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  1. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread Nope, no transfers being processed in this setup today.
  2. Re: Is there a maximum to what someone can bid in general? £99.95 mil in cash will go through for Messi. Any chairman will accept that. I personally would want at least 2 93 rated players from him mate, if not better! Messi is a special talent and people will pay a fortune for him!
  3. Re: Gold Championship 7 Well it was good enough for Jacko! He has taken Montolivo to Seville for the remainder of the season!
  4. Re: Gold Championship 7 For info of forumers........ I have some very good players available for loan if you are looking for someone to fill a hole until the end of the season. No-one in England will be considered and nor will anyone who has previously annoyed me!
  5. Re: Player Talent Scout Of The Year? FOTY 2009 will be revamped and will ionclude this award so no need for anyone to run it.
  6. Re: Processing Fixtures Seems to be the issue with GC17 - It usually happens in new GC's on the first round of champs cup fixtures. SM always sort it though.
  7. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac My bad, stupid transfers, who do these players think they are? They are making a fool of my knowledge of the game!!:D:D
  8. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac Vargas is at Catania, only the AI can accept that!
  9. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. I don't think Tom wants his competition turned into a very sad Forum vs Chat competition! Get the thread back on subject or i'll close it. Thanks you.
  10. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac Yeah he had too! As there were too many people that didn't get their teams sorted! If some can then why can't all? You are fighting a losing battle as others have proved it was EASY to get 11 players for putting a team out!
  11. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac
  12. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac
  13. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac No excuse imo. There are loads of players beginning with V at clubs that are not managed that you could have easily part exchanged out your lower rated squad players for to make sure that you had at least 11 players for this week's games. That's what the people that have stuck to the rules have done. I still have my best players like Toure, and Fabregas as have been unable to sell them but I have in excess of 11 players! I also missed out on players like Albelda, Abidal, Aguero and Arshavin, who would have all started for me tonight, in order to get enough players in to be able to put a team out. So in my humblest of opinions your excuse is pants!
  14. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac
  15. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac Massive well done this week to Dai, me, Luke, Smartdoc, Mark, Widdy, Simon, Matt Burnett and Tom Pham who all managed to stick to the rules and play the correct teams. A few others did well, particularly George who did not play his best players but was unable to get a full team together. I hope by this time next week we are all able to put out a full team in line with the rules! I am left very frustrated after dominating the game against Chelsea who were admittedly weakened due to Tom playing all the 'C' players he had, even playing Ash Cole in CM! Despite all this I managed to only draw 1-1 thanks to a goal from Chelsea's DIDIER DROGBA! (the only player not beginning with C in Tom's team! TYPICAL!!!)
  16. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac I think you have to play whatever players starting with the correct letter that you do have regardless of their rating. If you have a position where you do not have a player for then another player can be used. I have Fabregas and Toure but won't be selecting them as I have enough players beginning with A.
  17. Re: SM Poker League - Intrested ? I would join but can't do set nights. I am available some fridays and not others depending on my shifts. Oh well.
  18. Re: Manager History Go to setup managers and there is a link saying 'manager history' next to each current manager.
  19. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Yeah you can Tom.
  20. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Auston true to his word as 14 Arrive at the Emirates! Arsenal manager Leigh Auston was true to his word when taking over at the club and there has been a real influx or new players and exodus of his starting squad. Auston is now one of the few managers that has met the criteria of the setup and can not field a full team of players starting with the letter A as well as his substitutes bench. Auston has brought in Russian stopper Igor AKINFEEV from CSKA Moscow and he is likely to have Manuel ALMUNIA as his understudy. So that is the goalkeepers sorted. At this point Auston has brought in 4 defenders that will be used throughout the season. They are Argentinian veteran Roberto AYALA from Zaragoza, former Chelsea CB ALEX, Villarreal right back David ANGEL LOPEZ and hot Brazilian prospect Sandro ALEX SILVA. Auston is very happy with these captures but will be looking for at least 2 more defenders in the coming weeks. He is hoping that Eric Abidal from Barcelona can be one of these if the funds can be raised for the world class left back. The midfield is looking like it is going to be the strong area of Auston's team. To date Souza ALEX has arrived from Fenerbahce, Massimo AMBROSINI from AC Milan, Mikel ARTETA from Everton, Alberto AQUILANI from AS Roma, Hamit ALTINTOP from Bayern Munich, Juan ARANGO from Mallorca, Turan ARDA from Galatasaray and young prodigy Sebastien ADRIEN SILVA from Sporting. Auston is extremely pleased by the level of quality he has managed to sign in his midfield but will look to strengthen even further in the coming weeks with the likes of Andrei Arshavin and David Albelda being top targets for the manager. The strikeforce is a worry for the manager at the moment with only Emmanuel ADEBAYOR and returning gunner Nicolas ANELKA being the current options. Auston can announce that he has a bid accepted for Bakary Sagna that will hopefully bring Lauturo ACOSTA in tomorrow morning subject to medicals being passed. This would give Auston an extra option in attack. Auston has also announced that Sergio Aguero and Carvalha Amauri remain the top targets in attack but finding the funds for these 2, especially Aguero at this time may be difficult. Auston is hoping the team will line up as follows on Sunday when the team host Tom Sinar's Chelsea at the Emirates..... Akinfeev Angel Lopez Alex Ayala Arteta Ambrosini Aquilani Arango Alex Adebayor Anelka Auston has also stated that he is still hopeful of selling Francesc Fabregas to Fiorentina although there has been no contact from Matt Jewiss as yet. The same goes with Aleksandr Hleb who should be on his way to HSV but Auston is awaiting word from Tom Greenfield. Kolo Toure is available to Herby also when he takes his Tottenham side.
  21. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Just looking through a few teams and it appears that some people are not really making any effort to get the players of the right letter in to their team before Sunday. I think that people should be forced to play WHATEVER players they have starting with the correct letter come Sunday, maybe this would help them to make an effort into bringing new players in.
  22. Re: Best Player Ever? Zidane imo. Maradona and Pele were well before my time!
  23. Re: The Forumer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. I believe they are seeded aren't they? Does that not mean they have byes?
  24. Re: The Forumer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. This change WILL happen. Inter is definitely not going to be included in this competition after his recent antics and Matt (Mr Nice Guy) is a more than deserving replacement.
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