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  1. Re: Onouha to 88 If Evans only rose to 88 Onouha does not deserve an 88 maybe 87
  2. Re: Top U21 Players No Higauin?
  3. Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Spanish championship going to the wire with 2 games left After my Valencia side cruised past barca 3-0 there is now 3 points seperating the top 3 With Barca on 81/ Me 79 / Real madrid 78 Valencia two games are 2 away games in Madrid the first against Athletico who occupy 4'th position and the last a HUGE Game against Real madrid that could decide the title should barca slip up Remaining Fixtures Valencia -Athletico Madrid , Real Madrid Barcelona-Sevilla , Levante Real Madrid-Getafe , Valencia
  4. I Was not sure where to post this so i just put it here Basically i took a challenge late on in 2008,I took my beloved brighton in ENG championship 2544 and decided to try and build my team up from a mear 15.7m total worth to 100m+ and in one season ive succeded mainly due to the brilliant scouts on the forum so i just wanted to thank you scouts on here for that http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=107027&clubid=8634302&sid=19616 Thats the link to my team bare in mind i do have 14.7m to spend and i look weak in defence but i am buying Caceres & Woodgate and i play 3-5-2 I Have sold some of the young talent i bought when first taking over the club due to the moving into a higher division The debt is a huge problem for me due to only having a 9000 seater stadium but i only found myself in 2.3m debt which was wiped out as soon as i was promoted Let me know what you think of my team if you would like
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Just wondering if any of you guys noticed this In GC12 My CB For my valencia was injured for 1 week its now been 3 weeks and he has recovered from the injury but his match fitness is staying at 42% i have sent SM A Ticket and as of yet i have had no reply Also,In GC16 My brighton side Aleksei Ivanov was injured for 6 days when i bought him which was 16 days ago now he is 41% fitness and has been for 10 days Wondering if any of you lot are having the same problem?> Thanks for awnsers in advance
  6. blooosh

    Favourite Car?

    Re: Favourite Car? Mercedes Benz P8 Blummin Gorgeous car that is:)
  7. Re: Best 33 players in the world BEST WORLD Xl Cech Boswinga Terry Vidic Capdevilla Ronaldo Xavi Lampard Messi Torres D.Villa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECOND BEST WORLD Xl Reina S.Ramos Ferdinand Chiellini Evra Carzorla Fabregas Gerrard Capel Drogba Rooney ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIRD BEST WORLD XI Casillas Maicon Puyol Ricardo Carvalho Clichy Shwienstiger Kaka Essien J.Cole Luis Fabiano Aguero
  8. Re: Stupid question, but... Unfortunately No it wont mate I Recently did the same thing after i sold gerrard and in his place it put Branislav Ivanovic:o rather than a 92 rated CM I Had on the bench Luckily enough i still won the game 4-1:)
  9. Re: Is this a good deal or not? Buy him just for cash if you can I Would personally keep those two, martins has good potential and kuyt might even get a rise he deserves a better rating that what he has considering what he does for his team and scores some valuable goals Just A Reminder Use http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=18338 You will get more help there:)
  10. Re: El Clasico - Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid Got a feelin juande is gonna work his magic.... Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid With Messi,Eto,Raul And Higauin Scoring The goals Barca to go 2 up and real to fight back:)
  11. Re: Michael Carrick - How Underrated? Carrick is far better than fletcher his ability to pick a pass from nowhere is sensational and i think carrick is one of the best passers of the ball in the world he does a job that not many players recieve enough credit for (Like Sissoko,Diarra) he never loses the ball like the two mentioned and in my mind i think he should be 92/93
  12. Re: German Changes Any news on Schmelzer and Pezzoni? Thanks in advance:)
  13. Re: Best Formation - Updated. This is relaed to the question below;) I Think 3-5-2 But... If you want to keep clean sheets ive found most of the time 4-4-2 Diamond works quite good
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bare in mind this is in a GC.... Sporting have offered me........Filible Joao Moutinho & Luis Miguel Veloso for Cambiasso Thanks for all awnsers in advance
  15. Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports After my Heroics getting my valencia GC12 from 17'th to 4'th Ive Been drawn with Spartak,Fenerbarche And Bayern:( Im going to be taking it very seriously so watch it
  16. Re: Cheap Risers (for low division teams) Here's another...... 24 year old Laurindo Sandro Silva Currently Rated 73 Chairman value 90K He's a DM Play's for brazillian side palmieras has 27 appearances scoring only 2 goals but he does a job for his side I Would think he would rise to about 81/82 if not more....
  17. Re: This Is Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. blooosh

    SM Private Messages

    Re: Funny SM Private Messages Bare in mind this is Gold12 And this guy is Notts forest manager with no good players and hes 105Rep.......... DJ DUDE said... Sent: Wed 3rd Dec 2008 8:54pm Subject: {noob} Can i have tevez on loan for a tiny bit looking intoa deal.(he Cant even spell) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You said... Sent: Wed 3rd Dec 2008 8:55pm Subject: {no subject} LOL My chairman wouldnt let him even if i wanted to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ DUDE said... Sent: Wed 3rd Dec 2008 8:58pm Subject: {why...?} Can u loan list him or i place a bid then you reject and say i will not sell this player but will considera loan. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You said... Sent: Wed 3rd Dec 2008 9:03pm Subject: {No subject} Listen mate my chairman wont let him and i wouldnt loan him out anyway are you stupid...... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ DUDE said... Sent: Wed 3rd Dec 2008 8:58pm Subject: {why...?} OMG your such a fu****g pr**k your valencia manager and you wont even loan me him managers like you who ruin the game you should go f**k yourself and ger a life S**T MANAGER! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At that point i blocked him
  19. Re: City Bid £129 mil for Casillas This was never confirmed and is just rumours & even if the bid went through they wouldnt change the game because of one transfer Plus why would you need to bid more than 100m its a ridiculous sum of money to even speak about spending especially in real life credit crunch and all:p
  20. Re: Best CB in the world Vidic No doubt about it Man united defence looks very shaky without him and anyway im a big fan of the way he defends
  21. Re: Whats Your Best Video Game Ever Call Of Duty4; Modern warfare On Xbox360 Hardcore Search and destroy Online:)
  22. Re: World Championship 4116 Took liverpool on my second account New man Promises Sucsess Today it was announced that Andy nile a vastly experienced manager would be the new man at the helm after rafa benitez was sacked after a tiff with george gillet,New man Andy nile had already said how flattered he was with the report linking him to the club and he stated that "He could not resist the job on mersyside",He has already been very active in the transfer market he has confirmed he is intrested in many players and has been given "Freedom" to do what he wants with his team and is said to want to create Spainish team Players In Players out Adrian Mutu Branislav Ivanavic Diego Capel Andres Iniesta Yaya Toure Theres another but dont want anyone stealing in with a bid Keane Gerrard Babel Pennant
  23. blooosh

    Fifa 09 Or Pes 09?

    Re: Fifa 09 Or Pes 09? Ive always loved fifa mostly becuase the PES Servers are awful and it didnt change this year Fifa in my mind is the best
  24. blooosh


    Re: nasri Hmmm Tough one... If your looking for depth then do it but i personally would not do it as i think nasri is a better player than both of them also think about how you would fit nasri into your formation and if borowski and toni would be better in your favourite formation..... But for me dont do it;)
  25. Re: Thinking of Creating a Mini Online Management Game... Im in Sounds like a decent idea well presented ideas too mate:p
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