get a +1?
  17. Riferimento: 3-5-2 tactic What are the best team instructions for 3-5-2?
  18. Riferimento: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams What are the best team instructions for playing a 3-5-2 against similar rated teams?
  19. Riferimento: Re: Marek Hamsik for Alexis Sanchez?
  20. Riferimento: Marek Hamsik for Alexis Sanchez? Do that, Sanchez is a way better player.
  21. Riferimento: Suarez, Cavani or Hulk? I'd go for Suarez with Cavani close second.
  22. I have the two, is it a good deal?
  23. Riferimento: Re: Higuain and Sneijder for Messi? The deal in the opening post, Higuain and Sneijder for Messi
  24. Riferimento: Khedira for Hamsik No, Khedira is a better player and plays for a better team.
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