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  1. Re: What is new player news? It should just be in Club messages
  2. Re: Big Risers from Argentina Any updates on the following.... MARTINEZ GULLOTTA SCHAFFER, José GASTON DIAZ, Ricardo INSAURRALDE , Juan Manuel ZUCULINI, Franco BLANCO, Jonathan NICOLAS GAITAN SALVIO, Eduardo VIATRI, Lucas NOIR , Ricardo Daniel
  3. Re: Risers from every side in Brazil. Any updates on these 2 players....... Laurindo Sandro silva Plays for Palmeiras Bittencourt Danny morais plays for Internacional
  4. Re: Africa & Arabia championship Totally Agree mate:(
  5. Re: Austria & Switzerland Rating Predictions Table (Pos' date=' Team, Played, Points): 1 RB Salzburg 19 40 2 Sturm Graz 20 40 3 Rapid Wien 19 37 4 Austria Wien 19 35 5 Austria Karnten 20 30 6 Josko Ried 19 26 7 LASK Linz 19 21 8 Stadtwerke Kapfenberg 19 15 9 SV Mattersburg 19 13 10 SCR Altach 19 13 Red Bull Salzburg: CF Mark Janko 25/85 -> 88 (27 goals in 15 games!) [/b'] Read through properly mate:p
  6. Re: More Stats I Like the idea i know the idea of atributes have been btrought up before and i would like atributes to be introduced to the game (Eg,Heading-91,Pace-92,Marking31 Ect........) i think that would increase the realism of the game becuase players arent good at everything And atributes would affect the amount of goals that a player scores with his head,volleys,ect would be affected by the atributes Could be hard that it sounds to add to the game thou
  7. Re: Stephen Ireland under-rated! (On SM) Couldnt Agree more mate Im a big fan of ireland but robinho is out of his league and should keep his rating even thou playing for manchester city In my mind ireland deserves 91 But i think 90 is more realistic as we see players such as Higauin,Hamisk who really should of got 91 but didnt so i think 90 is a more realistic target And to answer your question about how he can say ireland is better than robinho...Dont forget Ben hes Irish
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Give us the link to your profile
  9. Re: High School Musical 3 Agreed , Really Winds me up:mad:
  10. Re: My New Setup; Ideas Anyone? I Will take Liverpool,Barca,Madrid?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bare in mind this is a GC Anelka For guiseppe Rossi?
  12. Re: Sporting funnies How about these http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pfh71QMv4hk http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nHd0UV7pm4c Lmao The first one on 19 Seconds:p
  13. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Ive decided to join in the fun with my beloved brighton in 3'rd will steal the title off huddersfield last game of the season!
  14. Re: Can Anyone Help Me Out Here? Doing the same to me.... Oh well just another darn bug we have to deal with......
  15. Re: Vedad Ibisevic - Bundesliga Goalscoring Machine!! If his for continues i think 89-90
  16. Re: Future rating changes? Very hard to predict seen as we are quite far away from changes of most of theese players but heres my opinion..... Joe Hart 89-90 Stephane Ruffier 85-85 Vladimir Granat 86-87 Vincent Muratori 86-86 Cristian Ansaldi 89-89/90 Anthony Vanden Borre 86-85/86 Hector Moreno 85-86/87 Ivan Marcano 84-86 Younes Kaboul 87-87 Moustapha Bayal Sall 88-87 Didier Digard 86-86 Stijn Wuytens 75-84 Dmitri Kombarov 87-88 Luigi Vitale 83-86 Kirill Kombarov 87-88 Loic Perrin 88-88 Anas Sharbini 86-86/87 Serge Gakpe 87-87 Baye Djiby 86-87 (Real name is baye djiby fall so search fall to find him) Edin Dzeko 87-87 Marcus Berg 89-90 Daniel Osvaldo 86-86/85
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... How about The same deal (Barry and young) minus a bit of cash for queresma?
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right bare in mind this is a GC And im trying to build an english team.... Aston Villa have made an offer to Internazionale for Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC of £14,000,000 plus Gareth BARRY and Ashley YOUNG.............?? I Find that offer so very tempting in the long run and obvcourse they are both english so that tempts me even more.. ? I Already have Owen & Agbonglahor ....? OR Should i make An offer for Wayne rooney that includes ibrahimovic?
  19. Re: Biggest riser ever!!! Is this a joke?? Biggest riser ever is kambolov either this guy is crazy or its a joke..
  20. Re: WHo do u think is the best RB at the moment ????????? Boswinga , He might not be the best defensively but going forward he is the best out of all of them in my opinion , Maicon would be a close second as he is everything a rightback needs and consistently performs, then dani alves i personally dont like sergio ramos i dont think he is consistent enough and makes some big mistakes at times that cost his team goals My choice would have to be boswinga thou i have always been a fan of him but to be fair they are all very good RB'S:p
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Just wondering lads i know this is totally irellivant to this topic but i dont think it was worth creating a thread for... If a player retires does the club he plays for while retiring get compensation?
  22. Re: Germany VS England - International Friendly I Think capello is right to ask about injuries seems as tho the injuries come as soon as its friendly time i think he had the right to ask questions about gerrard seen as thou liverpool said he would be fine for theyre league game this weekend it did seem slightly suspicous Im hoping bent starts uptop with agbonglahor just behind him hoping carrick gets a game too he dosent get the plaudits he deserves My prediction is German Kuats 1-1 English Lions with Carrick and Klose scoring
  23. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Leona lewis - Run I Dont actually like her other music but seriously this is stunning:)
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