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  1. Re: gold championship 10 discussion thread I have stupidly good players and would be interested!
  2. Re: Gold Championship 2 I would have to say that in all honesty Holland has the best managers by far! And the best team!:D
  3. Robbie Keane is all set to sign for Liverpool for £18 million today! Is this the biggest signing of the close season in the EPL? I think its a poor signing tbh! Keane has shown before how he cannot do it for the very big teams and I fancy it will hapen again!
  4. Re: New Gold Champ Now! Ok I have had enough of the little kids whinging now so will close the thread. Anyone that makes another one will very much annoy me and that will be closed too!
  5. Re: Attention To All Admin And Mods !! Send a ticket. This is not a suitable thread for the forum.
  6. Re: New Gold Champ Now! I just want to add that I have spoken directly to SM and the transfers completing is a mistake and all transfers will be reversed today! 'The only error in relation to this is not blocking transfers for 24 hours (which should roll out in every setup soon) and a message has been posted re this as the AI will reverse them all shortly.' Above is what has been said.
  7. Re: New Gold Champ Now! Already done http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=26767
  8. Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News This is for announcements, transfer news and match reports. Please enjoy!
  9. Re: New Gold Champ Now! I would mate, thery have been available for over an hour!
  10. Re: New Gold Champ Now! I picked up Sevillaq, crazy....not even I knew it was being created!
  11. Re: Unfortunate turn of events Welcome back Raz, nice to see your return!
  12. Re: someone answer please I believe you are dreaming. I would definitely do that deal!
  13. Re: 5K transfer fee nonsense You actually have the copmplete wrong end of the stick mate. People list players at £5k or whatever in order to get p/e deals only for their players as they are not interested in cash deals. There is no option to list for just p/e deals so I find this totally acceptable and have used the tactic myself.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread Someone is a tad over optimistic!
  15. Re: GC 18, its gone wrong!
  16. Re: GC 18, its gone wrong!
  17. Re: GC 18, its gone wrong!
  18. Re: GC 18, its gone wrong!
  19. Re: Priemership Players that deserve a raise I think none of them deserve a raise! They are all on too much money already!
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