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  1. Re: Bulgarian Update Time for a winterish update in Bulgaria Radoslav Vasilev The Reading academy youth product was on a downside in Slavia for awhile, as he was either: A) Not relied on or Never got it going. Now since the new coach was appointed, he's C) Good striker that can score Can't really find a site with statistics, but I think he was about 5-6 goals since the latest Slavia coach came in charge. Currently rated 77, I figure he can go to about 80, perhaps. Now to overachievers Loko Sofia - Vladislav Romanov is one of the best playmakers in Bulgaria currently. Already had a +5 raise last time around (currently 80), I figure he can go up by 2-3 more. Daniel Genov on the other hand has been the key assist man for the team and being only rated at 77, he's definitely worth a swoop up to 81. Miki Orachev from Levski has finally been added to the DB at 75 rating. Could be a worth a shout for the future, as I've personally seen how much work rate this kid has (plays as a center midfielder for our B side). Radoslav Tsonev is only rated 75. So far he's been a rotation player and specially in November/December he featured more and more, as both Gadzhev and Sarmov were out with injuries. Increase to 80-81 and a hold-on to player for the future (so is his twin brother Borislav, who's just getting back from long-term injury). Bojidar Kraev - rated 76, was on trials with Juventus, now on trials with Man City...should I say more? Antonio AÑETE is rated only 78, but definitely deserves 82-83. As the lone man up front he's done quite a lot of damage and always plays his heart out for the team. Sell: Plamen Iliev. This kid had so much talent, but he might never amount to much. His latest performances are below par to say the least and I fully expect the new Serbian goalkeeper to be the N1 guy, while Plamen falls back into the shadows. Decrease to 78, really, really awful form... Toni Silva in CSKA is only rated 75, but is touted as a good player for The Reds. Don't really know how much appearances he had, though, as he was also struck by injury at some point and their coach often makes rotations. I would give him an increase by 4, if not even more, as he's currently one of CSKA's top transfer out targets and tipped by the media to be signed by a club abroad. Juan Filipe is a player who was said to be picked up from the beaches of Brazil, but he played very well and scored one-two fantastic goals. Definitely worth following and maybe signing (78 rated). VINÍCIUS, Barriviera from Litex - only rated 78, but regular for the orange team, since coming back for a 2nd spell. Perhaps 82-83? Nikola Kolev and Kristiyan Malinov are one of those "keep your eyes on them surely" prospects. Though it can be said about the whole Litex academy in general... Danilo Moreno a.k.a. Asprilla around here, is only rated 80, but he's cracked the backs of many side-defenders of opposition clubs with his technique, dribbling and forward runs. Amazing player for the Bulgarian standards and should go up to 83-84, as their forward Jordan also is. Last, but not least - the Champions League participant... Georgi Terziev has been rock solid at the back and I expect him to go up by 2. Rumored interest by Lazio and Dinamo Kiev. Fabio Espinho, Mihail Aleksandrov and Dani Abalo should also get increases by 1-2. The rest seem fine as it is, I figure they were updated accordingly. If anyone has any questions about particular players...feel free to ask!
  2. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Talks in Bulgaria are that Kraev is now bound to join Man City after successful trials (also had trials with Juventus). Hopefully the deal will be done swiftly
  3. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Interesting. Kraev gets added to the DB at a 76 rating, but there's still no Miki Orachev? Really? Anyways, Kraev is starting to make more and more sub appearances in the first team league matches (and he was excellent in the previous cup match, when Levski won by 7:1 and I think Kraev scored two-three goals in the process), so if you haven't signed him yet - make sure to do so He'll likely be leaving to one of the big nations soon, as Vutov did before before him. EDIT: Also Lyubenov...I think he made two appearances already and if Plamen Iliev continues with his rather erratic performances, I think we might see more and more of Lyubenov in the future.
  4. Re: Bulgarian Update Well, I'm starting to think this change may never happen...
  5. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov A stunning scissor kick goal by the young lad, not every player could've dealt with that ball and most would've sent it in the stands! Another very lively performance by the kid, it really shouldn't be long until he moves abroad.
  6. Re: Bulgarian Update If I remember leagues (or at least the Bulgarian one) was reviewed once every six months or so? If that's still the case, 6 months isn't too much. About two years or so is too much, though - while other players in Bulgaria had their ratings updated, Hristov kept being overlooked.
  7. Re: Bulgarian Update I seriously wonder how many more calls ups for Bulgaria does Yordan Hristov have to get, to be moved to a respectful 84 rating (or at least 83). It's been ages since I've been calling out for this change, yet he still stays at 77, which is laughable for a NT player and one of the best right backs in Bulgaria.
  8. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Dryanov is a decent talent, but I figure his progress might be hindered a bit now, since Botev have also signed veteran in the "A" group Momchil Tsvetanov. Along with Tomas Jirsak's decision to stay, his chances might be far and between, but he can be a decent longterm investement still. If you're looking for a quick fix, Vasev, Chunchunkov and Alex Kolev might be worthwhile signings (all from Botev). Vasev and Chunchunkov are starters almost every game, while Kolev is rotation player, but considering Tsvetkov's age, it won't take long before Kolev becomes a permanent starter next to Chunchunkov. As for Despodov, he'll join Lazio in January, so that says enough about his talent It will still take awhile for him to develop and get a break in their first team, though.
  9. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" That would be his brother, who's currently playing for Chernomorets. Mihail Orachev: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/mihael-orachev/profil/spieler/221578 Miki Orachev: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/miki-orachev/profil/spieler/221579 Both are sons of Malin Orachev, who enjoyed a successful career, mainly playing for Neftohimik back in the days.
  10. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Which one of the researches I have to kill for not adding Miki Orachev yet? Last year he played 6 matches, racking up 436 minutes, this season he had 73 minutes out of one game. Oh, and about Steven Petkov - apparantly after he fled to Ludogorets, he also got himself in match fixing. People offered him big money for Bulgaria to lose heavily on the youth World Cup and after he made the offer to his teammates, they instantly told their coach about it. Steven was kicked out of the World Cup, but the psychological burden of the fixing offer had a toll on the young lads and they lost every game. Some people try to excuse Steven with the fact that after his death, his father left his family in debt. In any case, he won't have a glimmering future in the world of football.
  11. Re: Bulgarian Update I watched a bit from Slavia - Litex today and Kristiyan Malinov made a decent impression. Malinov did a few through passes that sliced the Slavia defense and his was the assist for Litex's first goal. He may as well be one of the great Litex transfers abroad after Georgi Milanov, Simeon Slavchev and Ivelin Popov.
  12. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Lyubenov appeared again in Levski's heavy 3:0 defeat by Litex, which was inspired by a Man of the Match performance by Asprilla. Highlights: http://vbox7.com/play:6aaf0dbbc7
  13. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov I am quite aware of that I was pretty happy about the result as a Levski fan!
  14. Re: "Gonzo's Babes" Aleksandar Lyubenov and Miki Orachev played in Levski's dramatic 2:1 win over Botev Highlights: http://gong.bg/bg-football/a-grupa/multimedia/video/naj-dobrite-momenti-ot-levski-botev-293039
  15. Re: Tsvetelin Chunchunkov Guess who scored tonight
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