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  1. I agree. This league is very competitive and almost, I wouldn't say quite, on a par with the Highland League. The league will keep improving with, I believe, more teams being added as they get their licence from the SFA.

    Saying that, they haven't ‚Äčeven added Jamie Hanson of Derby County even though he has played first team football and also with England u-19's

  2. Can you please do something about how red cards affect a game. The match engine is under the impression that a red card improves a team. Almost every team that receives a red card will score the next goal and the biggest majority win the game. I played a game where my opponent received 3 red cards making it my 11 players against his 8 and I lost 3-0, a goal after every red card. It is bordering on the ridiculous. Can this be fixed because it is ruining the enjoyment of the game.

  3. I am still raging that games were played in the gold championships that I am in without me being able to access any of them to change my team and tactics. What makes it worse is that my complaint wasn't even acknowledged. As someone already said, I have never known paying customers to be treated in such a dreadful manner and it will eventually be the downfall of the game as more and more refuse to renew gold membership. I credited Steven with doing what he could but after my complaint being totally ignored, I take it back. I suppose I will just have to accept that I have been treated disgracefully. Very disappointing and a course in customer relations is badly needed by the people that work for SM.

    And I have also just noticed that the first pre season friendlies in GC279 have failed to play tonight.

  4. 1. I am extremely ****** off at what has happened mainly because I have lost some vital games that I didn't get the chance to select a team or tactics. A couple of these will certainly cost me a European place which has a knock on effect in cash earnings etc.

    2. I am a fair person and to be fair this seems to have been a serious fault in the server which has taken a while to fix and caused a lot of work for the guys that run the game however I don't understand why some players in my game worlds seem to have been able to get onto some worlds yet I couldn't get onto any.

    I appreciate that Steven will keep us up to date and that he is actually trying his best to keep us informed and keep everyone happy but I am now at the stage where I guess I am going to have to accept that these games that I lost are not going to be cancelled as that sounds far too much to ask.

    At a time where I am cutting down on teams gradually until I feel I have the right amount that I can do justice to and keep the family happy, this is probably the worst thing that could have happened as I feel that I am going to cut down to 0 teams by time my gold runs out. I have played for 9 years but since the extremely boring single game was introduced, the attention to the multi player game has been poor. I have 157 days of gold left and what happens between now and then will be crucial to my decision.

    Thanks Steven for doing the best that you can and hopefully my faith in the multi player game will be restored.

  5. So far I have looked at two and have lost 4-1 and 4-0 but would not have selected the players nor the tactics for they games. At the moment they results seem to be standing. I was cutting some teams but after this farce and if these results (important ones) stand then I will be quitting completely.

  6. Re: New Improvements

    Awful just awful. Why is the club list on the main page? I hardly think that is an important feature. Would be as well getting rid of the comments completely as it is being reduced with each re design. Do SM not want us to have banter and chat?

    I have 535 days of gold membership left. That is still quite a lot but it is also the last for me. The saying of 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' does not exist in SM world.

    Awful just awful :mad::(:mad::(

  7. Re: Ec - 5910



    Stevenage secured a third win in their four games with the 7-2 rout of Cheltenham. Tounkara helped himself to a hat trick while Haber managed a double. Dunne and Morais also troubled the scorer with a goal apiece.

    Unforunately for Morais, who scored the 7th goal, he suffered a fractured cheekbone and looks likely to miss at least 4 games.

    Stevenage just bubbling along quietly in 6th place with 9 points

  8. Re: Recent Rating changes

    what is going on at SM? The game seems to be in complete disarray. Players like Cech and Higuain get rating rises and then they are taken away again. In one of my games last night the second half didn't happen. The first half was ok, although I went 2-0 down, but then it didn't mention that it was half time and there were no comments for the second half. Absolutely nothing. The stats no longer look realistic. The game is going down the tubes. Sort it out SM!!

  9. I am sure this has probably been discussed at some point before but I think manager sackings should be part of the game.

    It is inconceivable that if Barcelona were relegated that the chairman would not sack the manager. Therefor I think if a manager fails badly he could be sacked by the chairman and offered another job.

    A message something like this could appear:

    The chairman has decided that your performance was unacceptable and has decided to relieve you of your duties. The following clubs are keen to offer you a job: Real Betis, Atalanta, Fulham, Eintracht Frankfurt.

