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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Someone countered me this.. Axel Witsel & Diego Capel + 4.7M for Wesley Sneijder? (I'd be getting Sneijder)
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I Personally wouldn't do that deal mate, Gerrard is good but he isn't worth getting rid of Aguero for him, Gerrard is 29 now so he only has a few years left at his peak, where as Aguero is only 21 and is 94 and will continue to get better & better.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Michael Ballack & Branislav Ivanovic for Alvaro Negredo? (Im bidding for Alvaro)
  4. Looking for an under 23 winger 87+ who is expecting a rise. Also who is the best bet Dzeko OR Marcus Berg? Cheers in advance.
  5. Re: Post Migration Bugs. To be honest I haven't even noticed a difference between the new and old servers so far, it better be worth it in the long run.
  6. Re: When we get earned money It may be a bug, though if your players have a very high salary the revenue gained through home games sometimes equals itself out. If you have only just started not gaining money then send a ticket to SM as it may be a bug.
  7. Re: Post Migration Bugs. Anyone else getting an error message thing when trying to send another user a message? Its saying ''Message contains a website or part of a URL Message Not Sent'', but im only trying to send a simple text message.... EDIT: Managed to send it
  8. Re: Online problem.
  9. Re: Real Madrid = Frightening Propsect? All Madrid are doing is ruining football more than it already has been ruined. As a lower league fan I find it outrageous how clubs are going out of buisness every day and yet teams like Madrid ect can spend 60-80 million quid on one player 1% of that money could buy a lower league club, its darn right ridiculous, sure they are good players and they will probably build a bigger fan base through their purchases but clubs spending these amounts and giving ludicrous wages of 200K per week seem to be in their own world. Its just widening the gap between the dreaming lower league teams. those who dream just one day of being in the premier league, but you know if the lower league clubs reach that point they will be blown out of the water due to clubs like Madrid/ Man united ect spending ridiculous money. No player is worth 80M/60M IMO. Sorry for the rant, it just annoys me.
  10. Re: Site Migration . I had 3 players sent off in one match last night and subsequently lost the game... Due to receiving double yellow cards?:confused: Gold29 by the way with Wolfsburg
  11. Re: youth/ reserve games I Selected no, because reserves and youths are often needed to cover injuries and match fitness would be a problem should they be playing in reserve/youth league.
  12. Re: David Villa or Samuel Eto'o Has to be Villa. Eto'o had an extraordinary season but he looks set to leave barcelona for most likely Man city, So I would go with Villa seen as he looks like he is moving to Madrid/Chelsea.
  13. Re: We Dont Need Rep Atall! I Don't see a problem with it, I generally don't judge people by their rep/status, I judge them on the quality of the post I'm reading. IMO, it really doesn't matter if we have rep or not Also for those complaining about people repping the same person every post, you cant do that so....
  14. Re: Mario Balotelli I Would do it, Balotelli is a very good player and will be a future star I would grab him while I could TBH. Beck will probably start decreasing if Hoffenheim don't do to well, though he is a good player. Its a hard one to call but I would say Balotelli is worth both of them players.
  15. Re: higuain for mario gomez and 2 million Don't do it, Gomez is a very good player but Higuain has far more potential and is the better player out of the two. I Dont think while Gomez is in the German league he will get higher than 93-94, where as, if Higuain keeps this up next season he could get 94-95. I Wouldn't do it anyway but its a toughie if you can get 10mil ish plus Gomez them maybe.
  16. Re: could not execure criteria Same, I take it everyone must have it. Bad servers.
  17. Adem Ljajic Name: Adem Ljajic Born: 22.9.1991 Team: FK Partizan(Serbia) Shirt Number: 22 The serbian media have named him as the "Moniker" Which means "Little Kaka"Due to his similarities with the brazilian star. Similar to Kaka Ljajic is a great technician and can play alsost every attacking position he is a very brave young player and has already rejected deals as ajax,Inter and a few more huge clubs as him and his father decided it would be better to try and build his reputation in his own country and repay the faith shown by partizan. he is currently on trial at manchester united his 1 month trial on the 15'th october 2008. Ljajic was brought to partizan by one of the all time great serbian youth coaches, Dusan trbojevic shortly after that he displayed all his magic in the partizan youth team With his great vision ,complete technique and strong character its only a matter of time before he makes amove to a big european club. BUY HIM NOW!! :D
  18. Re: young stars for the future Jack Wilshere, Francisco Merida, Rhys Murphy , Keiran Gibbs If it has to be an 89+ rated player, then Lennon?
  19. Re: HOW didn't J.Llorente get an Increase?? And ANOTHER Goal.
  20. Re: HOW didn't J.Llorente get an Increase?? Just scored ANOTHER goal for Villareal. Amazing how he didn't get a rise IMO.
  21. 13 Goals in 27 Starts (15 in 35 last season for Valladolid) is surely good enough stats to rise, and If Nihat the guy who he is keeping out of the team is 91, HOW can he still be 89?
  22. Re: Blooosh | Brighton & Hove Albion | English Championship 2544 | Anyone who fancies looking at my team Heres the link. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=107027&clubid=8634302&sid=19616
  23. Incredible Brighton Team En Route to EPL After an unbeaten first season in charge of Brighton, Andy Nile has created an epic Brighton side, amazingly after only one season the hotshot young manager has created an epic team, getting the squad value from A measly 10M to a staggering 130M, In a 8000 capacity stadium this is no mean feat from the manager who is being hailed as Brightons saviour 1. C.Abiatti 2. M.Caceres - 5. S.Tasci - 3. J.Woodgate 6. F.Fernando 8. R.Taddei - 15. D.Renato - 10. D.Fletcher© - 7. T.Walcott 9. G.Higuain 14. Nicolas Anelka Over 1 and a bit seasons, the albion have only lost one game under Andy's leadership, Andy Payed tribute to his galacticos last week saying that he could not of chose a better group to work with he also said the basis for his success is his passion for the club and his scouting contacts within the game. Their form in division 3 has been sensational so far with 10 Wins and 1 draw from 11 games Managerial Career Stats Total Points: 150 Number Games: 53 Average Points: 2.83
  24. Re: shoudl kirkland of gone up to 90? I Dont think he is having a great season ok but not enough to warrant a 90 Shwarzer should of gone up imo
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