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  1. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac
  2. Re: Transfer Brief's Its a good idea Dan but is no way implementable into the game as there are too many idiots within the site that would abuse the feature badly!
  3. Re: The A-Z Almanac Match Report/Transfer Thread/Club News Superstar manager and Arsenal fanatic Leigh Auston strolled into The Emirates stadium today warning Arsenal fans to expect a huge shake-up with many players leaving and lots of top players coming in! Auston has been highly successful within SM and hoped to continue his success in a rare outing in a custom setup. The following XI is the aim for season 1.... Akinfeev Anyukov Alex Abidal Arteta Albelda Aquilani Alex Arshavin Aguero Adebayor Auston had the following to say to his fellow setup managers....... 'Ok I have the following Players for sale...........' Smartdoc Niklas Bendtner Nacer Barazite Tom Sinar/Widdy Gael Clichy Dan Payne Abou Diaby Denilson Johan Djourou Sam Pooley Emmanuel Eboue Da Silva Eduardo Matt Jewiss Fancesc Fabregas Lukasz Fabianski Luke Freeman Simon SoP William Gallas Gilberto Silva Tom Greenfield Aleksandr Hleb Justin Hoyte Gavin Hoyte Sparky Henri Lansbury Dai Vito Mannone Mark Farine Harvard Nordveidt George Theo Walcott Ben Read/Luke Aaron Ramsey Tomas Rosicky Mr Bones Bakari Sagna Phillippe Senderos Alexandre Song Gilles Sunu Herby Armand Traore Kolo Toure Lil Kick Kid Carlos Vela Robin Van Persie Can you all inform me as soon as you can if you want the players as I will be TRL all players and accepting the highest AI bids I get for players who are not wanted. Feel free to PM me on here or the game. Good luck to all taking part in the setup and hope you all enjoy it!
  4. Re: New Setup - The A-Z Almanac I don't really do customs as a rule but I will give this a go.
  5. Re: Players become unsettled? Hello Dan, Just to let you know mate that this has been an ongoing topic of conversation within SM for approximately 6-9 months and is something they will be introducing into the game in the coming months. Just out of interest, which clubs in GC5 would you say are players hogging and which have squads over 100 players with reserves that would walk into division 2 teams? I am in GC5 and would like to check out those squads. I also disagree with your suggestion about fitness recovering quicker. I think players, if managed properly, recover at a very decent rate as it is. I also find that in GC's people try to shop out of their depth because money is easy to make and even div 3 teams have a fair amount of cash after 2-3 seasons, they then start bidding for 90 rated (International class) players. Now people say that big squads are unrealistic but do you not think that the likes of Huddersfield and Southend etc making bids for players of the calibre of Marco Caneira (Sporting Lisbon real life team), Fernando Gago (Real Madrid), John Obi Mikel (Chelsea) and players of this ilk and expecting them to be accepted is realistic? There are plenty of ways to better your team as new players are added to the database everyday and some of these are the stars of tomorrow. I find the problem is more managers impatience and unrealistic expectations when managing lower division teams that makes them feel the need to start threads like this and not any big clubs really player hogging. The only reason people will only accept player exchange for the 90+ rated players in general is because they will need to replace them if they sell them for cash and there are no other managers that will sell their players for cash, thus making cash pretty pointless, especially within GC's. But looking at this from a different perspective, that is what makes the GC's so great. They require skill in the transfer market, knowledge and scouting expertise and most of all......a stack of time spent within each setup researching, asking questions and making friends within the setup who can help you out with loans. I find that you get out of the GC's exactly what you put into them!
  6. Re: GC-9 Awards Not happy with the German award Shels! I would very much like to appeal the decision! I am 3 pts clear at the top of the league, scored in excess of 100 goals and beat Bayern 4-1 in the cup final with my reserves, I think that is better than Bochum's achievements with all due respect to them!
  7. I intend to start Season 4 of SM Predict in line with the start of the English Premiership season in early August. This thread is for you to discuss any format changes or new ideas that you would like to see. I intend to have both monthly prize winners (prize agreed with SM) and a kind of SM Predict FA Cup knockout type competition incorporated into the coming season but just wanted a few more idea's and suggestions. Feel free to post any of your thoughts but just to let you all know, not all (if any) suggestions will be taken on. Thanks
  8. Re: SM Euro Predict - THE FINAL Spain 1-0 Germany for those of you that don't know! It appears that Brandon Burrows has won the competition although I have not been able to update the table as yet. I will get this done on Wednesday as won't have enough time before then. Congratulations to Brandon, if you want to PM me your name and address (including postcode) plus your choice of shirt from www.kitbag.com then I will get it sorted with the development team to get it in the post to you.