    Good or daft?

  10. Re: Game World News Feed - updated

    Am I just imagining it or has the amount of characters allowed in a comment been reduced from 500 to 300. It used to be 2000 on the old news feed. Now its 300. How long until it becomes pointless trying to post anything? What is going on? Do SM not want us to have a say on anything? This is getting beyond a joke now. We are getting less and less value for our money. Any chance of an explanation for the reduced amount of characters?

  11. I would like to know why it is impossible to loan out or bring in on loan, a player that has a rating over 87. In one of our custom worlds a manager wants to loan out Aaron Ramsey as he has a few players rated 89 or 90 in Ramsey's position. Now, because Ramsey is rated 88 his chairman won't allow it. Why is this rule in place when it is clear that the club would not need Ramsey in the immediate future? I think this rule needs updating or changed completely.

  12. Re: Game World News Feed - updated

    A lot of mixed viewpoints. After using the new feed the only real complaint I have is the 500 character limit. When doing previews for games or after match interviews there just isnt enough room.

    I was a fierce opponent of the new feed but with a couple of adjustments then I would be ok with it.

    Also, far from improving debate between managers, it has in the custom worlds I am taking part in, reduced the banter which I am confident could be resolved by increasing character space.

    If this would take up too much space then surely you could show the first line or two and then simply have a ....read more (like on facebook) which would expand the item.

    If character space is increased to at least 1000 then I would be converted.

    Removing the unneccessary transfer news between 2 A.I. clubs would free up plenty of space as I am sure no one is interested that Joe Bloggs moved from US Luxemburg to Valletta for 10k

  13. Re: How Do I......

    Hi Vicky, First thanks for taking the time to answer my post. I can only assume that he has possibly broken Terms of Use- Rules/code of conduct- ruin experience of other users.

    While I certainly don't condone his way of trying to let people know that the girl is continually cheating, I think removal from the game is harsh. I can't see any way of sending you a PM so could I ask you wether he is removed or just suspended. He plays under the name Brian Clough and he is a fierce opponent of people who cheat in SM. He takes it personally as I know he thinks SM is the best thing ever invented therefor he sometimes lets his heart rule his head.

    If you could even influence the decision makers to take into account how he feels about the game and the fact that he thinks he is helping SM by declaring a cheat and ask them to reconsider then it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Re: How Do I......

    Hi, a guy, a very respectable one, has been kicked off SM for outing a cheat. She is well known as a cheat and despite being caught before, she has continued to do so. Now I do understand that he went the wrong way about it, but as he is a big contributor to SM and the owner of some custom game worlds, I don't see the banning of him as being in the best interests of the game. I also believe the cheat has gone unpunished. How can this be justified? We have several managers with many thousand token that are disgusted by this action. Can you please review this situation. Thank you.

    P.s. I have omitted names at the moment for obvious reasons.

  15. Re: Matchday Experience

    You dont need to use the new 'Matchday experience' if you dont want to.

    You can click view match and then go straight to the 'Match report'.

    But that gives you the score instantly. I like to watch the match 'live'. It has taken away some excitement for me. Would be good if there was a choice of the old way and this new way a la 'team instuctions'. Will give it some time to get used to but I am wavering towards not renewing at the moment. Actually gutted coz I did love the game.

  16. Re: Matchday Experience

    Hmmm I am obviously in the minority here but I dont like the new matchday experience at all. It has spoiled the game for me. I found it more exciting with the last one rather than waiting on comments that lead to either a goal or not. With the last one a goal was unexpected. This takes away the surprise and its harder to follow how other games are going.

    I have 54 days left of gold membership and was about to extend by another 2 years such is my love for the game but this has made me think again :(

    I suppose I have 54 days to decide.

  17. I have this player in English Championship 66 for Derby County. His rating is 89 and his age is 29. However in my other game, world championship 589, in which I am Rangers, Ledesma plays for Lazio in which he is rated 90 and his age is 25. Which one is it, coz he cant be both????

  18. I sold a player for 2m which should have given me enough cash to bid for a player I wanted. He was an older player valued at 1.1m and I was quoted at having to bid around 1.6m. I eventually bid 1.9m only to find out that he was revalued at 2.2m in a change to older players values. If I had known this then I would not have sold my player and now I am a vital player short in my midfield.A bit unfair I would say?

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