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  1. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Talks in Bulgaria are that Kraev is now bound to join Man City after successful trials (also had trials with Juventus). Hopefully the deal will be done swiftly
  2. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Interesting. Kraev gets added to the DB at a 76 rating, but there's still no Miki Orachev? Really? Anyways, Kraev is starting to make more and more sub appearances in the first team league matches (and he was excellent in the previous cup match, when Levski won by 7:1 and I think Kraev scored two-three goals in the process), so if you haven't signed him yet - make sure to do so He'll likely be leaving to one of the big nations soon, as Vutov did before before him. EDIT: Also Lyubenov...I think he made two appearances already and if Plamen Iliev continues with his rather
  3. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov A stunning scissor kick goal by the young lad, not every player could've dealt with that ball and most would've sent it in the stands! Another very lively performance by the kid, it really shouldn't be long until he moves abroad.
  4. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Dryanov is a decent talent, but I figure his progress might be hindered a bit now, since Botev have also signed veteran in the "A" group Momchil Tsvetanov. Along with Tomas Jirsak's decision to stay, his chances might be far and between, but he can be a decent longterm investement still. If you're looking for a quick fix, Vasev, Chunchunkov and Alex Kolev might be worthwhile signings (all from Botev). Vasev and Chunchunkov are starters almost every game, while Kolev is rotation player, but considering Tsvetkov's age, it won't take long before Kolev becomes a permanent st
  5. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" That would be his brother, who's currently playing for Chernomorets. Mihail Orachev: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mihael-orachev/profil/spieler/221578 Miki Orachev: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/miki-orachev/profil/spieler/221579 Both are sons of Malin Orachev, who enjoyed a successful career, mainly playing for Neftohimik back in the days.
  6. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Which one of the researches I have to kill for not adding Miki Orachev yet? Last year he played 6 matches, racking up 436 minutes, this season he had 73 minutes out of one game. Oh, and about Steven Petkov - apparantly after he fled to Ludogorets, he also got himself in match fixing. People offered him big money for Bulgaria to lose heavily on the youth World Cup and after he made the offer to his teammates, they instantly told their coach about it. Steven was kicked out of the World Cup, but the psychological burden of the fixing offer had a toll on the young lads and t
  7. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Lyubenov appeared again in Levski's heavy 3:0 defeat by Litex, which was inspired by a Man of the Match performance by Asprilla. Highlights: http://vbox7.com/play:6aaf0dbbc7
  8. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov I am quite aware of that I was pretty happy about the result as a Levski fan!
  9. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Aleksandar Lyubenov and Miki Orachev played in Levski's dramatic 2:1 win over Botev Highlights: http://gong.bg/bg-football/a-grupa/multimedia/video/naj-dobrite-momenti-ot-levski-botev-293039
  10. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov Guess who scored tonight
  11. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov Added on the db at 76 rating and playing today against Levski when Botev makes a visit to Sofia. If you can tune in on a stream, I'd advise watching that game P.S.: should I mention that you should sign the lad?
  12. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov How many games the lad must start in order for him to be added? Today Botev visits Beroe and it's likely that Chunchunkov will start his 4th game this season (at least).
  13. The young talent that started out at Levski Sofia, but then signed his first professional contract with one of their rivals - Botev Plovdiv, is now making his breakthrough in Botev's first team. In Botev's match against Austrian's Sankt Polten, the youngster scored a late goal to clinch a 2:1 victory at home (and he could as well do it again tonight!) Financial Troubles Botev were living the life of the rich and famous up until late, before their chairman had some troubles and fled the country. Botev released Luis Pedro (who signed for Levski), Benga, Dore, Courtean, Vander and top str
  14. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Thanks Today Levski played a friendly against Lokomotiv Sofia - 1:1 was the end result. Kraev, only two minutes after coming in as a sub, scored for Levski. Starting 11: Plamen Iliev; R. Dimitrov (RB), B. Stoychev, P. Dimov, G. Tashev (LB); St. Velev (RM) ('80 V. Gadzhev), R. Prochazka, L. Baltanov, A. Ognyanov (LM) ('60 B. Kraev); Bojnov ('89 I. Dimitrov), Domovchiyski.
  15. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Of course I was joking With the amount of lurkers in the forums, I figured it was the best way to get some posts in here. In other news, Steven Petkov has just signed for Ludogorets. I'm very unhappy about this, obviously he preferred to get some extra money plus no playing time in comparison to some playing time and less money. Everyone with their priorities, I guess.
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