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  1. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread OUCH!! Real lost to valladolid Last night 1-0 How....?
  2. blooosh

    Why Loss ???

    Re: Why Loss ??? Some times this happens at the end of the day if a team dont take chances they will not win the game in theese circumstances it does seem a bit strange but the match engine throws some very bizarre results up the more you play the game the more you will realise how inconsistent the engine can be, 3-5-2 is normally an all or nothing formation you either win or you lose you dont draw ( in my experience anyway ) Itsd happens its just something you will have to get used too
  3. Re: Game World To Be Created! (For Forumers) Sounds good to me mate Like the lay out aswell Will take liverpool if you do make it or you could stick chelsea in for me :p
  4. Re: Old Soccer Manager Lol..? Messi didnt get 98/99 in rating changes and is injured so wont get an increase not saying he isnt good enough just if he didnt increase when he was playing i dont see how he will when he is injured...?
  5. Re: Prize money? It normally varies from around 5M-10M Plus the chairman normally invests a further 10-20m depending what team you are Just one thing remember to use the search tool
  6. Re: French players likely to rise! I Wouldnt think so not untill he moves to a bigger club as the french league as we all know is not the strongest and when ive watched him for france he's looked pretty lightwieght he has the ability for 93+ just needs a move to a "bigger league" which i feel could be around the corner
  7. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! I Agree with singh although i rate del piero very highly even at the euro's whenever he played he seemed to give italy something that wasnt therebut i dont think he warrants a higher rating, He has had 9 league appearances scoring 3 as far as i know which isnt a great return even thou i know he does alot more for the team all round . Juvefan to be fair you make a thread about him you should expect people to post thier opinions and even if you dont like them you should accept it because at the end of the day people have different opinions about things i find some of the thing you have said quite comical really but i dont want to get into an arguement with you so i will keep quiet
  8. Re: Xavi to United? Very exciting news personally i think xavi is the best cm in the world if he does join man united it cant be a bad thing Surely worth more than 20m anyday thou:rolleyes:
  9. Re: DEMONTAGNAC, Ishmel Reminds me of one gareth barry before he moved to aston villa for 50k:( (He came through brighton youth system! ) i remember him being disiplined due to staying out late violating rules ect i think its time for footballers to respect there careers more its suprising how much it happens its ridiculous really because hes not going to climb up the league's as a player if he is being daft doing stupid things basically he is ruining his career in football thats like a criminal record , knowing football thou some team will go for him even thou he has a history not saying he dosent deserve a second chance but think about how much they earn they need to control themselves
  10. Re: Gold Championship 38 Transfers And Match Reports Real Madrid ON FIRE! Real madrid made it 7 wins out of 7 in all competitions, Last night they travelled to the estadio reyno de navarra to play espanyol in a poor first half there were no events it was looking like his decision to rest his top players would come back to haunt him with the best chance coming from Madrids Fernando torres who was subsuquently given a rest for the second half.The start of the second half couldnt of been any different with madrid coming out of the blocks like a greyhound,they were rewarded in the 57'th minute when aldrete collected the ball and blasted a long range drive from 30 yards out,after that it was all real madrid the quality showed in a stunning last third with semak scoring in the 66'th minute with a crashing header at the far post ,Amauri then showed his quality in the 69'th minute by collecting the ball in his own half and running half the length of the pitch to exquizitely chip over the keeper WHERE WAS THE DEFENCE!,Reals 4'th came in the 77'th minute when a great passing move was finished at close range from a well advanced semak a cracking team goal , Piatti also got in on the act when he cleverly finished a pull back from delared by rounding the keeper but the real manager refused to get carried away with his team second half performance in his press conference " i refuse to get carried away yes ofcourse i know my team played well second half but we need to keep focused for our Champions league game against zenit hopefully we can make it another succesful week", Real madrid now have played 7 games scored 21 and conceded only a remarkable 1 goal.This result leaves real already 5 points clear with thier closest rivals mallorca on 13 points after 2 draws.