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  5. I was just Considering a SM Skin Scheme for Non-Goldmembers, but i think i might be abit advance there, just a though.
  6. Re: wat do u fink andy johnsons ratin should be????? Johnson has only been impressive in Rival Games, but has had Plenty of assists, Correctly said he should stay at 90 Until next Season then we will take from there.
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  8. Re: Should I Sell Dave Nugent?
  9. Re: John Terry's Talent
  10. 26 Years Old 97 Rated, One of the Best CB'S in the World, Takes Pride To Another Level. Call Vidic better than him? Terry had a serious Injury and was brave to come back and Help Chelsea Secure A 2ND place with the likes of the great Liverpool Lurking Behind Them. To me he is the Best CB In The World, some may not Agree?
  11. I Have Arsenal in EC 360 and im doing a pretty good job so far with a young squad: I currently Have 12M and on my Shortlist I have Neuer, Ustari Ochao Martins Joao Mountinho Cardozo. These Players are all going to be in my squad but with the ratings changes approaching Neuer looks the favourite along with Joao Mountinho? Joao Mountinho Seems more important, but Neuer will go up according to the Forumers. I cant make my mind up, can Someone help me?
  12. Re: Official Chelsea FC Page
  13. Re: Casillas vs Reina in knockout games
  14. Will this young talent be at the premiership? If so, which club will he make a name of himself in? Gareth Bale
  15. Re: Official Chelsea FC Page Ye, That's It Turnaround, Cya Later: Chelsea Fans Only Or Suitable kind forumers unlike Harry.
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