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  1. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Atrocious Really looking at real madrids team compared to them a team that arent even in division2 That proves how bad reals defence is atm:(
  2. Re: A few BIG risers from Russia & Ukraine My mistake lol I Wish he did;)
  3. Re: A few BIG risers from Russia & Ukraine kambolov got +17!! Glush got +13 Dzag got +12 All in my brighton team!
  4. Re: A few BIG risers from Russia & Ukraine I Think quite alot of theese were to do with he russian league going up the rankings im happy anyway !
  5. Re: Alan DZAGOEV Well done sm! They gave him what he deserves (FOR ONCE!!!) :D
  6. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread LMFAO They lost to Real union irun (Yes thats a team) in the copa del ray 4-4 then lost on away goals(Thanks shelbourne) Theyre defence is woeful atm
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings Aguero was born after higauin therefore he is younger
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings The new aguero even thou aguero is younger!
  9. Re: Lucas Viatri - Boca Juniors I Reckon 84 looks a very good prospect boca seem to have a very good youth system
  10. Re: Gold Championship 43 Transfers / Match Report Thread I Think there might be cheat in this setup Osasuna Manager is called "MAKEBELIEVE"MAKEBELIEVE" And the milan manager is called "MAKEBELIEVE" ?? C.m Hands of chellini by the way!
  11. blooosh

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Re: Gonzalo Higuain He took two i think? not that it matters Missed one, and missed the second but got the rebound I Watched it on sky Really good player anyway
  12. Re: What do you think of my Barca Very nice even thou there barca all the best players in your team Rating wise i mean !!
  13. blooosh

    Samuel Eto'o

    Re: Samuel Eto'o Hes really found his scoring boots again I Watch barca every week on sky and hes been really good 13 Apps 17 Goals!
  14. Re: Gold Championship 43 Transfers / Match Report Thread Got juventus Thanks to nick Alerting me on msn
  15. Re: Wayne Rooney is overated! Totally agree with you neller How can you say he is 94-95?! Just lately rooney has been the best striker around if you look at his rating and you think what is it made of? its made of a consistent performer such as other higher rated players (Kaka,Gerrard ECT) His assists are outstanding his performances every game are outstanding i have to say thou fergie plays him in the wrong position but he does what hes told weve seen how dangerous he is when he plays as a frontman his goal scoring record might not be the best but when he does you see how many he scores and creates You understand that his rating is not just about goal scoring its about being consistent,asisting goals & working hard Torres dosent assist as many goals so therefore he should be 94/95 afterall if there wernt assists then no goals would be scored Plus how many threads are there on rooney!
  16. blooosh

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Considering this is a gc what do you think of this..... Iker Cassilas 96 GK Jerzy Dudek 85 GK (On loan) Vieira Marcelo 90- LB Gabriel Heinze 92- LB/CB Chris Metzelder 89- CB Ferierra Pepe 93- CB Chellini 92- CB Bakary Sanga 92- RB Jonotan Maidana 88- RB/CB Royston drenthe 88- LM/LB (Out On loan) Adrian Aldrete 88- LM/LB Ruben Delared 90- CM Marek Hamsik 90- CM Wesley Sneijder 94-CM/AM Mohamedou Diarra 94- DM/CM Roberto Hilbert 90- RM/CM Arjen robben 92- W Ricardo Kaka 98- AM (I Play 4-3-1-2 Normally hence Not many wingers) Ernesto Farias 88- F Gonzalo Higauin 90-F (Out On loan) Carvalha Amauri 92-F Emmanuel Adebayor 93-CF Jose Fernando Torres 96-CF
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    Re: I Have a Problem..
  18. blooosh


    Re: I Have a Problem.. 100% Agree with you some of the ratings are very bizarre SM has always been like it thou i think sRna could be because of the national team but im not totally sure but i do think ratings not just for shakthar but many other teams are wrong But hey thats sm for you mate
  19. Re: DZAGOEV Alan Yep we all know about him but thanks for an update Hope he gets more than 86 thou them stats are stunning
  20. Re: Begginer question - Ronaldinhio The italian ratings have just been completed so ronnie will be keeping his rating for now i would go with the ronnie deal if you need a striker if not i would stick with essien Just one other thing if you go to the help section theres a thread called help with deals you will get more awnsers there
  21. Re: VITALE, Luigi - Next Big Italian Riser? Legend mate !
  22. Re: Italian Ratings Thanks dev:p
  23. Re: Italian Ratings Theyve put a message out saying The SM Researchers have finished reviewing Section 9 of 9: Italy of the Main Leagues and they have now moved on to the Summer Leagues What about Roma??fiorentina?? :confused:
  24. Re: Gold championship 42 Match reports/transfers Didnt realise they had created a 41-50 section yet Plus the other one is a discussion thread this is match reports
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