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  1. Most of my player have their transfer bans ending soon, and currently miles clear at the top of the championship but I realise I'm going to need more in the premiership to even compete, so who stays and who go's? I need your help please guys and girls. Thank you for any advice received


  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    That's because I got the job offer. Still undecided yet' date=' not sure if I should leave my SMFA Shield winning Hoffenheim for them, but keep an eye open ;)

    edit: Thinking about it, I'll probably accept the job offer if I can pre-arrange some deals to trade out Chiellini, Young, Agbonlahor. If you have something that might interest me (and I'm basically interested in anyone who doesn't have this [img']http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c17781/flags_of_Italy.gif[/img] or this flags_of_England.gif in front of his name), drop me a PM, here or in-game.

    If you take them then make sure you look after them, I built a young talented squad and got rid of all the old wood, was very tough decision for me considering I had about 200 odd games under my belt as Inter boss, was probably time for a new challenge though. PM Me in game if you want to do any deals.:P

  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Good results for me tonight.

    Internazionale GC43 - Crushed Palermo 4-0, 5 points off the top now after a HORROR start to the season.

    Chelsea GC50 - Breezed past Aston Villa by 4 goals to nil, we stay top. just.

    Brighton GC24 - New and renivated team absolutely thumped Wrexham 10-1! Great result.

    Sheffield Wednesday GC4 - First game in charge and it was a 2-1 loss, have serious CM problems.

  4. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    You looked really good when you beat us at the Valley the other week' date=' the only problem you have tomorrow night is Poyet likes to get it down and play football but Colchester play on a cabbage patch. Hopefully you can get 3 points though, i'm sure i read that you've got the current longest unbeaten away run in our division.[/quote']

    That is a good point actually, lets hope it doesn't hinder our style of play to much because as you said, passing football can be very difficult in mudpits, its a shame that they can't keep their pitch in good condition.:mad:

    I think we haven't lost in 6 away games but its only in the last few games we have really hit top form hence my confidence. we've made the very good signing of Diego Arismendi as well, Poyet is a godsend.B)

  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Just thought I would post this again because there wasn't many people on when I posted it earlier..;)

    GC50 (Chelsea) - My Chelsea side have won their last 10 games WITHOUT CONCEDING A GOAL:eek:, I'm thinking about doing some deals I still have the original squad as I haven't be bothered to do any transfers, pm in game if anyone is interested in some deals.:P

    GC43 (Internazionale) - Going ok in the league after a very dodgy start, pm me in game if anyone is interested in doing some deals.;)

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