  9. Re: Odd Transfer? Should I Report? I don't think it is a bug. I think there is something rather more sinister going on. I have also been into the setup to take a look and despite Camoranesi moving this week he has no transfer ban! I have flagged up my concerns with the development team.
  10. Re: A challenge - Alphabet teams Ok i'll try L for Leigh!....... Lloris Lugano Lucio Lahm Liverani Lucho Gonzalez Lampard Loskov Luis Garcia Lucarelli Lisandro Lopez
  11. Re: The Official SM General Knowledge Quiz - Week 1 EASY QUESTIONS In The Sound of The Music, what was Maria's occupation before she became a governess? A Nanny Which language very nearly became the official language of the USA? Spanish What do female mosquitoes feed on? Blood On which river is Paris situated? Seine What is unusual about the book The Hungry Catepillar? Caterpillar is spelt wrong!!:D Nah, seriously, is it not about a caterpillar? Name the player that shot the deciding penalty against Juventus in the 2003-2004 UEFA Champions League Final. Shevchenko What do you call a group of lions? Pride What type of vessel travels on a cushion of air? Hovercraft MEDIUM QUESTIONS What are gnocchi? Meatballs/Dumplings Which American athlete set a new record in the 100m in 1991? Carl Lewis What was unusual about the 1980 Olympic Games held at Moscow? USA boycotted it Who painted The Laughing Cavalier? Frans Hals In which ocean would you find the Canary Islands? Indian? Who were the Luddites? no idea Name four players that played in the EURO Finals that originated from Brazil Deco, Roger Guerreiro, Marcos Senna and Pepe Which Roman gladiator led a slave revolt in 71 BC? Maximus Decimus Meridius HARD QUESTIONS Where were the earliest known coins made? 1850? What country operated the first public railway? UK How many grams of gold are there in an Olympic Gold Medal? 5 Cambridge, England lies on the River Cam. On which river does Cambridge, Massachusetts lie on? Missisippi Who said: "That woman speaks eighteen languages and can't say "no" in any of them? No idea When did the USA withdraw its troops from Vietnam? 1973 Name the two fictional football players in Goal II. Santiago Munez and Gavin Harris What is a haiku? Something from New Zealand? EXTRA HARD QUESTIONS Why did the Arab League move their headquarters from Cairo to Tunis in 1989? Eygpt's membership was re-instated
  12. Re: The Official SM General Knowledge Quiz - Interested? Where do I answer Tom and whats the rules?
  13. Re: Odd Transfer? Should I Report? Yes definitely report this via ticket! The only way the player could have done that is by script editting which is totally against the rules of the site. I will bring this up with the sites developers. Please could you PM me the name of the swansea manager.
  14. Re: Euro 2008 Sweepstake Congratulations to Shels' Spain who managed to break their 44 year jinx and win the Euro, Thus winning him a free GM courtesy of Craig! Also congrats to Lee Muir who managed to get himself a standard of his choice supplid by Welshman as Germany (somehow) finished runners-up! I would like to offer a massive thank you to both Craig and Dai for supplying the prizes for this sweep stake.
  15. Re: SM Euro Predict - THE FINAL Spain 2-3 Germany
  16. Just to make it perfectly clear to EVERYONE on the forum that if you swear on the thread then it will be editted and you will be punished with an infraction. It does not matter if this is spelt differently or has a star in the middle, there is absolutely no need to swear within this forum as a different word could be used in every single example you could give me. No-one is exempt from this and if you don't like the punishment being given out then don't swear in the first place!
  17. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Johan Elmander has signed for Bolton!
  18. Just the 1 game left as there is no 3rd place playoff. You will get 5 pts for choosing the winner and 10 pts for a correct result in this round. Good luck! Spain vs Germany The cut off time for predictions to be in is 1945 hrs on the 29th June (Sunday) - this is kick off time.
  19. Re: Was I right to report? Yeah I would say that is a fair enough deal to report, seems a bit odd to me too. I wouldn't worry about it completing though as SM will investigate it when they read your ticket this morning and if found to be dodgy the transfer can be reversed and the offending managers punished.
  20. Re: Player bid accepted by two clubs at the same time The first accepted offer as long as it is suitable to the chairman and SMFA gets the player.
  21. Re: Reversing transfers
  22. Re: Reversing transfers
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