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  1. Gold championship 42 Match reports/transfers Gold championship 42 will be created later today
  2. Re: Michel Morganella Good thread mate hopefully he can get a rise
  3. Re: TomOwen's Russian Rating Changes
  4. Re: Ukrainian Ratings Thanks very much mate Repped!
  5. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures Hope he gets 91 got him in gold38
  6. Re: 2. Bundesliga (U-75) Risers !! Thanks very much mate
  7. Re: Big Risers from Argentina Really Helpful mate Repped
  8. Re: Adem ljajic - Serbian Wonderkid Sorry lads:( Forgot to use search tool again!
  9. Re: Italian Ratings Luigi Vitale of Napoli Rated 75 21 yrs old should increase to between 80-83 i would think Gianvito Plasmati of catania should get an increase as they are starting i expect the same with him as vitale will try and find some more Glushakov and dzagoev are your best bets thou mate
  10. Adem ljajic - Serbian Wonderkid Adem Ljajic Name: Adem Ljajic Born: 22.9.1991 Team: FK Partizan(Serbia) Shirt Number: 22 The serbian media have named him as the "Moniker" Which means "Little Kaka"Due to his similarities with the brazilian star. Similar to Kaka Ljajic is a great technician and can play alsost every attacking position he is a very brave young player and has already rejected deals as ajax,Inter and a few more huge clubs as him and his father decided it would be better to try and build his reputation in his own country and repay the faith shown by partizan. he is currently on trial at manchester united his 1 month trial on the 15'th october 2008. Ljajic was brought to partizan by one of the all time great serbian youth coaches, Dusan trbojevic shortly after that he displayed all his magic in the partizan youth team With his great vision ,complete technique and strong character its only a matter of time before he makes amove to a big european club. BUY HIM NOW!! :D
  11. Real Smash Malaga Real Madrid 5-0 Malaga Yesterday evening real madrid played malaga at the bernabeau they earnt a 5-0 win against the newly promoted side, Real madrid came out all guns blazing against a very defensive malaga side, Goals in the first half from Marcelo,Chellini And hilbert relatively ended the contest as real madrid dominated,The start of the second half Resulted in more of the same from madrid with the new strike force of torres and adebayor scoring in the first ten minutes thou from then after there were no more goals from madrid with both teams seemingly not intrested in going forward anymore in turned into a scrappy encounter.After the match both managers were Asked on there views The real manager said "I Am very happy with the first 55 minutes i wasnt as impressed with the second half performance but all in all a fine performance from a team gelling together considering most of the team were playing thier debuts for madrid" The Malaga malaga manager said " My teams performance first 55 minutes was woeful but for the final quater of the match i think i can take a few posotives from the performance we knew it would be tough coming to the bernabeau we just need to forget it and move on" Other results Valladolid 2-3 Getafe Recreativo 3-2 Osasuna Numancia 0-0 Santander Valencia 6-2 Sporting Gijon Mallorca 1-0 Barcelona (Star performance) ( :D ) Deportivo 3-1 Real betis Espanyol 2-2 Sevilla A.Bilbao 3-0 A.Madrid Villareal 0-0 Almeria
  12. Re: GC40 Nath vs Gaz Spanish div 2 Under 10k stadium Took castellon Not under10k stadium but yeah
  13. Re: Is SM Running Slow? Yes A Little
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings I Got rid of saviola in g38 a few days ago for amauri + cash :D
  15. Re: Spanish Ratings Higauin only went to 90
  16. blooosh

    Top 10 Penalty Takers

    Re: Top 10 Penalty Takers Nicky forster at brighton :p Never seen him miss a penalty in about 20
  17. Re: GC {Were To Be @} ???Good or bad bad:confused:
  18. Re: Help re. Marcelo.. Last 3/4 matches he has played at cb so he could change from lb to CB/LB ?
  19. Re: Higuain Pato or Bojan Higuain By far he's playing first team football scoring goals and has more of a future than the both of them some may disagree but i think higuain is the best choice plus he will be increasing sooner
  20. Re: Spanish Ratings Some changes have been done (2 Of benficas i think) it can take till 11am so bare with them
  21. Re: Italian rating predictions Probs 90 mate Mancini and queresma have the wings now not 100% sure thou mate
  22. Re: Rogerio Ceni - Goal Machine What a ledgend im speechless
  23. Re: Gc38 Transfers And Match Reports Diarra is availible guys 2 91+ Cms needed
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