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 45 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Sevilla Transfer Update After andy nile took over as new sevilla boss the fans were very Skeptickle of him and his negotiating abilities & managerial prowess, but after a bust up with two of his top stars Luis fabiano & navas after they had been out till 4.00am at a lap dancing club andy was far from impressed nor was the chairman. he was forced to move in the transfer market,he moved for Samuel Eto'o the Cameroonian hitman handed in a transfer request at barca and sevilla were quick in with an offer and managed to secure the services of eto'o with fabiano and navas going to barca along with 5 Million pounds in theyre pocket the transfer was greeted with mixed reactions from the sevilla fans but most were extremely happy, The next transfer was greeted by huge approval from the sevilla fans flocking to the airport to see the arrival of One Dimitar Berbatov He was greeted with fleets of happy fans flocking to the airport they were unhappy to see fan favourite kanoute leave along with rentato but the fans were more than happy to know that the manager was making changes.In lesser signing Jermaine beckford completed a 3.5m move to the sanchez but was swiftly on a flight back to england when hereford requesting the services of the former leeds striker and he will remain on loan for the rest of the season.When asked about this deal andy told reporters "Im sending him out on loan for experience but i know in the future this guy will be a main man in our team ive told him that and he was happy to go back to england with english division five side hereford united"
  12. Re: Again the same problem Im having a sttrange problem when i click on my private messages it dosent load anyone having the same?>
  13. Re: An absolute dream come true! Im doing the same with my Sakered brighton side only 1 game played in anew gc team value has gone from 24m value to 64m my wage bill is horrendous but once the seasons over the debt will be gone PositioN/Name/Age/Rating GK / Martinez Gullotta / 24 / 78 GK / Sergey Pesyakov / 19 / 76 LB / Marcel Shcmelzer / 20 / 80 LB / Jose Shcaffer / 22 / 74 RB / Gaston Diaz / 20 / 80 RB / Ruslan Kambolov / 18/ 80 CB / Kevin Pezzoni / 19 / 75 CB / Danny Morais / 23 / 74 CB / Juan Manuel Insuralde / 23 / 82 CB / Mathew Bates / 21 / 81 **** CB / Matteo Darmian / 18 / 75 DM / Sandro Silva / 24 / 73 DM / Stijen Wuytens / 19 / 75 LM / Luigi Vitale / 21 / 83 RM / Adem Ljajic / 17 / 74 RM / Franco Zuccilni / 18 / 78 CM / Nicolas Gaitan / 20 / 72 CM / Denis Glushakov / 21 / 85 CM / Jonothan Blanco / 20 / 77 CM / Jamie O'Hara / 22 / 86 **** AM / Sergiy Shevchuk / 23 / 81 AM / Oleksandr Aliev / 23 / 87 AM / Alan Dzagoev / 18 / 87 F / Felipe / 23 / 73 F / Rusturn Kalimullin / 19 / 78 F / Eduardo Salvio / 18 / 76 F / Ricardo Noir / 21 / 73 F / Lucas Viatari / 21 /75 F / Wolfswinker / 20 / 72 CF / Plasmati / 25 / 80 CF / Okako Chuka / 19 / 84 CF / Kenwyne Jones / 24 / 87 **** Loan Players
  14. Re: arsenal 2nd team For now i would say arsenals first team but for sure in a few years time there second squad will be there first squad
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bare in mind these deals are in a gc... Fabiano & Jesus Navas For Eto'o? Javier Rodriguez & Mati fernandez(Villareal) for Diego Capel?>
  16. Re: Old Soccer Manager Cassilas was 95 , RVN 94 and buffon was 96
  17. Re: Stop Club Hoppers! i noticed that guy in GC18 Too thats some serious club hopping sm need to be alot harsher i know people do get banned from a setup after club hopping around 6-7 times i think sm need to crack down and realise how much this does happen
  18. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread God thats some poor defending i think real need to do something they have conceded a ridiculous amount of goals Even thou they have scored 28 they have conceded 16(League) which dosent sound bad but its the worse in the top ten and if they do that against the bigger teams(Barca,Villareal,Valencia ECT) they wont get away with it i think they lack organisation at the back but luckily have the prowess in the attcking sense(VDV,Higauin,Sneijder ECT)
  19. Re: A few BIG risers from Russia & Ukraine I Dont think they have finished yet i think there are a few more teams left to be updated
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