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  1. Re: nani for 36 million? keep or sell? Well I actually have too many players atm so i wouldnt need to reinvest the money. It's more about cutting my losses, selling him before the next rating change cos there is a good chance he would go down? If he is a solid 93 then I would definitely keep him.
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) No rise for hummels, subotic and sahin
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) No chance of Neuer getting 93?
  4. Re: No player bids I lowered the transfer price closer to the player value and got bids.
  5. Re: No player bids erm... yea i put westermann up for sale and i got a bid form hamburger. And it has only been from one club. I thought that usually more than 1 club would make a bid
  6. Re: No player bids I put a transfer price on but no minimum. ill try putting him on again
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Will Coentrao rise?
  8. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||- EBECILIO, Lorenzo bought him before the rise. time to sell?
  9. Re: Risers from the Greece Superleague Giannis Fetfatzidis? Will he rise? Worth signing?
  10. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Dejan Lovren Worth keeping? Anyone?
  11. Re: Best young RB Hes unmanaged. I wanted to know out of the 3, which 2 were the best prospects. LOL Thx anyway.
  12. Re: Uros Cosic - 'Bigger than Vidic' Does anyone know if he is a regular starter? Next rating change?
  13. Re: Leandro Damiao Potential max rating?
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